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Straight Teeth Direct Review: Does It Really Work?

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Straight Teeth Direct™ follows the same principles as other teeth aligners UK companies, except that they have their own unique twists that help them stand out from others. What does that include? For starters, the company strives to deliver fast service so their unique processes for the impression kit and clear aligners give them the ability to deliver faster service. Aside from that, their main goal is to deliver great smiles efficiently and painlessly. That’s where the speed of service comes into play. It also involves providing great aligners that deliver quicker results than competitors while also providing exceptional comfort. Many clear aligner companies also offer quick results, but the comfort level is often lower in order to speed up the alignment process. Straight Teeth Direct uses innovative science and technology to ensure your aligners are comfortable while still delivering boosted results. 

'They are so passionate about helping others fix their smile that they offer several guarantees, not just one or two.'

In fact, the guarantees protect you from added costs that other companies often charge. Overall, Straight Teeth Direct is a winning opportunity for the consumer.

How Much Does Straight Teeth Direct Cost?

In this section, we will go through all the prices and plans Straight Teeth Direct offers:

SmileBox™ Impression Kit

The Straight Teeth Direct impression kits are just *£42 (usually £89), and they include 3 sets of impressions compared to others with just one or two. This also includes your personalized plan for aligners and FREE shipping.

If you don’t mind traveling to Central London, you can also get a 3D scan instead taking the impressions. 

StraightBox™ Aligner Kit

straight teeth direct box
straight teeth direct review straightbox
straight teeth direct review aligners

Their invisible aligners are ONLY *£1350 for upfront payments.

Payment plans are also available that include:

  • 3 automatic installment payments (*£500 for the 1st month, and then two and four months later)
  • 8-month direct financing (*£399 upfront and *£150 per month)
  • NO credit checks.
  • NO third-party financing.


Straight Teeth Direct includes in the treatment’s cost the retainers for free. After that, you can pay *£139 for 2 sets per year with their Maintainer Plan.

Note: When purchased separately, retainers are sold in pairs only and of the same custom shape/form.

Maintainer Plan

The Maintainer Plan (a.k.a. StraightTeeth Care Plan) includes 1 set of custom retainers every 6 months and you can extend your guarantee against broken/lost retainers + tooth movement and get another one FREE.

Teeth Whitening Upgrade

The KöR™ Teeth Whitening System upgrade includes 2 whitening gel tubes (many customers claim that 1 is enough) and some application swabs plus a desensitizer for those with sensitivity issues. The cost is *£269 for the set.

In the end, the overall costs associated (as well as the plans offered) with Straight Teeth Direct are a good deal. By factoring in all the benefits you receive; they can be considered as cheap clear aligners if we compare them with other online braces. Moreover, financing has no interest and no security deposit. The upfront payment goes towards your balance.

Treatment Time

The duration of the Straight Teeth Direct aligners system ranges from 5 to 9 months. No matter how many aligners you need or how long your program is, you pay one flat rate.


Straight Teeth Direct aligners are available in the following countries:

Compare Straight Teeth Direct to Other European Aligner Companies

Straight Teeth DirectYourSmileDirectWow Smile
Starter/Impression Kit
£42 (Reg. £89)49€ (Reg. 99€)171.36€ (£145.99)
Aligners Upfront£13501,799€703.11€ (Reg. 1172.63€) (£599 Reg. £999)
Extended/Adjusted Treatment AlignersFREE4 additional aligners for 299€Circumstantial or FREE after treatment period if needed to realign
Lost/Damaged Aligner ReplacementsFREE99€ per single upper/lower (149€ for pair)Circumstantial
Aligners Financing3 installments of £500 --OR-- £399 upfront and £150 per month for 8 monthsNO installment option. 499€ upfront and 118€ per month for 11 monthsNO installment option. 170.37€ (£145) upfront and 30.55€ (£26) per week for 52 weeks
Retainers£139 per year for 2 sets with Maintainer Plan149€ each set
(1st One Free)
None available for purchase
(1st One Free)
ShippingFREE everywhereFREE in EU, 19.99€ ElsewhereFREE everywhere

*NOTE: Locations served are subject to change. Pricing is subject to promotions and/or change.

There are also US-based brands that ship to the UK, like Caspersmile, but others don’t, like Candid or Byte. But, if you want to learn more about those brands so you can compare the leading alignment brands to the UK-based listed here we recommend you read Caspersmile, Candid, and Byte reviews to compare with those brands too. 

How Straight Teeth Direct Works? My Treatment Step-by-Step

Straight Teeth Direct requires photos of your teeth, the type of treatment you need such as crowding or crookedness, and a registered account for responses. Following that, you order aligners and wait for them to arrive. Next, you follow the program and choose your maintainer plan towards the end, which will include your retainers.

Step 1: Completed My Free E-Consultation

I visited the free consultation page on their website to fill out the questionnaire and submit photos of my teeth for evaluation. First, it asked for photos and provided details and visuals to help me create them. Second, it asked some questions about my teeth and my needs. Third, it required me to register for an account. 16 hours later, one of their licensed dental professionals contacted me within my newly registered account and said that I was approved for clear aligners. They sent me an interactive visual tour of the entire aligner process so that I know how everything will work.

Step 2: Ordered My SmileBox™ Impression Kit

I ordered the SmileBox kit and made my teeth impressions. They wanted 6 impressions (3 upper and 3 lower) which I found surprising, but that is also a good thing. I filled out the medical history forms and the optional, recent dental records. I figured the more they have, the better the results will be! I sent the SmileBox Impression Kit back and waited for their reply.

Step 3: Waited for Approval to Order My Aligners

I received a 3D image of my teeth following the treatment program. I also received my Straight Teeth Plan, which was set to be 6 months.

Step 4: Ordered My StraightBox™ Teeth Aligners

After reviewing my 3D image and my treatment schedule, I went ahead and placed my order through my account for my StraightBox aligners. I chose the 3 installment payments to spread the costs out some. It scheduled my automatic payments for the 1st, 2nd, and 5th month.

Step 5: Received My First Clear Aligners

It took about 3.5 weeks to get my first two batches of invisible aligners. They specify that you will get them within 4 to 6 weeks after submitting images. Since my plan was set at 6 months, I was set to receive 3 batches that will be sent bi-monthly. The recommended wear time per set was 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Step 6: Followed My Aligner Treatment Plan

As I started my treatment, it felt weird at first when wearing my aligners, but I got used to it after a couple of days of wearing them. They weren’t uncomfortable. It just felt different. However, some patients may experience a little pain and discomfort, but I seemed to get away with avoiding that. I continued to follow my treatment schedule as the new ones arrived. They state that you will see progress within 90 days and I actually did at about 75 days. During the entire treatment plan, the monthly progress reviews were a nice touch. Most companies don’t check in with you like that.

Step 7: Ordered the Maintainer Plan Plus Subscription

As my aligner schedule was nearing its end, I ordered my retainer subscription. I chose the plus plan because it included the KöR Teeth Whitening System upgrade, which actually costs the same as the plan itself. Pretty smart, wasn’t it? I’d say it is a no-brainer!

When my aligner treatment was officially done, I used the free retainer that they supplied. Later, they sent my first set of retainers for the next 6-month duration along with the whitening kit.

Customer Experiences

For those that have or are currently using Straight Teeth Direct aligners, customer satisfaction appears to be high. With the company’s 4 big guarantees, it’s no wonder it ranks where it does. Many consumers like the comfort level that their aligners provide and also like that they are not shipped in one package. After all, it can be too easy to lose an aligner that is currently NOT in use, as well as accidentally damaging ALL of them when stored in bulk.

When it comes to guarantees, they really customer experience straight teeth directdo go all out to satisfy their customers. Whether your aligner schedule lasts 5 months or 9, you still only pay one flat rate. In fact, they will send replacements at no cost if you lose one or damage it. It has happened to some customers and they did take care of them. In addition, they won’t charge you if refinements are needed. Lastly, they guarantee life-long results as long as you are enrolled in a Maintainer Plan. They even include 3 FREE aligners if you failed to use your retainers properly and your teeth started shifting. Most, if not all consumers stick to the correct retainer usage to avoid needing any more aligners, but the guarantee is still there if it is needed for any reason at all!

As with anything, there are still some stipulations and fine print, but that is nothing when compared to other aligner companies. Some customers were frustrated from a particular situation but then realized that the benefits they received superseded that situation.

Many consumers paid for their aligners using the company’s 3-payment installment plan while others enjoyed the direct financing without interest and credit checks. Most companies provide financing through third-party businesses and require credit checks and interest, not to mention any potential down payments. 

Straight Teeth Direct has, NO interest, NO credit checks, and NO down payments.

You just have a fixed, upfront payment that goes towards your package.

straight teeth direct customer experience

When it comes to results, most consumers were pleased with their smile after they completed the aligner program. They liked the monthly review service that ensured their teeth were on track with reaching the goal. Yes, the company keeps up to date with your progress through the internet and your online account.

One last thing to mention about customer experiences is the likes and dislikes of the maintainer plans. Some customers see it as a way to continue making money while others see value with the offer. You will always be required to wear retainers at night when you sleep and that means constantly ordering retainers for life. The Straight Teeth Direct maintainer plans were designed to guarantee your smile for life and are cheaper in comparison to individual retainer orders from any source. This aligner company custom designs the retainers for your teeth. Other companies don’t. The customers that saw value in the offer realize that the inclusion of 3 free aligners (if needed for any reason) plus the regular shipment of custom retainers means that you are getting the right care and at a price that saves money.

Catherine TinkerTrustworthy and Customer Focused
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I shopped around a bit before settling on Straight Teeth Direct. They had good reviews, which were better than most the companies I checked out. I haven't been disappointed. Their customer service is brilliant. If you approach them with a question, they are quick to respond, friendly and approachable. I struggled taking the initial moulds. When they analysed my results, they sent me a custom made kit. I had no problems with this and my braces were made without further problems. I couldn't wait to start wearing the braces and getting straighter teeth. It's a novelty at first, but like a lot of things in life, it takes time and persistence. The good thing about them is that they're removable, so they don't inconvenience you too much if you need to remove them for socialising (it's the drinking and eating that clashes with wearing a brace)! But I noticed results quickly, which spurs you on to continue. They do take time to get used to and the first couple of days is the most uncomfortable part. Get over this and then you get used to them. Then every two weeks, it's similar when changing the brace as they're a tight fit to start with. But it's the initial first few days I found slightly awkward and had to adjust to speaking without a lisp! But it doesn't take long. You check in with your assigned professional once a month for updates on your progress. I haven't had any big problems since the process began other than some rubbing with the braces (caused by rough edges). They provide a file that's easy to use for this purpose. There have only been a couple of pairs that have needed minor attention. I took them up on their offer of teeth whitening too. That was probably the most uncomfortable part. But the combined results are great. My teeth look so much better and straighter. I was happy to put up with the inconvenience. And I won't be trying to hide my teeth in photos anymore! I have two weeks left to go. I can't wait to be finished now, but I would thoroughly recommend this company. They're with you every step of the way.
KateI'm 70% of the way through my treatment…
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I'm 70% of the way through my treatment and have found the process very easy so far. Taking your impressions can be tricky and I was worried that mine weren't going to be good enough but they were, so I think as long as you follow the instructions you'll be fine. There is always someone available to help you and they respond to messages promptly. As with all clear aligners there is an adjustment period where you will be in some discomfort but If you go into the process fully aware of this then there are really no other disadvantages. They are so affordable (compared to similar providers through a dentist) especially with the payment plans and they regularly check on your progress so you never feel like you've just been left to get on with it. I just wish I could have done this 10 years ago but knowing I'll have straight teeth by the time I'm 35 makes me so happy. Highly recommend.
ZaibahI came across Straight Teeth Direct…
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I came across Straight Teeth Direct online, at first I wasn't too sure about it...whether it may be a scam like other companies or whether if it was legitimate enough. However doing further research into the company I started to gain interest, I've always been concerned about my teeth and wanting them to be straight so I can smile confidently, so I finally gave Straight Teeth Direct a go. Hands down it has been the best decision I have made in my whole life, the staff/team behind this whole program are very helpful and kind, and also along the way your progress of your teeth is managed so effectively. I love everything about Straight Teeth Direct and would 100% recommend these to everyone! 😀

Final Results: Straight Teeth Direct Before and After

Results can vary from one person to the next, but Straight Teeth Direct ensures the best results by following your progress through the Straight Teeth Direct app on a monthly basis. Since they require 3 sets of impressions to begin with and actually pay the extra cost of having 3 instead of 1 or 2, you have a better chance at success and results are more accurate. That’s what happened to me.

before and after straight teeth direct

Get Your Straight Teeth Direct Teeth Aligner At Home

Ordering Straight Teeth Direct invisible aligners is a quick and easy process. You fill out the questionnaire, order your starter kit, and then order your aligners once you have been approved and accept your treatment plan. Your aligners will arrive within 4 to 6 weeks after you have submitted photos of your teeth, which are found in the very first step of the process. They will be shipped direct to your door and you don’t have to worry about shipping charges, except for any duty fees which are outside of our reach and control. Getting aligners at home is as easy as 1-2-3. You will see results in as little as 90 days and there are NO dental visits required. Just be on the lookout for your starter kit and get going on your journey to a beautiful smile!

* All prices are subject to change and only serve as a guide.
** Promotional offers are subject to expiration or change

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