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What is Clear Aligners App and How Can It Benefit You?

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Gone are the days when anyone that wanted to have a malocclusion or dental flaw corrected would have to get metal braces as the only solution. Clear aligners are taking over the dental industry by storm as they are preferred over traditional braces.

Besides the comfort that you get from not having to wear a mouth full of metallic wires and braces, clear aligners are proven to be quite as effective in treating certain dental issues. Moreover, they help boost your confidence as your treatment will be almost discreet.

With the invention of clear aligners came clear aligner apps. Almost every invisible aligners user benefits greatly from these apps. But what exactly are these? How can you benefit from clear aligner apps?

Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting you through all your answers.

What Is a Clear Aligners App, and Why is It Important?

A clear aligner app is a mobile application that both invisible braces patients and dentists can use to keep track of treatment. Dentists can keep track of appointments for a number of their patients, getting reminders on when they should start preparing the next batch of aligners for individual patients.

What is Clear Aligners App and How Can It Benefit You? 1

Clear aligner apps are most beneficial to patients because they have more uses. Using a clear aligner app is simple. Depending on the brand or app you choose to use, you can get them directly from the company’s website, app store (or Playstore for Android users), and the unique links shared to you by the manufacturer of the brand you purchased.

So, how exactly are clear aligner apps beneficial?

How Clear Aligner Apps Benefit Your Treatment

Whether you spend a fortune on aligners or get some cheap teeth aligners of 2022, the patient must do much of the work during treatment. This is because clear aligners are often removable at any moment, and the patient’s discipline and adherence to their dentist’s or aligner manufacturer’s instructions are vital to the treatment outcome.

However, we live in a period where life is just too busy. We are often caught up with life’s daily requirements (work, school, etc.) and sometimes forget about our orthodontic treatment. Since you don’t have your dentist every day to remind you what to do, that’s where clear aligner apps come in.

Here’s how clear aligners are beneficial to your treatment.

For starters, once a patient receives their first set of aligners, most apps can assist them to:

However, it is possible sometimes to be carried away by the day’s activities that you forget to put them back on. These apps are helpful as they keep track of your wearing time and alert you on when to put them on and for how long you should keep them out.

You might be so busy that you forget to change the trays on time, held up with other activities. Even if you find the best clear aligners, not sticking to the required treatment plan makes you not get the results you desired.

You can also publish notes every day about what you’re feeling or how the treatment is fairing. Some even allow you to share such data with your dentists or aligner manufacturer to enjoy virtual care.

Many other apps have different capabilities, including setting up reminders, adjusting your treatment plan, regular tips on how to care for your aligners, etc.

Depending on your personal choices, device compatibility, or brand of clear aligners, there are several clear aligner apps that you can go for. Although the majority of popular brands have their own versions of apps, some major brands are still lacking. For instance, we currently do not have byte aligners app. However, you can use some non-brand specific apps.

Here are some of the most popular clear aligner apps to consider:

TrayMinder Invisalign Tracker

TrayMinder Invisalign Tracker

Experienced orthodontists created TrayMinder to help clear aligner users keep track of their treatment. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS and can be used to track any brand of aligners.

Downloading the app is free. However, you may have to spend extra on some in-app purchases.

Some of the key features include:

My Invisalign

my invisalign clear aligners app

Invisalign is one of the 6 best online clear aligner services and its app is one of the main reasons why it’s in that list. My Invisalign app is the brainchild of the clear aligners manufacturer Invisalign. The app can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS phones from their respective app stores.

Alternatively, you can get the Invisalign tracking app by scanning a QR code on your treatment packaging, which can be shared with you by your dentist. If you’re wondering how to use Invisalign app, it’s pretty simple; download it, fill it in with your details, and you’re ready to go.

The most common features of the app include:

SmartSmile App

smartsmile clear aligners app

With a friendly user interface, SmartSmile App is one of the best clear aligner apps, especially for those that just want to track the basics. You can use this app to track any brand of invisible aligners for free.

Its main features include:

CandidApp: Remote Monitoring

What is Clear Aligners App and How Can It Benefit You? 3

CandidApp was developed by Candid, one of the largest clear aligner brands today. The app makes it easy to track treatment and enables you to gain faster access to customer service. The app is freely available and can be downloaded from all major app stores for Android and iOS.

Some of the key features of the CandidApp include:

The SmileDirectClub app

What is Clear Aligners App and How Can It Benefit You? 5

Made for SmileDirectClub clear aligners users, this app can be easily accessed for free on the PlayStore and App Store. The SmileDirectClub app assists its users to:


Do all clear aligners brands have an app?

Not all clear aligner brands have apps. However, most popular brands like Invisalign, Candid, and SmileDirectClub have personalized apps for their users.

Are clear aligner apps user-friendly?

Clear aligner apps have been made for use by all ages. This means they should be easy for use by the old and young alike. Most clear aligner monitoring apps are super-easy to use with a friendly user interface.

Can I contact a dental professional through the app?

Most clear aligner apps enable you to contact your dentist, sharing with them your progress directly. Other apps will also show you where to get accredited orthodontists if you want to start or change your treatment.

Are clear aligner apps free?

Most clear aligner apps can be downloaded for free. Many brand-specific apps are free, while third-party apps may include in-app purchases or display ads.

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