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Best Toothbrush Subscriptions of 2024

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Subscriptions have traditionally been used for things like cable and phone service, internet packages, magazines, blogs, and other print and digital information.

But these days, even toothbrush manufacturers are adopting the subscription model. This adds an extra layer of value and convenience for the consumers and helps businesses drum up a loyal customer base.

What Is a Toothbrush Subscription Plan?

So how is a toothbrush subscription plan even supposed to work?

Well, as with any other subscription plan, you pay to have a product shipped to you on a regular basis.

Signing up to a toothbrush subscription service means that you’ll get a fresh toothbrush or brush head right when you need it. Your bank or credit card is automatically charged each time your new brush ships out.

Toothbrush subscription services have so many benefits!

Gone are the days when you toothbrush purchase decisions were based on what was available and on-sale at your local supermarket. Buying brushes online and having them shipped to you is the hassle-free way to ensure that your smile always has what it needs to shine.

The Best Toothbrush Subscription Brands

We’ve gone through four of the best toothbrush subscription plans out there and assembled this list of recommended brands for you to browse through.

Let’s get started!

burst toothbrush subscription


From $7


Get whitening strips, a tube of toothpaste and dental floss FREE with every purchase.

Simple and effective, BURST offers exactly what you want in an electric toothbrush subscription service and nothing you don’t.

BURST provides excellent cleaning action with more than 33,000 sonic vibrations. It has three modes: whitening, sensitive, and massage.

How much BURST costs:

The original white and black BURST toothbrushes cost $69.99 and include free shipping. When you subscribe to the three-month brush head replacement plan, you’ll pay only $7 for each new brush head instead of the $8 one-time purchase price.

BURST also has other popular products like their waterflosser or their prefilled whitening trays for $64.99.

What you get in the box:

Each kit comes with a BURST toothbrush, a brush head, charging wall socket, and a USB charger. Travel cases and other accessories can be purchased separately. 

What else BURST offers:

Do you already have a toothbrush you love? You can subscribe to BURST’s oral hygiene products.

You can also choose to subscribe to a regular three-month supply of BURST Teeth Whitening Strips for $19.99 instead of their one-time purchase price of $29.99. The same is true of BURST Whitening Toothpaste at $6.99 versus $9.99 per tube.

BURST is backed by thousands of dental professionals and big names like Chrissy Teigen. You’ll love BURST’s long battery life and the brush’s lifetime warranty! If you aren’t satisfied with your BURST brush within 90 days after purchase, you can get your money back.


From $4.99


Give your friends $20 off on their first order of $65+ and get $10 off your next order.

Shyn offers such comprehensive packages and customizable options that we feel they deserve the first mention here.

Shyn makes a great sonic toothbrush that comes with a charging station and travel case. When you subscribe at the time of purchasing a brush, you’ll get a new toothbrush head every 2-3 months for only $4.99 each. If you purchase brush heads independent of the subscription, they cost $6.99 apiece.

There are three collections in the Shyn family: Daily, Care, and Bright. The Daily Collection has just the toothbrush while Care offers toothpaste and flossers and Bright has the addition of a whitening kit.

Shyn’s website may look a bit confusing at first, but they’ve actually got an excellent system for customizing your own subscription toothbrush plan.

Here’s how you can shop Shyn’s supply:

This is how the current prices of Shyn’s kits break down:

Shyn CollectionsWhat’s Included?One-Time PurchaseSubscription PlanPrepaid Purchase for One Year
Daily Collection Sonic toothbrush, charging station, travel case, and brush head of your choice.63.9949.99 including the initial kit and 2- or 3-month brush head refill deliveries.59.99 including the kit and 3-month brush head refill deliveries; 79.99 for the kit and 2-month brush head refill deliveries.
Care CollectionSonic toothbrush, charging station, travel case, Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide Whitening Toothpaste, a 90-pack of the Shyn Confidently Minty Floss Picks, and brush head of your choice.73.9954.99 including the initial kit and 2- or 3-month refill deliveries (including brush head, toothpaste, and flossers).99.99 for 3-month; 129.99 for 2-month refill deliveries.
Bright CollectionSonic toothbrush, charging station, travel case, Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide Whitening Toothpaste, a 90-pack of the Shyn Confidently Minty Floss Picks, a brush head of your choice, and 1-Week Teeth Whitening Kit.93.9969.99 including the initial kit and 2- or 3-month refill deliveries (including brush head, toothpaste, flossers, and whitening kit).149.99 for 3-month refill deliveries; 199.99 for 2-month refill deliveries.

One of the other Shyn perks is that you can manage your subscription right from your online account.

There’s no haggling with customer service; you simply click a button to unsubscribe. You can also opt to temporarily pause your delivery service by up to a month if you don’t want to pay for a fresh kit refill on the regularly scheduled date.

The Shyn toothbrush itself is pretty amazing. It offers different brushing modes and different intensity vibration levels for the most customized brushing experience. It also has a quad timer that ensures you brush each section of your mouth for the right amount of time. Shyn brushes even include a pressure sensor that alerts you when you’re brushing hard enough to damage your gums.

Shyn brushes are protected by a lifetime warranty as long as you are subscribed to the refill service.

Shyn really does offer an excellent toothbrush subscription service so we recommend that you definitely check this one out.


From $2.49


No coupons available nor discounts at the moment.

MABLE is the best toothbrush subscription brand if you want a new toothbrush every three months without generating more plastic waste.

How much MABLE costs:

MABLE brushes are as little as $2.49 each and are made from biodegradable and responsibly-sourced bamboo. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and water-resistant. Shipping costs will depend on your location as they sell worldwide and your MABLE brush will come in plastic-free packaging.

What does MABLE offer:

MABLE brushes have no toxic ingredients. You can choose from soft, medium, or extra soft bristles to suit your brushing preferences. There are even kid-sized brushes making MABLE a family-friendly choice. MABLE brushes also come with a wide flat base so that they stand up on their own. These bases are colored with non-toxic paint so that you can tell everyone’s brushes apart.

Besides, recently they have just expanded their catalog and now they also offer eco-friendly bamboo electric toothbrush heads. These heads are meant to work with the Phillips One electric toothbrush and only cost $6. 

Benefits of choosing MABLE:

Disposing of a MABLE brush is easy. You can simply snap off the bristled brush head and throw that out and compost the handle. If you want to be even more thorough about not generating waste, pull out the bristles with pliers and throw away or recycle those before composting the bamboo portion of the brush.

Enjoy a healthy smile while minimizing your impact on the environment with a MABLE brush!

Different Types of Toothbrush Subscriptions

Electric Toothbrush Subscription

electric toothbrush subscription

All electric toothbrush subscriptions include the same basic items such as the brush handle, a brush head, and a charging base. Some subscription services include toothpaste or other hygiene items in addition to the brush head refills. On average, most refills happen on a three-month basis.

  • You’ll love your new electronic toy so much that your oral hygiene likely will significantly improve.
  • Electronic brushes do the work for you, resulting in a deeper clean.
  • Reduced plastic waste since you only need to replace a brush head every three months instead of an entire toothbrush.
  • More expensive than manual brushes.
  • The vibration of an electric toothbrush may be an uncomfortable sensation, at first.

Sustainable Toothbrush Subscription

Make a valuable contribution to the future of our planet by choosing a biodegradable bamboo or wood toothbrush.

sustainable toothbrush subscription
  • Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription

Bamboo brushes are eco-friendly because they’re made from a sustainable material that’s organic and grows quickly.

Most bamboo toothbrush subscription services don’t include many other accessories and items. The goal, after all, is to reduce production and consumption! Bamboo toothbrush subscriptions usually run on three-month supply schedules but some let you choose to get a fresh brush even more often than that.

  • Prevent plastic toothbrushes from ending up in landfills and oceans.
  • Many companies to choose from.
  • Doesn’t offer as many features as the manual and electric toothbrushes that are made from plastic.
  • Wooden Toothbrush Subscription

As with bamboo brushes, you shouldn’t expect too many additional items in the box when you subscribe to getting wood toothbrush. You can often get a good deal on wooden toothbrushes when you order in bulk so these are a good option if you want to reduce the amount of waste your family generates.

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Don’t last very long.
  • Not as popular and sustainable as bamboo brushes.

Manual Toothbrush Subscription

manual toothbrush subscription

Some manual toothbrushes are made from sustainable materials while others are designed to work well for families or for people with unique oral hygiene needs.

There are customizable kits that can include anything you need in your subscription such as toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, floss picks, whitening strips, hygiene caps, travel cases, and tongue scrapers.

There’s a little something for everyone since manual toothbrushes are cost-effective and universal.

  • Unlimited room for variety and customization in your kit depending on the service you choose.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Some manual toothbrushes generate a lot of plastic waste per person.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste Subscription

Some toothbrush subscriptions include more than just the toothbrush.

  • Don’t have to go out shopping for more toothpaste when you run out.
  • Get a toothpaste product formulated to work best with the brush you’ve subscribed to.
  • You may end up wasting money if you have more toothpaste than you really need.
  • The amount of toothpaste in each subscription refill may be too little for your brushing needs.
  • You may not like toothpaste that automatically comes with your subscription and you have little control over customizing the formula.

Subscriptions for toothbrushes and other oral hygiene products make it easier than ever to maintain a healthy smile. So take advantage of the savings and convenience of a toothbrush subscription. Sign up for one today!

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