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UpSmiles Review: Does It Really Work?

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If you’re reading this, you most probably know what clear aligners are and what they are used for. If not, the explanation is simple: these are plastic, transparent, orthodontic materials used in braces to adjust teeth.

Most clear aligner brands often come with overly negative reviews, such as being uncomfortable, longer treatment periods, and being too expensive ‒ but not Upsmiles.

Upsmiles is a relatively new clear aligner brand that helps straighten smiles with a 50% faster turnaround than most competitors. Furthermore, they cost half as much as the standard pricing for other clear aligners while being over 70% less uncomfortable compared to other brands.

Sounds interesting, right? That’s not all.

Let’s have a deeper walk around on this comprehensive Upsmiles review.

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What is Upsmiles?

Upsmiles is a clear aligner brand started in 2020 by Dr. Amit Kumar, a dentist who has implemented braces and Invisalign in his practice that spans over two decades. Although the company is based in Illinois, it doesn’t offer physical interaction with clients through clinics.

This is a teledental company, meaning that your progress is monitored remotely as you receive everything through shipping. This also means that you can become an Upsmiles customer from any other state while still having your case being reviewed by a licensed orthodontist or dentist.

Upsmiles has a much more reasonable pricing structure and is also known to help adjust teeth at a much faster rate than most other brands. This is majorly made possible by a special dental vibration device that comes with the treatment plan.

How does Upsmiles work?

Upsmiles provides a seamless method for patients that need to straighten their teeth, to do so from wherever they are. Getting started with this particular brand is pretty simple. Here’s how it works:

1. Order an impression kit

The first step would be to order an impression kit from the Upsmiles’ website. The kit includes free shipping, so you can get it without a hassle. You’ll also have to fill a patient portal, which consists of a questionnaire that will help the company determine the best treatment options for you.

2. Create your impression

Create your impression with upsmiles

You’ll have to create your impressions once you receive the kit via mail. Simply follow the instructions to help you make your current smile impressions correctly. Once done, you’ll place the kit in the included packaging before using the prepaid return label to send it back.

3. Get a customized plan

Your assigned orthodontist will look at your impression and create a customized plan for you in the patient portal. They will, after that, explain why you need the specific plans while taking you through a detailed preview of how long the treatment will last and what are the expected results.

4. Get your custom aligners

UpSmiles Review: Does It Really Work? 1

Soon after you’ve approved the treatment plan recommended to you by the orthodontist (and assuming that you have no further inquiries), you’ll pay, and the company will go ahead with creating them.

Thereafter, you’ll have them shipped to your door, where you start your treatment immediately.

5. Treatment and monitoring

You’ll be guided on how to go about your treatment as you get close monitoring by a dentist from the company. After every set milestone, the company will ship a new set of aligners to your door.

6. Optional whitening

whitening with upsmiles

There are many other reasons why Upsmiles is an excellent clear aligner brand, and one of them is the fact that there’s complimentary teeth whitening with each Upsmiles treatment plan. This means you can get a well-aligned and brilliant smile without incurring any extra costs.

7. Maintaining your smile

Each treatment plan comes with a retainer which you’ll wear as instructed to ensure your new smile stays intact.

Upsmiles teeth alignment plans and products

There are two primary plans that Upsmiles offer for teeth alignment treatments: all-day aligners and all-night aligners.

All-day aligners

All-day aligners work just like most other clear aligner brands, and they require one to have them on all day, for at least 22 hours every day. This is a quick and affordable method that one can use to achieve their desired results.

The average treatment timeline is about six to eight months which is reduced by half if one uses Orthopulse technology.

According to the company, this plan goes for $1,399 or $1,898 with Orthopulse.

At-night aligners

At-night aligners are a little more pricey but more convenient as you only have to put them on during the night. The average treatment timeline is 10 – 12 months at the cost of $1,799 and $2,298 when using Orthoplus.

Understanding the AcceleDent® Optima® add-On

Upsmiles AcceleDent Optima add-On

Did you know that you can speed up teeth straightening while still reducing the discomfort associated with the practice? AcceleDent® Optima® add-On is the only orthodontic device approved by the FDA to do so.

What’s more, it can reduce the discomfort by up to 71% and increase turnaround time by almost 50%.

How much does Upsmiles cost?

Your first step to an Upsmiles treatment would be to order a no-risk impression kit for just $49.95. The cost also caters to the return shipping, whereby you get to mail it back afterward. An orthodontist will reach out to you to take you through a preferred treatment plan based on your impressions.

There are two major types: all-day and all-night aligners. You can also get an OrthoPulse® add-on to help speed up the treatment timeline. Here’s the current pricing structure for Upsmiles:

Treatment planCostWith OrthoPulse®
All-day aligners$1399 or $62/mo$1898
At-night aligners$1799 or $80/mo$2298

According to the company, you can get a lifetime guarantee to ensure that you remain happy with your treatment. In case you don’t find your treatment satisfactory, the company will offer you a new set of aligners at no extra cost.

Upsmiles also permits the use of insurance to pay for your treatment. However, you’ll first have to confirm with your insurer regarding your dental plan and to what extent they’d be willing to assist you in catering for your orthodontic treatment.

Pros and Cons of Upsmiles

  • Faster treatment timeline compared to many other aligners.
  • More affordable compared to other brands.
  • Whitening gel included.
  • One set of retainers included.
  • Optional AcceleDent technology to boost treatment timeline and reduce discomfort.
  • AcceleDent is not included in the price. Other brands like Byte have a similar technology device included in their treatment plans with competitive pricing.

Upsmiles Customers Reviews

Upsmiles has a consumer rating of 5 stars from at least seven different sites and an average of 9.8 on others. These Upsmiles reviews show how consumers are happy and satisfied with the product, from its customer service, shipping, experience with the product, and pricing.

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