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Spark Aligners Reviews: Is It Worth the Price?

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Just about everyone now knows the basics of clear aligners. With the numerous commercials for Invisalign® that you might have seen, you are now aware of what clear aligners are and what they do.

If not, here’s a quick recap for you:

Clear aligners are orthodontics products made of FDA-approved clear plastics used to correct certain dental flaws and misalignments. These are the perfect alternative to traditional braces as they are equally effective but with even more benefits.

For starters, they are virtually invisible, meaning you get your confidence even when under orthodontic treatment. Moreover, you can easily take them off whenever you have to, and they also have a shorter treatment period.

We’ve reviewed various clear aligner brands before, but one of the latest entrants to the market caught our eyes. Made with the latest cutting-edge technology and better customizations to fit each patient, Spark aligners are just worth checking out.

Here’s all you need to know in our Spark clear aligners review.

What are Spark aligners?

what are spark aligners

Spark are the latest clear aligners for teeth from Ormco™, a global leader in cutting-edge orthodontics products. They are made with TruGEN™, which is the newest innovation in clear aligner material. Spark aligners are more comfortable than most other clear aligners in the market, clearer, and more stain-resistant.

According to the company, Spark’s patented TruGEN™ material is polished with scalloped edges, designed to provide a more comfortable treatment experience than other leading brands. It is also made to be clearer and has minimal aligner stains as it is the norm for other types of aligners, which are not technically clear.

Everything used on Spark aligners is BPA, mercury, latex, and phthalate-free. This means you don’t have to get concerned about any health or allergy reactions.

In addition to all that, Spark aligners are designed to be more efficient and more effective during tooth movement.

How does it work?

The creators of Spark aligners believe that a doctor-directed alignment provides for the highest standards of treatment. This is why for you to get these aligners, you’ll first have to go through their list of accredited dentists that can provide them.

Not all dentists are licensed by the company to offer Spark aligners. Only experienced orthodontists who undergo extra training are well-equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to administer Spark.

Once you get an accredited Spark aligners provider, they will first take 3D scans of your mouth to get an accurate digital model of your teeth.

The orthodontist will use those 3D scans to show you how your future smile will look after Spark treatment. Once you’re content with the possible outcome, your doctor will give the go-ahead for your aligners to be created in the lab by machine and then hand-trimmed for your comfort.

Once fixed, your orthodontist will monitor every step of your treatment until the last minute.

Spark Aligners: Benefits and Drawbacks

  • They are almost invisible – clearer than the competition.
  • Spark aligners make use of TruGEN™, the latest and most innovative clear aligner technology making them more effective.
  • More comfortable to wear than other leading clear aligner brands.
  • Doctor-guided treatment offers more personalized treatment and better services.
  • Costly. The total cost for a Spark treatment may be a lot higher than other leading clear aligner brands.
  • You cannot get Spark aligners at just any dental clinic as only accredited orthodontists are licensed to offer the treatment.
  • Spark currently isn’t globally available and you can only get them in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and China.

What Do Spark Aligners Treat?

Like most leading clear aligner brands in the market, Spark aligners are ideal for mild to moderate misalignments. Some of the dental flaws that Spark aligners treat include:

Regardless of your condition, Spark orthodontists will first have to review your case before they can approve and confirm your treatment with the aligners. This means not just everybody can be a candidate for Spark clear aligners.

Spark Aligners vs. Invisalign

Invisalign has been one of the best invisible braces brands in the market for decades now. But is the new kid on the block going to give it a run for its money.

The verdict is, it just might.

Spark clear aligners reviews indicate how effective these aligners are. While Invisalign reviews still show a multitude of unsatisfied users, scientists have learned a lot regarding human anatomy and new improvements have certainly been discovered that could be added to improve the field of orthodontics.

These are the improvements that Ormco™ sought to actualize when they introduced Spark aligners into the market.

Here are a few differences between Spark aligners and Invisalign.

MaterialUses SmartTrackUses TruGen, which is thinner and more resistant to stains than SmartTrack. It is also clearer, making it more discreet than SmartTrack and other materials.
ComfortQuite comfortable for the patients.Their thinner nature makes them even more comfortable than Invisalign.
PricePricing starts from $3,000Pricing starts from $3,000
EffectivenessQuite effectiveVery effective
AvailabilityYou can easily get from various general dentists and orthodontistsOnly accredited orthodontists with a higher level of training get certified to provide Spark aligners.

How Much Do Spark Aligners Cost?

Just like Invisalign, Spark aligners cost is wholly dependent on various factors, including:

All these affect how much you can pay for your entire treatment. However, you should be ready to pocket out anything from $3,000 for Spark aligners treatment.

Although this might not be one of the cheapest invisible braces you can get, its overall effectiveness, comfort, clarity, and treatment time make it all worth it.

Spark Aligners Before and After Results

While it is still a fairly new brand to the market, you shouldn’t get worried when you don’t see numerous Spark aligners before and after results online. However, based on the few results we could find online, it is a no-brainer that the product really works.

What Do Customers Say About Spark Clear Aligners?

Since its launch barely a year ago, Spark clear aligners have received overwhelming support from its users. Top orthodontists that have had an experience with the product have raised praise about it, more so on its effectiveness, comfort, and clarity.

Here are a few Spark aligners reviews and testimonials from its users:

Spark Aligners: Overall Rating

Spark Aligners
Spark Aligners
Here are our overall Spark aligners rating – all factors considered:

Thanks to its TruGEN™ technology, Spark aligners effectively achieve their desired goals. Top orthodontists that have interacted with the brand have raised lots of praise on just how effective the product is in moving teeth to the preferred position and within a short period.

Pricing isn’t the stronghold for Spark aligners when compared with other clear aligners’ cost. However, its use of cutting-edge technology, shorter treatment period, and more effective treatment just proves exactly how worth it the total cost of getting Spark aligners is.

There are many reasons that make Laughland top on convenience. For starters, you can use the product fully at home without the need for a dentist. You only need to use the product for at least five minutes a day, which is pretty convenient. Furthermore, the Android/ Apple adapter makes it more convenient to use.

Customer service

There’s no easy way to reach out to the company as only their Facebook and Instagram social media handles are provided.

The only way that you can inquire more about the product from them is to find a provider first in your area (which you get redirected from the website) that you can inquire from. This can be quite a tedious process, unlike some competitors with better communication channels like online chats.


This is by far one of the clearest “clear aligners” that we have reviewed on our platforms. The TruGEN™ material used in their manufacture is thinner than its predecessors, making it even clearer.


How do you clean Spark aligners?

You can use a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean the insides of your aligners. Some options to consider are antibacterial soap & water, non-abrasive toothpaste, or simply using hot water.


Does Spark™ have an age limit?

No. There are options for all age limits as long as the patient has developed a set of permanent teeth. This includes teenagers and adults.

What are Spark Clear Aligners made of?

Spark aligners are made of TruGEN™ materials. They provide advanced sustained force retention, which results in a more efficient tooth movement.

Can you eat with your Spark aligners in?

No. It is highly recommended that you take off your clear aligners before consuming any food or colored drinks. Ensure to brush your teeth before putting them back on.

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