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SNOW is a well-known brand on the dental market, they have plenty of products, and all the reviews online point out the efficacy of their products. But is that really true?

We’re unpacking several of Snow’s most popular products and reviewing their main teeth whitening kits, so you don’t have to. Let’s begin!

Snow Teeth Whitening System: How Does It Work?

There are multiple at-home whitening products out there on the market right now and Snow is creating the latest buzz.

Snow is a U.S.-based company that claims they put their products through rigorous research and development to produce the highest-quality whitening system possible.

Snow provides a peroxide-based whitening gel that’s meant to be used along with an LED light. You apply the gel onto your teeth using Snow’s specialized brush-tipped wand applicators, put on the mouthpiece, and wear that for the recommended amount of time.

Snow advises the following regimen to get the best results:

The gel works by penetrating your tooth enamel and oxidizing the stains and pigments embedded deep within your tooth. Snow recommends starting out with their extra-strength whitening gel for the most dramatic results and then switching to the regular strength gel to maintain your new tooth color. The LED light warms your teeth to soothe sensitivity and helps to activate and speed up the bleaching gel.

Snow Teeth Whitening Products

Now it’s time to dive into the Snow Teeth Whitening collection.

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

The main offering at Snow is the classic Snow® At-Home Teeth Whitening (All-In-One Kit).

SNOW Teeth Whitening Reviews | Summer 2022 UPDATE: What To Expect 1
kit snow teeth whitening

This kit contains:

This basic Snow Teeth Whitening kit will get you great results and it’s competitively priced, too. The LED light is powered by a charging cable that can connect right to your smartphone or other electronic device. This way, you can keep your phone handy for snapping progress pics and timing your treatment.

Snow Smart Teeth Whitening At-Home System

If you want the most comprehensive whitening system possible, then Snow has you covered.

The Dual-Light, Wireless, Self-Sanitizing Snow® Smart Teeth Whitening At-Home System covers everything you can think of.

Snow Smart Teeth Whitening At-Home System

The Wireless Kit includes:

Snow’s blue LED accelerating light technology is not the same thing as UV teeth whitening, so it’s safe for your skin. While this lighted mouthpiece is the mainstay of the other whitening kit, the special Wireless Kit by Snow takes things to the next level. This mouthpiece serves dual functions by also emitting a red LED light that helps destroy gingivitis-causing bacteria in the mouth.

You can use the function on this mouthpiece as an adjunct to your normal oral hygiene routine.

And on the subject of antibacterial therapy, we can’t overlook the incredible docking station that comes with this kit. This station boasts a charging dock for the LED light mouthpiece, space for storing your whitening serum wands, plus technology that cleans your mouthpiece when you aren’t using it.

The mouthpiece in the Smart Teeth Whitening System is cordless, to boot. You can control it thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and enjoy going wire-free as you whiten.

Snow Whitening Wands

snow whitening teeth wands

Snow makes it easy to purchase top-ups of your whitening gel by offering refills of their Whitening Wands. It costs $29 for two wands and this amount is good for over two dozen treatments. You can save even more by subscribing to Snow’s refill plan to have a new set of wands delivered right when you need them.

Ready to take things up a notch? Enjoy unrivalled whitening power with Snow’s Extra Strength Whitening Serum available for $29 per wand. This may be double the price of the regular formula, but this one’s twice as strong and you get twice as much.

Snow Desensitizing Serum

If sensitivity is an issue for you when you bleach your teeth, then this Desensitizing Serum by Snow can help.

SNOW Teeth Whitening Reviews | Summer 2022 UPDATE: What To Expect 3

Spread just a few drops of this serum from the wand on your teeth and then rinse it off shortly before whitening. Alternatively, leave it on overnight after your bleaching session to reduce sensitivity and strengthen your enamel. This serum is an excellent add-on to any bleaching kit you purchase from Snow.

Snow Charcoal Floss

Snow’s impressive repertoire of oral care products wouldn’t be complete without their own line of dental floss.
snow charcoal floss

Snow offers the Charcoal Floss, 52 yards of bamboo fiber with activated charcoal for only $15. The goal of this floss is to help you get your teeth as clean and healthy as possible before your bleaching sessions. The activated charcoal helps to remove stains and toxins from between your teeth.

Be warned, however, that as of the writing of this review, Snow is out of stock of their Charcoal Floss, so there could be a delay on your order.

This just goes to show that Snow can make even something like dental floss a hot and fast-selling item! You’ll probably want to give this floss a try before it sells out again.

Snow Whitening Toothpaste

snow teeth whitening toothpaste

This Whitening Toothpaste by Snow is relatively new. In fact, you’ll have to pre-order it if you want to try it out because it's sold-out (it's the best toothpaste as a complementary product to the whitening kit). It’s designed to gently whiten your teeth without causing sensitivity and it’s free of fluoride and sulfate.

Snow Lip Care

Snow wouldn’t try whitening your teeth without showing some love for your lips, as well. After all, what good is a glowing white smile if it isn’t framed by a lush pout?

snow lip care

The Rejuvenating Lip Treatment is an age-defying formula that contains hyaluronic acid for a collagen boost and plenty of moisturizers like vitamin E, aloe, and shea butter. It’s an excellent pre-whitening conditioner that can keep your lips comfortable while you bleach your teeth, but it’s also great for your fingernail cuticles.

And before applying the moisturizing lip balm by Snow, you might want to prep your lips with this Lip Exfoliator. This smoothing sugar scrub will complete your at-home smile makeover. Plus, it comes with Snow’s Lip Applicator which doubles as cold compress and under eye roller.

Snow Teeth Whitening Reviews By Customers

You’d have a hard time finding a Snow user who genuinely hated their experience using Snow whitening kits. Snow Teeth Whitening Kit reviews are extremely positive and they’re padded with a whole host of celebrity endorsements.

The only reason a trusted system like Snow wouldn’t work is if someone had teeth that were discolored due to some kind of internal damage (but, that’s something that any of the whitening kits on the market can deal with). Stains of that sort can only be removed or covered up by professional treatment in a dental office.

For the more common type of staining caused by age, smoking, foods, or drinks, then Snow should work just fine

The Snow website itself has some incredible before-and-after images sent in to them by actual users of their whitening technology.

Final Thoughts on Snow Teeth Whitening

Snow is clearly a more expensive line of at-home teeth whitening products. But we think it’s definitely worth it if you’re after some solid and predictable results. And while Snow’s oral care products are high-end, they also offer a basic whitening kit that’s very competitively priced. So they really do have a little something for everyone.

Another major benefit of using Snow is that you can bleach your teeth without a dentist’s prescription. Snow ships directly to your home and they can even ship on the same day you order. Their whitening bleach works quickly with the help of the LED light but it causes little to no sensitivity because of their carefully developed formula.

So given the great reviews of Snow and the versatility and range of their teeth bleaching products, we can definitely recommend this brand as one worth trying.

Does Snow Teeth Whitening Work?

The evidence is clear: Snow works!

Even better than coconut oil teeth whitening, Snow is an effective alternative to visiting the dentist for teeth bleaching treatments during the time of this national emergency where everyone is stuck at home, anyways.

Snow is even currently offering a discount of 25% at checkout if you use the code “STAYHOME.”

And transforming your smile with some at-home teeth whitening treatments is one of the best ways to use the spare time you have.

So if you’re on the hunt for the best at home teeth whitening kit, then Snow might be just right for you!

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