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Sporting Smiles Reviews 2024: Are they worth it?

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Sporting Smiles is an orthodontics service and product provider that seeks to improve the general dental health of its customers. Their products include aligners, mouthguards, whitening kits, and night guards. You can purchase them individually or as part of a package.

Just as per its brand name, Sporting Smiles has a key focus on those actively involved in sports. The company sought to create products that could withstand the force and impact the user may experience when playing, hence more durable than most competing products.

If you’re wondering whether Sporting Smile is for you or if it’s worth the hype, this guide takes you through all you need to know about it to help you make a more informed decision.

What is Sporting Smiles?

what is sporting smiles

Sporting Smiles is one of the most reputable online dental manufacturers of custom dental products, including teeth retainers, night guards, teeth whitening trays, and athletic mouth guards.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Sporting Smiles promotes healthy smiles for active and fun lifestyles in pediatric dentistry and family orthodontic practice. Using a holistic approach to dentistry, they help their patients and families achieve and maintain the highest levels of dental health.

Sporting Smiles has several products that can help athletes achieve their sporting goals. The most popular product is the SportBite Mouthguard, which fits perfectly into your mouth and helps to protect your teeth and gums against injury during contact sports. Sporting Smiles also sells a range of other mouthguards for different types of sports.

How Does Sporting Smiles Work?

Sporting Smiles uses a technology called CAD/CAM to make customized products right at their office. They then ship these products directly to you with a sporting smiles video to get them fitted at home. So it allows you to save money on travel costs and time off work while also getting a fantastic smile.

At Sporting Smiles; they believe that everyone should access high-quality, low-cost dental care. So they are proud to offer a whole host of top-selling products that you can purchase for some significant savings.

1- Sporting Smiles Retainers
1- Sporting Smiles Retainers

Sporting Smiles teeth retainers are custom-made for you, so they fit perfectly. In addition, since some active retainers move teeth, their high-quality Essix retainers are designed and tested to prevent your teeth from shifting.

They make them out of high-quality material made in the US and then attach them to your natural teeth. It can help your teeth stay in place until the final stages of the orthodontic treatment process.

In particular, Sporting Smiles retainers stabilize teeth that have been moved or damaged by an accident or trauma.

There are many reasons why you might need a retainer fitted; these include:

The retainers are categorized into three: Hawley retainers, clear plastic retainers (such as Essix or Vivera)

There’s a slight difference when looking at Essix retainer vs Vivera. In addition to looking like clear teeth aligners, Essix retainers are made of clear plastic. Vivera retainers are made of thicker plastic, and they are removable.

According to sporting smiles retainer reviews, you can save up to 50% with their retainers compared to if you would go to a dentist. In addition, their sporting smiles retainers are similar to those a dentist will give you. However, you don’t go through the hassle of X-rays, regular visits, and extra costly charges with them.

  • Retainers consist of clear plastic, so you can still show off your smile when you take them out!
  • Because retainers are removable, they require less maintenance than traditional braces.
  • The cost of a retainer is generally much lower than other options, such as orthodontics.
  • They remain with your teeth impressions. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about what to do when you lost your retainer since they can easily make others for you.
  • Although Sporting Smiles retainers can correct some kinds of malocclusion, they cannot correct severe cases requiring jaw surgery or extra appliances such as hooks or headgear.

Before and After Results

We were able to find online Sporting Smiles results images shared by real customers alongside a lot of positive reviews that show how great the product works.

sporting smiles retainers before and after
sporting smiles retainers results photos
2- Sporting Smiles Whitening Trays
2- Sporting Smiles Whitening Trays

Searching for teeth whitening kits online can be overwhelming. You may ask yourself questions like whether you can clean your retainers with toothpaste, will you have to wear them for the rest of your life, etc.

When many companies and products claim to whiten your teeth, the SportingSmiles whitening kit stands out because their teeth get customized to your smile for complete coverage of the whitening treatment.

In addition, you'll find teeth whitening kits that use LED lighting, whitening strips, and even toothpaste.

Generally, the best teeth whitening gels include the same ingredients, but Sporting Smiles and their custom teeth whitening kit will consist of foaming gel in your trays. If you apply other whitening treatments, like strips, lighting, or paste, your cracks will get missed by the whitening gel.

SportingSmiles ensures that all the cracks and nooks in your teeth get covered by perfecting the foaming gel, giving them a white finish. It is cost-effective to use their foaming gel because you will need just a tiny amount to cover each tray.

  • Affordable: Sporting Smiles whitening trays are a fraction of the cost of other brands.
  • Easy to use: Sporting Smiles whitening trays are made with a unique material that makes them easy to mold and fit, so you don't have to adjust them every time you use them.
  • Only one shade is available: Unfortunately, sporting Smiles whitening trays only come in one shade, so if your teeth aren't already close to the desired color, you may need to combine the trays with other treatments or products (such as bleaching gels or strips) to reach your target shade.

Before and After Results

Here are some before and after examples of customers who have used Sporting Smiles whitening trays:

whitening sporting smiles before and after
3- Sporting Smiles Night Guards
3- Sporting Smiles Night Guards

Sporting smiles nightguards protect your teeth and the surrounding soft tissues from injury caused by grinding and clenching during sleep. They consist of various materials, including plastic, acrylic, and metal.

A night guard is a mouthguard you wear at night that protects your teeth from damage caused by grinding or clenching during sleep. Nightguards can also treat the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Nightguards come in different styles and shapes, but they all fit over the upper teeth to protect against nighttime tooth-grinding and clenching. A dentist may prescribe one type over another based on your medical history and needs.

You wear nightguards only when sleeping, although some people who wear them during the day may find that they also need them at night for protection against tooth-grinding/clenching.

Some night guards are custom-made from impressions taken of your mouth; others are sold over the counter as boil-and-bite models that mold to fit your teeth with boiling water.

  • The night guards are custom-made to your teeth, so it fits perfectly.
  • It is made from durable material that won't break easily.
  • It's a great alternative to expensive dental work if you have broken or chipped teeth after playing sports.
  • Not for use in contact sports where you can dislodge the guard.
  • It does not come with a case, so you must purchase one separately to keep it clean when not in use.

Sporting Smiles Discount Codes (Updated 2024)

You can save hundreds of dollars by ordering online replacement dental retainers, teeth whitening, teeth grinding guards, and sports mouthguards, all without visiting the dentist.

But, there’s a way to get them at a lower price: by using the discount codes. There are very well-known sites like HotDeals. You can find a list of codes and discounts that redirect you to the SportingSmiles site to get, for example, 10% off on your retainers or free shipping. 

However, we have our favorites. One of them is CouponBind, which has plenty of SportingSmiles coupons and constantly updates them. The other one is Knoji. It is also very famous among coupon sites, it doesn’t offer a lot, but its team verifies the coupons and selects the best ones. 

As a final tip, we also recommend you visit the SportingSmiles website on special occasions like Valentine’s, Christmas, etc. They are always offering coupons to lower the cost!

Sporting Smiles Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

When reading Sporting Smiles reviews online, you will find many positive comments about the quality of service provided. Most patients say they enjoyed their experience at the practice and were happy with the results of their treatment plan. Some patients did have concerns about billing issues, but these got resolved once they contacted the office directly.

Below are some reviews from real customers who have used Sporting Smiles services:

Sporting Smiles vs Other Brands

If you’re thinking of getting a mouth guard for you or your child, there are a lot of brands to choose from. Sporting Smiles is one of the most popular brands, but how does it stack up against its competitors?

This section will look at Sporting Smiles’s main competitors and compare their features.

Sporting SmilesClear RetainRetainers Direct
Upper teeth retainer$95$104$85
Lower teeth retainer$95$104$85
Upper and lower teeth retainers$135$164$150
Clear Retainers
BPA free
WebsiteSporting smileClear RetainRetainers Direct

Clear Retain vs Sporting Smiles

Clear Retain is a clear, custom-made retainer that fits over teeth to prevent them from shifting or moving. It is not an alternative to braces, but rather a way to maintain the results of other orthodontic treatments.

Both Clear Retain and Sporting Smiles are very similar products as they are custom-made, clear and BPA-free and come in different sizes; however, Sporting Smiles team uses the latest technology and highest-quality materials to make all their products.

Besides, it’s very difficult to find online reviews of Clear Retain as the brand has no customer opinions on TrustPilot and those found on Amazon are not very good.

Sporting Smiles Reviews 2024: Are they worth it? 1

Sporting Smiles vs RetainersDirect

RetainersDirect is one of the most popular brands of sports mouthguards, and if we compare Sporting Smiles with RetainersDirect both brands are very similar: both products are designed to keep your teeth straight after your alignment plan and the process is the same; however, there are three differences between the two brands. First, RetainersDirect aligners are not BPA-free.

The second one is that if you want to get Retainers Direct’s upper and lower retainers kit, you will end up paying more compared to Sporting Smiles as its cost is $150, $25 more expensive.

And the last one is that, regarding the variety of products, Sporting Smiles offers vast products than RetainersDirect. While RetainersDirect only offers one style of mouthguards, Sporting Smiles has several levels of protection and customization options available to ensure the best fit for your teeth.


Are Sporting Smiles retainers worth it?

Sporting smiles are made with advanced technology and designed to last longer than other retainers.

In addition, tooth-colored material makes them more comfortable and less noticeable. Plus, they’re less expensive than traditional metal braces.

How to take impressions of Sporting Smiles?

First, you order their Easy-At-Home kit, which you will use to make the impressions on your teeth. Taking the image takes about 10minutes. Once done, you ship them back to their clinics in a pre-paid box.

How long do Sporting Smiles retainers last?

The benefits of Sporting Smiles retainers include their durability and comfort. They can be worn for up to two years without breaking down if taken good care of.

Does someone need any special equipment to use Sporting Smiles?

It comes with everything you need to start immediately: mouth trays, gel activator, and remover wipes. These items are in one convenient kit that makes it easy to get started.

Can I go back to my regular dentist after using Sporting Smiles?

Sporting Smiles doesn’t hurt your gums or leave any residue behind like some other teeth whitening kits do so that you can go back to your regular dentist with no problems. You should still schedule an appointment with them once you finish your treatment to make sure everything looks good.


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