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Snap on Smile Veneers: Our Honest Opinion

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Think about this scenario: You have an upcoming major event that you have to look picture-perfect for, but you have some minor dental flaws. You do not have the time to start undergoing lengthy dental treatments, such as getting veneers or orthodontic treatment.

Also, think about this: You are aware that you have certain minor dental flaws that affect your overall confidence. Sometimes, you just want the possibility that you can simply snap on a new smile every day, but without getting rid of your natural teeth.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, or you fall into the category of those seeking an affordable way to transform their smiles, Snap on Smile veneers have the answers you seek.

What are Snap On Smile Veneers?

Snap on Smile veneers are comfortable, removable dental appliances that are simply placed over your teeth to give you a better smile. They are just like a mouth guard, as they do not require any drilling, injections, cementations, adhesives, or filing like you’d get on the porcelain veneer process.

What are Snap On Smile Veneers

Its patented design is flexible and incredibly strong, meaning that your teeth will still function optimally without damaging the veneers. The product is made from acetyl resin, a flexible material that hugs your teeth and sits over them so that the wearer can easily speak or eat without them falling off or shifting.

If you have chipped, cracked, or stained teeth and wish to cover the flaws, Snap on Smile veneers will fit over your teeth, giving you a better, natural-looking smile.

Do Snap On Smile Veneers Really Work?

Snap on Smile veneers are quite effective and work, as long as the person using them has them for the right reasons. Like other snap on veneers, Snap on Smile is only used for cosmetic purposes and not for restorative functions. This means that it is only used to hide or conceal dental blemishes, such as:

If you require restorative dental treatment, your dentist will recommend other methods, such as dentures, implants, or getting started with orthodontic treatment.

Is Snap On Smile Veneers safe?

Snap on Smile veneers are completely safe for use as long as they are used for the right reasons and administered by the right person. Even though you may know how to use Snap on Smile, the company only uses dentists accredited to offer the product. Ensure that the dentist you get Snap on Smile veneers is licensed to provide them.

Nevertheless, Snap on Smile does not impinge on the gum tissues as it only attaches to the teeth. The procedure of getting them isn’t invasive, and they’re easily removable. This means that they are completely reversible.

Although your dentist will conduct an assessment to help determine your candidacy for the product, there are certain instances that Snap on Smile may not be safe or ideal. People with the following should not get Snap on Smile veneers:

For such people, trying to cover up those blemishes may only result in worse repercussions.

Pros and Cons of Snap On Smile Veneers

Here are some advantages and disadvantages you may face when using Snap on Smile veneers:

  • They do not require the removal of any tooth structure before their placement
  • The procedure is relatively painless
  • They are easy to clean
  • They’re more affordable compared to traditional veneers
  • Improve the overall appearance of your smile
  • Not so much prep time means there can be room for discomfort when wearing
  • It is more prone to breakage and staining, unlike traditional veneers
  • They can increase the risk for cavities and other oral health concerns as they only conceal imperfections

The Average Cost of Snap On Smiles Veneers

Snap on Smile cost between $1,000 and $3,500. However, this pricing model is subject to changes depending on various factors, including the dentist, size, shape, and style of teeth.

For instance, you can get some dentists charging as low as $500 per arch. This is quite affordable compared to the average cost for veneers.

How do you get Snap On Smile Veneers?

According to the company, you can only get Snap on Smile veneers from accredited dentists. This means that you cannot purchase them over the phone or online.

Getting Snap on Smile veneers only involves two visits to the dentist and in three steps:

  1. Your dentist assesses your situation to determine whether you’re a good candidate. Once done, they will take impressions of your teeth and send them to a lab.
  2. The lab technicians use your impressions to create a custom-made set of removable veneers and mail them back to your dentist.
  3. The dentist ensures that the veneers are a good fit, and you’re good to go!

Afterward, your dentist will give you a number of Snap on Smile instructions to follow for a better outcome. You do not administer the veneers yourself, so be careful of most Snap on Smile directions you get online, as they are probably for counterfeit products.

Alternatives to Snap On Smiles Veneers

There are many other ways to achieve a better smile if you have minor dental flaws. Besides using Snap on Smile veneers, here are some of the options that you can look into:

Removable Veneers USA

Snap on Smile Veneers: Our Honest Opinion 1

Removable veneers USA is a brand of removable or temporary veneers which you can get without going through the hassle of involving a dentist. The company produces removable veneers, meaning they are not permanently bonded onto your teeth.

All you have to do is go to the company’s website, choose the shade of veneers that you’d like, and pay. You will receive an impression kit where you will take impressions of your teeth. You may also have to take pictures of your teeth.

Once you’re done, you will mail back the impression kit to the company, where they will create custom-made veneers and send them back to you.

There are also other removable veneers that you can look into. You can check out our reviews of Trusmile veneers.

Clear Aligners

snap on smile alternatives clear aligners

Clear aligners are a restorative option, unlike the use of veneers which are more of cosmetic solutions to hide dental blemishes. Clear aligners will solve your minor dental issues as they help guide teeth back to the ideal position.

Teeth Whitening

snap on smile alternative teeth whitening

If your motivation for getting veneers is due to stained teeth, a much better option would be to go for teeth whitening. Your dentist will guide you on the best options for teeth whitening to help you achieve a better smile.

Snap On Smile Veneers Customer Reviews

Getting real Snap on Smile reviews wasn’t easy. This is because this product isn’t bought online but administered only by a licensed dentist. You have to be careful because the majority of reviews you can find online are for fake or counterfeit products that use the same name, hence misleading buyers.

Luckily, we were able to find a few real customer reviews online. Here’s what some had to say:


How long does snap on smile veneers last?

Snap on Smile veneers last between three and five years with proper care.

Is snap on smile veneers worth it?

Snap on Smile veneers are worth a try because they’re quite affordable and will assist you in hiding certain teeth blemishes without any tooth prep required.

Can you eat or drink with snap on smile veneers?

You can comfortably eat and drink while wearing Snap on Smile veneers. However, you may find it difficult chewing extra sticky foods.

How much does Snap on Smile cost?

Snap on Smile costs anywhere between $500 and $3,500. The total cost depends on the dentist, the complexity of your condition, the location, among other factors.

Who should not get Snap on Smile veneers?

If your teeth require a restorative procedure, then Snap on Smile veneers may not be ideal. This is because they are simply cosmetic and not restorative. Moreover, those with dental issues like cavities or gum disease are not ideal candidates for Snap on Smile veneers.

Can I buy Snap on Smile veneers online?

You cannot buy Snap on Smile veneers online. The company advises on where to buy Snap on Smile veneers, and that’s only from a list of their accredited dentists that you can find from the directory on their website.

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