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The Best Snap On Veneers: All You Need To Know

The Teeth Blog Team Jennifer Morelli

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Medically reviewed by Jennifer Morelli

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What Are Snap On Veneers?

Snap-on veneers are removable dental appliances typically made from resin material. They can be custom-made to fit over your natural teeth and can hide discoloration or misalignment of natural teeth. Not to be confused with regular, permanently-bonded veneers, snap-on veneers are also known as removable veneers, home veneers, clip-on veneers, snap on teeth veneers and instant veneers.

These types of veneers are ideal for situations where you are looking for a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of your smile and at a reasonable cost. To put them on, all you need to do is “snap” them over your existing teeth.

Editor's Picks:

Removable Veneers USA: Best American-made product

The 5 Best Snap on Veneers of 2024

After learning what snap-on veneers are all about, it’s time to delve into our recommended brands. In this segment, we’re highlighting the top five brands that stand out for their quality, affordability, and user-friendliness. These picks aren’t about sales pitches, but rather our honest opinion on the best snap on veneers for 2024.

Removable Veneers USA™: Best American-made product

#1: Removable Veneers USA™
#1: Removable Veneers USA™

Right now we have two coupon codes available: 

  • Save $90 OFF with our coupon TeethBlog$90 if you purchase the Removable Veneers Superior Model
  • Save $30 OFF on a Full Set of Premium Model Veneers with Code TeethBlog$30 or $60 OFF on a Full Set of Premium Plus Model Veneers with Code TeethBlog$60.

As implied by their name, Removable Veneers USA™ is a U.S.-based company that offers affordable veneers made with high-quality and reliable materials. As we mentioned before, this brand is the best clip on veneers brand in our opinion, they offer three main types of snap-on veneers: Premium Model Veneers, Premium Plus Veneers and Superior Veneers.

The reason why we think is the best clip on veneer brand, it’s because they create high-quality customized veneers at an affordable price, all the models they offer are great based on the quality-price ratio and provide amazing customer service with very few complaints. If you want a more in-depth review, you can learn more about the brand in our Removable Veneers USA Reviews.

Removable Veneers USA™ Average Cost

Removable Veneers USA ranges from $499 (Premium Model) to $1,499 (Superior Model). Compared to other veneers brands, they are quite affordable.

Pop On Veneers: Best dental technicians teams

#2: Pop On Veneers
#2: Pop On Veneers

Right now, the brand is offering a discount:

  • Save $100 OFF sitewide using the coupon code: POP100

Pop On Veneers is a brand that makes high-quality custom snap-on veneers delivered to the comfort of your home. It’s based in NYC, where is located its FDA-registered laboratory in which master dental technicians make these top-notch veneers. The brand doesn’t have a wide variety of products, but the prices, convenience and durability of the veneers make them worth it.

If you’re looking for the best Pop On veneers, it’s worth knowing that the brand has just one type, but you can pick from different colors. Want a natural vibe? Go for a color close to your own teeth. But if you’re after a super bright and white smile, grab the lightest shade they’ve got. It’s all about what kind of look you’re gunning for! However, if you’re still in doubt, visit their website to view real Pop On veneers before and after images.

Pop On Veneers Average Cost

As the brand only offers one type of veneers, there are only two options regarding the cost as the price doesn’t vary depending on the color of the veneers you choose:

Only top or bottom: $479
Both top and bottom veneers: $679

Secret Veneers™

#3: Secret Veneers™
#3: Secret Veneers™

If you want to know more about the brand, click the button below to read our in-depth review.

Based in the UK and established in 2015, Secret Veneers claims to offer the thinner removable veneers currently available.

Get to know more about the brand in the Secret Veneers reviews.

How to get Secret Veneers™?

Regarding the cost, the full set of the standard veneers costs £399; for the full set of the premium super thin veneers, you can expect to pay a bit more costing £549.

insta®smile Veneers: Best for more complex dental issues

#4: insta®smile Veneers
#4: insta®smile Veneers

Learn everything about the brand by reading our complete Instasmile review.

Instasmile is another great clip-on veneers brand that ships worldwide. The company states that their main goal as a company is to change the lives of their customers and boost their confidence by selling high-quality veneers. Their products are customizable based on the customer’s needs and budget.

As in this section we will only cover the basics (products, process and cost), we recommend reading the Instasmile reviews to learn everything about the brand.

Instasmile Average Cost

For a full set of veneers (coverage for both the top and bottom teeth), the instasmile Classic costs $675, and the instasmile Dynamic costs $675. Instasmile reviews show that even with these higher costs, customers are still quite happy with their purchases.

TruSmile™ Removable Veneers: Lowest starting price USA

#5: TruSmile™ Removable Veneers
#5: TruSmile™ Removable Veneers

There's no coupon code available right now, but you can learn more about the brand, clicking in the button below.

TruSmile Removable Veneers are a lot different from the other listed in this review regarding how are they made. Normally, veneers are made of resins, but the material used to make the TruSmile Removable Veneers is a unique co-polyester material made exclusively for this company.

Get to know more about the brand in the TruSmile veneers reviews, where you’ll find more insights on the veneers specifications, process and how is the customer service.

TruSmile™ Average cost

If you purchase top and bottom veneers the total cost is $499 for the full set. While, if you opt only for top or bottom, they cost only $299 regardless the shade you choose.

Snap On Veneers Cost Comparison

Removable veneersSecret veneersInstasmile VeneersTrusmile veneerspop on veneers
Price$499-$1,499£399-£549 $450- $675 $299-$499$479-$679
Offers different shades/coors?YesYesYesYesYes
Offers thinner options?YesYesYesNoNo
Availability?USA and CanadaWorldwideWorldwide*USAUSA

How to Use Snap On Veneers?

How do snap on veneers work anyways?

Although, if you need more info about how do snap on veneers work, you can ask the dental team of the brand of your choice, so they can give you more insights of their process and products based on your needs.

Infographic about How to use snap on veneers. Putting Them On: all you need to do is place them over your existing teeth and “snap” them into place. If you have teeth that are misaligned or have gaps between teeth, you might need to bond some areas of the veneers. Eating & Drinking: You can eat with snap on veneers. However, you should always double-check the instructions from the manufacturer of your brand of snap-on veneers. Cleaning: Most companies recommend using a soft-bristled brush to clean the veneers and safely store them in the provided container.

Before and After Results of Snap-On Veneers

Witness the transformative power of veneers through captivating before and after images. These pictures vividly depict the remarkable effectiveness of veneers in enhancing smiles and restoring confidence. The results are nothing short of astounding, as these custom-made shells effortlessly blend with natural teeth, creating a seamless and lifelike appearance. From correcting discoloration and chipped teeth to improving alignment and overall aesthetics, veneers offer a versatile solution for achieving a radiant smile.

To explore more stunning veneers before and after pictures, click here for our comprehensive article that showcases a wide range of remarkable smile makeovers.

before and after clip on veneers
clip on veneers before and after
clip on review testimonial

Snap-On Veneers Customer Ratings

Below there is some valuable data based on clip-on veneers reviews for the brands that were listed in this article:

Brand NameCustomer Ratings
Removable Veneers USA5/5 stars, 415 reviews on birdeye.com
Pop On Veneers3.8/5 stars, 3 reviews on trustpilot.com
TruSmile Veneers4.8/5 stars, 823 reviews on birdeye.com
Secret Veneers4.0/5 stars, 429 reviews on trustpilot.com
instasmile Veneers4.0/5 stars, 3,959 reviews on trustpilot.com

Snap On Veneers Pros and Cons

Snap-on veneers (a.k.a. clip-on veneers, removable veneers, instant veneers, etc.) deliver immediate benefits, including whiter smiles and straighter teeth. Still, they also have cons, just like everything else does. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. However, it may not be the right solution for some people. Let’s break it down.

Snap-on veneers pros
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Removable as needed or desired
  • Deliver the appearance of straight teeth
  • Deliver the appearance of straight teeth
  • Deliver whiter smiles
  • Offer several shades to choose from
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Highly affordable solution
  • No doctor visits
Snap-on veneers cons
  • Requires good maintenance and care for longevity
  • It does not get replaced bi-weekly like clear aligners
  • More susceptible to stains in scratched areas
  • It does not align teeth (just covers them up)
  • It does not fix gaps in teeth (just hides them)
  • You can eat with snap on veneer, but in most cases should be removed to make them last longer
  • It can cause a lisp at first until you adjust to it

Who Should Get Snap-On Veneers?

Patients can use Snap-on veneers for a variety of conditions (for example, snap on veneers for missing teeth), including but not limited to the following:

Who Shouldn’t Get Snap-On Veneers?

Clip-on veneers are an excellent option for countless individuals who would like to improve the appearance of their smile more quickly or at a lower cost than with orthodontics. However, there are a few groups of people who should avoid getting home veneers for one reason or another:

Snap-On Veneers vs. Traditional Veneers

Snap-on veneers are similar in many ways to their more traditional counterpart, permanently bonded veneers. As the name implies, permanent veneers are directly bonded to your existing teeth and are not meant to be removed. Often, natural teeth and even the gums may need to be shaved to prep the mouth for the installation of permanent veneers. Although this process is meant to be pain-free, it is significantly more extensive than simply getting snap-on veneers.

Snap-on veneers were created with the intention of being removable (that’s why they are not snap on veneers you can eat with), and users are not making any sort of long-term commitment when they start wearing them. Furthermore, there is little to no prep work needed before starting to use snap-on veneers. If your snap-on veneers are custom-made, then some imaging and impressions of your mouth and teeth may need to be taken, but aside from this, no procedures need to be performed.

Alternatives to Snap-On Veneers

Maybe snap-on veneers are not the best option for you. In that case, you may be wondering: what are the potential alternative ways to achieve your ideal smile? Here you’ll find three great alternatives to snap-on veneers which are also affordable and convenient:

Whitening Treatment
Whitening Treatment

If you are mainly concerned with staining or discoloration of your teeth, a simple whitening treatment could be an excellent option for you. If your discoloration isn’t too bad, you could opt to treat this yourself with an at-home kit, which can be a relatively inexpensive option. If your teeth are more severely stained or just looking for someone to help you out with the process, you could always choose to get your teeth professionally whitened. This service is widely available, and you would most likely be able to get it done at a local dental clinic.

Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain Veneers

Another great option to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth is getting porcelain veneers. These veneers do not require the shaving down of your natural teeth and rather fit over your existing teeth. But unlike snap-on veneers, porcelain veneers are bonded to your teeth-similarly to how braces might be. Although they will be securely attached, this does not mean that they can never be removed. If you are looking for snap on veneers you can eat with; these are likely a better option for you.

Orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic treatment

Finally, a third option to getting snap-on veneers is opting for a more permanent solution via orthodontic treatment. Although this option is likely more expensive and time-consuming than the options discussed beforehand, they will lead to a more permanently enhanced smile. Additionally, orthodontic treatment can go beyond simply improving the appearance of your teeth and actually help fix any underlying alignment issues that could be causing pain or bite issues.

Why You Can Trust TheTeethBlog's Recommendations?
hours of research
experts consulted
brands considered
brands selected

Our team invested over 200 hours in researching and updating this article as new information became available. We carefully selected these snap-on veneers options from a wide range of brands, considering them to be the best choices for you. To ensure our recommendations, we followed the following guidelines:

  • We compared and contrasted information from various dental specialists regarding snap-on veneers.
  • Before writing our snap-on veneers review, we personally tried out all the products.
  • We thoroughly read and analyzed verified customer reviews online to gather additional insights.
  • We also consulted with dentists to gather their professional opinions on the different brands and treatments offered for snap-on veneers.

Our evaluation was based on 5 key factors:

  • Dental specialists’ feedback: 25%
  • Our thoughts and experience with the product: 25%
  • Results (aesthetics, effectiveness, etc.): 20%
  • Price-quality ratio: 15%
  • Convenience (process and ease of use): 15%


How long do snap on veneers last?

Snap-on veneers generally have a lifespan of around 12 months.

However, it's important to note that the actual durability can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the veneers, individual usage, and maintenance.

Can I get snap-on veneers for just my top teeth?

Yes, it is possible to get snap-on veneers for just the top (or bottom) teeth.

However, it's recommended to get both top and bottom to match how the teeth look in color and shape.

Are snap-on veneers a permanent solution?

No, snap-on veneers are not a permanent solution.

They are designed to be removable and can be taken off whenever desired. They offer a temporary cosmetic enhancement to the appearance of the teeth without any permanent changes.

Can I eat and drink while wearing snap-on veneers?

Yes, you can eat and drink while wearing snap-on veneers.

However, it is recommended to avoid consuming hard or sticky foods that may damage or dislodge the veneers. Additionally, it's advisable to remove the veneers before consuming hot liquids to prevent any discomfort.

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    Hi will these work for my partner as he has only 2 teeth on top and two on the bottom thankyou Sharon Bennedick.

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi Sharon!

      You must contact the company to know more about it, but we think that it won’t work and it would be better to first talk to your dentist to see which treatment suits him best.

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        which are the best quality and looking and what is the order is the top number 8 or the bottom

        1. The Teeth Blog Team

          Hi Sonny!

          For us, the best brand is Removable veneers USA, but it will depend on the look you like (more natural, bright white, etcetera) and even your personal situation, needs, and economy. That’s why we have compiled a list, so you read the details about every veneers and choose the one that suits you best.


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    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi Kris!

      We haven’t heard about Shiny Smile, that’s why it isn’t on the list, but we will take a look and if it’s a good one we will probably add it to the list 🙂 On the other hand, regarding “natural look”, all of the brands listed have a natural look, but if you have doubts, you can check their sites and see the before and after pictures to know better.


    2. Gabriella Jacobs

      Hi Kris
      I just got my shiny smile veneers top and bottom they sent me 2 different sets of my top veneers because I wasn’t happy with it because I talk with a lisp and they didn’t reach my gum line in the front so they sent a new one free of charge but it’s still not right so I have a video call with them on Thursday March 18,2021 to have them help me make the impression the correct way once and for all all free of charge btw
      I do have to say their customer service can’t be topped and they are going out of their way to make me happy I just wish the veneers were thinner like I’m reading in other places lol pray this time it’s done correctly

      I should mention my teeth re terrible I single digits on how many I have left (medical reasons why) so my front 4 are good but everything else is either broken or not there hope this helps

      1. Patricia

        Kris, Can you let me know how this worked for you? I’m looking into this for a parent who has always struggled financially and put everyone else first so she is missing quite a few teeth and the ones left probably aren’t in great shape. Curious if this would be a good fit for her. Please let me know how this worked out. Thanks

  4. John

    Very helpful information

  5. Dawn Overcash

    I can comment on Shiny Smile. They are junk & I wish that I would have found this blog before I purchased their veneers. Since my purchase of the cheap veneers from Shiny Smile, I purchased from the #2 company on your blog.

    I did a ton of research on Shiny Smile and here’s what I found out: They are one in the same company as TruSmile. The have the same owner and use the same “Supposed Lab” in FL to manufacture their veneers. The only difference is that the Shiny Smile website charges $100 more for the exact same veneers! I found out that they are actually manufactured in India (which would make sense since owner/s are from India) and I found that info on BBB site here in USA!!!

    No wonder they were so cheaply made and thin. Shiny Smile had to redo my veneers 3 times because they didn’t fit..4 months later they fit just ok and they had become extremely loose. They are definitely thin and cheap. I couldn’t eat in them and they stained with any colored drink such as coffee or tea or red wine and they finally wound up breaking.. I researched really thoroughly (Google the address) and the lab in Florida is an old house with a pick up truck parked out front and piles of garbage in the front yard. They send your impressions off to India. Horrible!!!!!!!

    I repurchased with company #2 in your blog and they’ve been fantastic!

    1. Dawn Overcash

      Hi this Dawn again replying back to my reply. I wanted to mention that I went with Removable Veneers USA and at the time I wrote my original comment, they were listed in the #2 position. They have since moved up to the #1 position and I can agree with that! I love my veneers! I’m still so happy with my purchase! Removable Veneers USA is absolutely amazing & their veneers are beautiful brilliantly white straight veneers that snap right over my teeth. Their customer service is the best. I recommend Removable Veneers USA to anyone who has been thinking about having their teeth whiter straighter perfectly flawless and want that self-esteem boost!!

      1. G. Jacobs

        Hi dawn
        Are they thick or thin your new veneers from removable veneers? Did you talk with a lisp with either company? Please let me know thank you

    2. G Jacobs

      They’re about to make me my 3rdtop veneers I wish I seen this site too and I did my research just like you I’m upset I wasted money and I’m scared to tell my husband that they suck lol

    3. David

      Why did you keep on referring to the preferable company as company #2 as opposed to actually giving us the name of your preferred snap-on veneer company. I mean it’s not hard to write down the name as opposed to typing #2. I’m just confused as to why you refuse to name the company? If #2 on their list are as good as you say they are then I’d like to be sure that I know what company #2 is. Can you please name the company?

  6. James Seaborn

    Will snap on teeth work if I only have 7 teeth on top (an end tooth is missing) and 8 front teeth on bottom? How can I know which company has the strongest and most natural looking teeth? I’m nearly 70 and do not want beauty pageant white.

  7. David

    Never mind Dawn. I just saw your follow-up explaining that your preferable company is removable veneer USA so disregard my last message. Thank you for your information

  8. David

    Hello, I’m thinking of getting a top and bottom set of snap-on veneers from removable veneer USA as they seem to have the best reviews. I know I can get this answer through contacting them, but I was just wondering, in terms of the higher quality snap-on veneers, are they meant to be taken out every night, or are the good ones meant to stay on for long periods such as an entire week or more before removing and cleaning? I would just assume that they would be removed at least once or twice a day for teeth brushing. Those are actually questions that I cannot find the answers to on any of their websites.

  9. George

    I am very interested in ordering the removable veneer USA but concerned they will work for me. I have been a life long grinder and my teeth are now very small. Will this lengthen them slightly and will they snap on to such small teeth? Any insight or recommendations greatly appreciated.

    1. The Teeth Blog Team

      Hi, George!

      We recommend you to contact the brand (e-mail: [email protected] or call/text: 704.236.4181), they will answer to any question you have related to the veneers. However, we think the size of your teeth won’t be a problem at all as they make impressions of your teeth to creat the veneers and customize them to fit you perfectly.

      Hope this helps you,

  10. Linda

    Can anyone tell me their experience with Pop-On Veneers? I’m looking for the best I can afford, that will also sort of lengthen front teeth that I’ve ground down from lip-biting. Thanks for any help!

  11. Patricia

    Kris, Can you let me know how this worked for you? I’m looking into this for a parent who has always struggled financially and put everyone else first so she is missing quite a few teeth and the ones left probably aren’t in great shape. Curious if this would be a good fit for her. Please let me know how this worked out. Thanks

  12. Patti Murphy

    Linda I went with PopOn veneers and their service is really good. They made me a beautiful set but there were a few issues with the fit so I am getting them redone at no extra charge. Their customer service team is really great, very helpful and supportive. The product itself is gorgeous and I had a hard time sending it back because it looked so amazing on me, lol! Anyway, I really recommend the company. They also have a variety of ways you can finance their already very affordable veneers. I cannot wait to get my new set

  13. Rudy Roesel

    I am considering snap-on veneers. I see from this article that a person with crowns may not be the best candidate. Why?
    I have two crowns now and may get a third one this year. Also, I have several consecutive missing teeth on the left lower side of my mouth. I plan to have an implant in one of the spaces to help with chewing. If I order the veneer now and later get an implant, will the veneer still fit comfortably? When they make the veneers are the spaces where teeth are missing “filled in” with the veneer’s composite material?

  14. sound of text

    I’m so glad I found this guide! I’ve been considering snap-on veneers for a while now, and this helped me narrow down my options. Do you think you could do a separate guide on the best ways to care for them? I want to make sure I get the most out of my investment!

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