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The 8 Best Mouth Guards for TMJ Disorder

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You can expect to pay upwards of $500 to get mouth guards made through your average dental office, but new technologies allow you to get similar products for less. When you suffer from bruxism (clenching and grinding), it could lead to symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, including tenderness or pain in the jaw, popping or clicking when you chew, a locking jaw, earaches, headaches, and more.

‘Custom TMJ mouth guards can help, but you have to choose the right products for your needs. High-end, custom brands like OTIS, Pro Teeth Guard, Sentinel, enCore, JS Dental Lab, DenTek, Brux, and SOVA are all great. With a little comparison shopping, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect product for your specific needs.

Will a Mouth Guard Help TMJ?

There are several potential causes of TMJ disorders, but bruxism is among the most common, and many patients see improvement with a custom mouth guard.

How Does a TMJ Mouth Guard Work?

A custom TMJ mouth guard will conform to your teeth and bite, helping to cushion teeth and reposition the jaw to prevent harmful clenching and grinding.

How Can a Mouth Guard Help?

Reducing tension helps to ease the symptoms of TMJ so you can get a full night of rest, reduce pain, and regain function.

How Long Does it Take for a Mouth Guard to Work for TMJ?

Relief of symptoms will depend on the severity and causes of your TMJ. A mouth guard can stop clenching and grinding when you wear it, helping to temporarily alleviate symptoms caused by bruxism.

8 Best Mouth Guards for TMJ: Which is the Best?

Choosing the right mouth guard for your needs isn’t as easy as picking the first brand that pops up on Google. You need to consider your purpose in getting a mouth guard, as well as features and cost. The good news is, there are several customizable options available for you to compare. Which is the best for you?

pro teeth guard for tmj




From $169

This brand offers four options at varying prices, including:

  • Soft Night Guard for light clenching or grinding (1.5-2mm) – $169.99
  • Ultra Thin Guard for daytime grinding (1mm) – $179.99
  • Hybrid Night Guard for moderate grinding (2-3mm) – $189.99
  • Hard Night Guard for heavy grinding (2-3mm) – $209.99

Cost includes an at-home impression kit, shipping and handling, and a custom night guard. You’ll also enjoy the 110% Money Back Guarantee that proves commitment to customer satisfaction. Perfect fit and comfort are guaranteed.



Comfort and fit are the names of the game with OTIS, which offers the durability of a 1mm hard outer surface, paired with a 1mm soft inner lining for optimal fit and comfort. An at-home impression kit is provided for your convenience, and night guards are manufactured with ISO-certified materials guaranteed to be non-allergenic and free of harmful BPAs. The price of $149 includes impression kit, night guard, travel case, and free shipping, and there’s an option for monthly payments.




From $149

Sentinel creates both night guards and mouth guards suitable for athletics. Pricing includes impression kit, shipping, and custom mouth guard. You can choose from:

  • Custom Soft Night Guard – $149
  • Custom Dual Laminated Night Guard – $169
  • Tongue and Cheek Biting Relief Mouth Guards – $189
  • Custom Hard Night Guard – $169
  • Durability Mouth Guard for Heavy Teeth Grinding – $215




From $119

Made from BPA- and latex-free materials, these custom mouth guards are available in several styles, including:

  • Soft Guard – $199
  • Hard Guard – $149
  • Hybrid Guard – $149
  • Retainer 1mm – $149

*bundles with multiple mouth guards are also available with discounted pricing of up to 30% off individual prices

Prices include at-home impression kit, shipping, night guard, and case. enCore offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days if the fit isn’t right, and all products include a 1-year warranty, except soft guards, which have a 6-month warranty.




From $115

JS Dental Lab offers a range of custom products for light to heavy grinding, starting with the Soft – Sensitive Teeth Protection Guard for light grinding and sensitive teeth at a price of $125, and progressing to the Premium 3D Night Guard for severe grinding at a price of $175. Pricing includes at-home impression kit, shipping, custom night guard, and protective case.




From $15.99

BPA- and latex-free DenTek mouth guards include a 6-month protection guarantee. This product is different from others in that you custom-fit it at home. First, you load the dental guard into a forming tray, position it in your mouth, and bite down.

Next, you place the guard (in forming tray) in boiling water for 60 seconds, dip it in room temperature water, then position it in your mouth for optimal alignment and bite down firmly until it cools (at least 2 minutes) before running under cool water to set. With that, your custom night guard is ready to wear. These products are available at major pharmacies like CVS, RiteAid, and Walgreens for about $15.99.




From $89

These night guards are smaller and lighter than most for more comfortable wear, and they use the same basic boil-and-bite design as DenTek for customization. Order online at a price of $89, which includes night guard and vented storage case.




From $24.99

Slim (1.6mm) and durable SOVA night guards require no impressions and allow for remoldable fitting at home for ongoing custom fit. Non-compressible, perforated material is breathable, and products are free of BPA, latex, phthalates, and PVC. The price for this product is $24.99, plus $8.99 for protective case, and it comes with a 120-day durability warranty.

Custom TMJ Mouth Guards vs. Store Bought

Store bought mouth guards are certainly the cheapest option, but like most things, you’ll get what you pay for. When you’re suffering TMJ symptoms related to bruxism, you want a lasting solution that offers comfort and custom fit. You’ll get the value you seek with a custom mouth guard.

Custom TMJ Mouth Guards

Store Bought TMJ Mouth Guards

How to Clean a TMJ Mouth Guard

Like other oral appliances, your TMJ mouth guard is best cleaned by soaking it for up to 30 minutes a day in suitable, non-alcohol-based cleaners specifically designed for the purpose. These sanitizing solutions eliminate harmful bacteria that could lead to tooth decay and gum disease. After soaking, you can brush your mouth guard with a toothbrush (no toothpaste) to remove any residue, allow it to dry, and then store it in a protective case.

how to clean a tmj mouth guard


When do I replace my mouth guard?

With proper care, your custom mouth guard could last between five and ten years. You’ll want to replace it when you notice cracks, tears, fraying, or misshapen appearance due to wear and tear. Daily wear and rough treatment can reduce the usable life of your mouthguard. If your teeth move, you lose teeth, or your mouth guard no longer covers teeth, it’s time to replace.

Can a mouth guard cause cavities, tooth decay, or gum disease?

A mouth guard can harbor bacteria, but with proper oral hygiene and regular cleaning of oral appliances, it shouldn’t increase risk factors. Often, mouth guards reduce risks of tooth decay and gum disease by protecting teeth from harm.

Can a mouth guard damage teeth?

Custom mouth guards are designed to create added cushion between teeth, helping to prevent damage, especially for patients with bruxism. An ill-fitting mouth guard could potentially cause pain or damage due to slipping, which is why a custom fit is essential.

Can a mouth guard move teeth?

Custom mouth guards are fitted to your teeth, so if anything, these oral devices are more likely to prevent movement.

Can a mouth guard straighten teeth?

No, you will need orthodontic appliances designed for this purpose.

Can a mouth guard cause dry mouth, sore throat, or bad breath?

Because mouth guards add extra cushion between teeth during sleep, they can lead to open-mouth breathing, potentially causing dry mouth, sore throat, or bad breath symptoms. A mouth wash like Biotene that treats dry mouth can help.

Are mouth guards comfortable?

It may take time to get used to a mouth guard, but a custom-fitted appliance should be easy to adjust to and provide maximum comfort during wear.

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    i have TMJ so what guard do I get? A soft one or a hard one? i can just use a top one i think


    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hello, Jan!

      Which mouth guard you choose (soft or hard) will depend on different factors: Do you only clench your teeth or have mild bruxism? Then you can choose a soft one. But if you grind your teeth (severe bruxism), you should choose a hard one. We recommend, before making the decision, consult your dentist.
      Hope this helps

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