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SureSmile Aligners Reviews: What do customers say about it?

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The technological dawn on dentistry has greatly impacted various aspects, including orthodontics. If you’re looking to straighten your teeth, there are more than just the same old traditional braces to choose from.

Besides looking for something to give you a straighter smile, you can also consider your lifestyle. Would you want everyone to know that you’re on orthodontic treatment?

The most preferred teeth straightening options today are the invisible aligners. The two most popular players in this field are Invisalign and SureSmile.

A lot has been said about Invisalign, but how much do you know about SureSmile?

What is SureSmile?

what is suresmile

SureSmile is a brand of removable clear aligners. They are made from clear Essix Ace plastic trays that you wear to straighten your teeth to a particular desired position. Essix plastic is well-known for its durability and used by the best invisible braces. They are also custom-made to ensure that they fit each patient’s teeth.

The whole treatment procedure is simple, as one only needs a series of aligner trays, each made with a different setting from the previous one to straighten the teeth further. All SureSmile aligners are laser cut and polished to ensure precise and definite results. Furthermore, they have a contoured gum line that offers optimal comfort.

Most patients, especially adults, prefer clear teeth aligners over traditional metallic braces. Some of the reasons behind this include:

SureSmile aligners require in-office dentist appointments to get started. During your first face-to-face consultation with your dentist, they will be able to determine if you are a candidate for these aligners or not (where they can recommend other different kinds of braces).

How do SureSmile aligners work?

Before getting SureSmile aligners, you need to visit a licensed SureSmile dentist to take 3D scans and conduct other tests to determine your eligibility. Once the scans are taken, you will get your custom-made aligners within a few days.

Your dentist will take you through the entire treatment plan and your regular visits to change the trays.

It would be prudent to note that just like most other clear aligner brands, SureSmile is not ideal for patients with complex cases of dental malocclusion.

The average treatment period for SureSmile aligners is six months. However, the precise treatment period is determined by several factors, including the severity of the condition. Nevertheless, the timeframe for SureSmile clear aligners is, on average, shorter compared to traditional braces, which may last a year or two.

SureSmile Aligners: Benefits and Drawbacks

  • SureSmile clear aligners provide more comfort than most other brands, thanks to their contoured gum lines that protect the gums.
  • Fully digitalized treatment plan. This means you do not have to create impressions of your teeth which some patients don’t find appealing. Everything is digitalized, from the scans the dentist takes to your full treatment plan.
  • Shorter treatment timeline of only six months.
  • Convenient treatment plan with fewer orthodontic visits.
  • Clinically trained orthodontists offer quality checks for each patient. You also get access to one-on-one consultations with a licensed dentist, improving the treatment quality.
  • SureSmile aligners use Essix Ace plastic, which is the leader in dental plastics.
  • Not everyone can be a good candidate for SureSmile aligners. Your dentist will first assess your situation and determine if you’re fit for the aligners. If you have severe dental malocclusions, you may not be the ideal candidate.
  • The cost of SureSmile aligners may be higher than the competition. This is mainly due to the advanced technology used.

Comparing SureSmile with traditional teeth-straightening options

There are many differences between SureSmile clear aligners and other traditional teeth-straightening options. Here are some of the biggest differences between these two types of orthodontic treatment:

Here’s a quick summary of the differences:

SureSmile alignersTraditional braces
Treatment timeFrom 6 months18 - 24 months
Regular dental visitsNoYes
EligibilityMild to medium casesMild to severe cases
ComfortComfortableCauses discomfort at first until the patient gets used
CostApp. $4,000$2,500 - $7,500

Regardless of the differences mentioned above, finding the best teeth straightening options is largely dependent on your dentist’s recommendations after your consultation.

How much does SureSmile Aligners cost?

The average cost of SureSmile clear aligners is $4,000. However, the total SureSmile cost may vary depending on the severity of the condition, the location, and the dentist chosen.

SureSmile Aligners Before and After Results

SureSmile gets a more precise and customized dental treatment plan thanks to its advanced technology. All this starts with the digital scans that provide better visualizations of the patient’s teeth, unlike the impressions that most other competitors depend on.

Based on the SureSmile aligners before and after pictures that we can see online, it is a no-brainer that the product works. Perhaps one of the factors behind this success is that a patient’s candidacy is only approved by a licensed dentist.

What do customers say about SureSmile?

SureSmile clear aligners patient reviews are scarce online. While this may be because the product is newer to the market, its precise launch date cannot be verified on the company’s website.

However, because SureSmile has been a long-time provider for other types of braces that have all received plenty of praise from their users, we may be inclined to believe the few very positive SureSmile aligners reviews online.

SureSmile Clear Aligners: Overall Rating

SureSmile Rating
SureSmile Rating
Here’s how we rate SureSmile based on some of the most important factors:

While SureSmile clear aligners are not used to treat severe malocclusion, they are known to work effectively in treating mild to medium dental flaws. The high success rate is attributed to the fact that not everyone can be a candidate and you can only be approved by a licensed orthodontist.



This is by far one of the most expensive clear aligner brands in the market. However, the SureSmile aligners cost is so much worth it considering the comfort you get and the advanced technology used to ensure that you receive the desired results.

Delivery time

According to the company, they liase with the dentists to create the customized trays for treatment. Some patients may have to wait longer if their dentists are not fast enough and there is also not a specified time frame for the delivery, which may not be a good indicator.


Most clear aligner brands are now offering a fully remote treatment plan without the need to visit a dentist. SureSmile still requires patients to visit their licensed orthodontists from the first consultation and regular reviews.


Are SureSmile aligners safe?

Yes. SureSmile aligners are made from Essix Ace plastic which is one of the best materials for dental products.


How can I cancel my subscription?

You can use the SureSmile provider locator from the company’s website to find a licensed dentist providing the aligners near you.

Will wearing SureSmile aligners affect my teeth color?

No. You can still remove the aligners to brush your teeth regularly. Once you maintain proper oral hygiene, your teeth won’t change color.

How to clean SureSmile aligners?

Some dentists recommend using a soft-bristled brush and soap to clean SureSmile aligners. According to the company’s website, you can also use Retainer Brite tablets to clean the aligners.

Can I eat or drink with my SureSmile aligners on?

It is advisable to remove your aligners when eating or consuming colored drinks to avoid damage. However, you can drink water with the aligners on.

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