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Uniform Teeth Aligners Review: Does It Really Work?

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Uniform Teeth is a fascinating new startup based out of San Francisco and Chicago that’s making waves in the field of wire-free orthodontics.

What makes Uniform Teeth aligners different from other clear aligners? How does the Uniform Teeth system work? And is it worth a try? What people think about the treatment based on the Uniform Teeth reviews?

As always, we’ve gathered the answers to those questions along with other facts you need to know to make a smart decision about Uniform Teeth.

Uniform Teeth Aligners Review: An Honest Opinion

First, here are some facts about Uniform Teeth:

The company
The company

Uniform Teeth is a boutique orthodontic office that focuses exclusively on treating patients with custom-made clear teeth aligners. Originally based out of San Francisco, CA, Uniform Teeth has a total of four locations: two in San Francisco and two in Chicago, IL.

Software consultant Henry Stewart and orthodontist Dr. Kjeld Aamodt founded the startup in 2018 and Uniform Teeth has taken off since then.

Uniform Teeth takes the approach of combining high-quality in-person orthodontic care with the convenience of tech-based communication. Their patients are assured of receiving the best invisible braces and best care with as few visits to the office as possible.

Uniform Teeth Cost
Uniform Teeth Cost

According to the company website, treatment with Uniform Teeth aligners can range from $2,500 to $5,000. Uniform Teeth openly acknowledges that they aren’t the cheapest option. But they also point out how their approach cuts out many unnecessary expenses that make them more affordable than Invisalign and other in-office clear aligner treatments.

Duration and availability
Duration and availability

Many treatment cases with Uniform Teeth aligners are completed within 6-8 months.

Regarding the availability, currently, Uniform Teeth is only available in the United States and specifically in four offices located in San Francisco and Chicago.

Overall Experience

So far, the Uniform Teeth reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Here are just a couple of Uniform Teeth reviews shared on Yelp for the San Francisco Uniform Teeth location:

Comparison of Uniform Teeth to Other Clear Aligner Providers

Here’s a comparison table where you could compare, for example, Uniform Teeth vs Invisalign or Smile Direct Club to see if this option is the most convenient based on your needs:

Uniform TeethSmileloveByteSmileDirectClubCandid Co.
Average Treatment Time6-12 months6 months3 months4-6 months6-11 months
Cost$2,500 - 5,000$1,895$1,895$2,250$2,400
Regular In-Office Visits RequiredNoNoNoNoNo
Consultation with an Expert OrthodontistYesNoYesNoYes
X-Rays RequiredYesNoNoNoNo
Remote Check-inYesYesYesYesYes

How Uniform Teeth Aligners Works: The Treatment Step-by-Step

Here’s how Uniform Teeth aligners work.

Uniform Teeth essentially combines professional in-office clear aligner treatment with the convenience and reduced cost of monitoring your progress remotely, like other brands as Invisalign (you can read more info about it in our Invisalign review). There’s no need for dozens of biweekly checkups so there’s no need to pay for dozens of five-minute consultations. But it must be said that there are other brands 100% remotely that you should know about like Byte. In case you want more info to compare brands, we recommend reading Byte aligners reviews to compare which brand suits you best.

And taking things a step further than Invisalign, Uniform Teeth only hires their own expert orthodontists to evaluate patients and plan treatment. They don’t allow just any regular dentist to take a course and start offering their product.

uniform teeth aligners scan
uniform teeth aligners consultation

Uniform Teeth is a truly unique and customized experience that strives to give the patient the best of expert orthodontic care without the added cost.

Final Results: Uniform Teeth Aligners Before and After

How well do Uniform Teeth aligners really work?

Basically, Uniform Teeth aligners function similarly to other clear aligners by gradually straightening your teeth. The difference is that more care and individual customization go into them because you see an actual orthodontist in-person to receive your prescription. With a more customized approach, your treatment may finish faster than it would with a different company that takes a generic approach and doesn’t thoroughly evaluate patients before supplying the aligners.

This one-on-one approach also allows the Uniform Teeth doctors to treat a wider range of orthodontic issues with their aligners. For example, they can apply attachments, or “bumps,” that will enhance the action of the clear aligners, if necessary.

uniform teeth aligners before and after

Additionally, the Uniform Teeth team is proud to provide responsible treatment; by seeing patients in-person, they can better evaluate their overall health to ensure that there are no pre-existing problems like gum disease or abscesses that would complicate orthodontic treatment. If they discover problems during the initial exam, they will recommend patients get needed dental treatment done before getting fitted for clear aligners.

On the contrary, the American Association of Orthodontists has issued a warning about clear aligner companies that don’t carefully assess patients before issuing them their orthodontic trays. It could be dangerous to straighten teeth based up a scan or impression, alone, since those diagnostic tools don’t reveal what’s going on below the surface of the gums.

You can see some gorgeous Uniform Teeth before and after photos on the Uniform Teeth’s Smile Gallery to see just how well these aligners work.

How Much Do Uniform Teeth Aligners Cost?

Now let’s get down to that all-important aspect of clear aligner treatment: the cost.

The team at Uniform Teeth encourages folks to focus more on their oral health needs rather than on just cost, alone. They know they don’t offer cheap clear aligners company out there but they don’t try to hide that fact. They’re focused on offering real care by real orthodontists and they know that kind of treatment is valuable. Uniform Teeth is so confident in the level of orthodontic care they provide that they even have a money-back guarantee.

When you choose Uniform Teeth aligners, you are choosing to pay more for reliable care that won’t jeopardize your health.

That’s fair. But let’s be real here: price is still an important factor to consider.

The company estimates their treatment costs anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 USD. This is certainly higher than most clear aligner systems, but it’s far less than Invisalign which starts at $3,000 and can cost upwards of $8,000.

As with any other orthodontic treatment program, the price varies from person to person based upon the length and complexity of treatment. You can get a basic free estimate from the website by creating an initial profile, but you’ll find out exactly what your treatment will cost when you book a free consultation at one of the Uniform Teeth locations.

Get Your Uniform Teeth Aligners At Home

To start using Uniform Teeth aligners, you’ll have to book a free initial consultation at one of the company’s geographic locations. Visit their homepage and click on the button “My Free Estimate” at the top of the page.

As they walk you through setting up a profile, you’ll notice that they currently have only two locations to choose from for your treatment: San Francisco or Chicago. If you don’t live near either of these cities, you’ll want to find out for sure that this treatment is worth pursuing before you plan a cross-country trip.

So you’ll actually begin by downloading the Uniform Teeth app and sending in some basic selfies to the team. A certified orthodontist (one of only four on the team!) will take a look at your smile and facial structure to get a preliminary idea of whether or not you qualify for Uniform Teeth. If you do, they will help you set up that free initial consultation.

If your teeth are candidates for Uniform Teeth aligners and you’re ready to move ahead with treatment, the team will print out your aligner series that very day and send you home with them to begin your journey to a healthier and more beautiful smile.

You’ll only have to visit the office one more time to check your progress at the end or at any other time that you have a concern with your treatment.

So is Uniform Teeth the cheapest clear aligner option? No.

Is Uniform Teeth the most convenient clear aligner option? Again, no.

But the company is committed to providing quality care at a reasonable price and based on the Uniform Teeth reviews, the treatment works. If you decide to get clear aligners from Uniform Teeth, you can likely expect to have a very safe and satisfying orthodontic treatment experience.

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