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SnapCorrect Review 2024: Does It Really Work?

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SnapCorrect is a company devoted to providing the best smiles in a way that is as invisible as possible. The claim is that their clear aligners are one of the best clear aligners, which appears to have some justification to it. The transparency they deliver does make them hardly noticeable, even at close range. The website also shows comparisons between their aligners and the ones from other major companies (for example, Snapcorrect vs Smile Direct Club). They present individual comparisons for each brand in which each comparison has its own page, rather than displaying one bulk comparison. This lets you see the actual differences between each company.

They believe that teeth straightening should be hassle free and simple, which is why they make their application and treatment processes as simple as possible. The program works great for misaligned teeth, such as overbites, underbites, diastema, and crooked teeth. However, it will not repair major crowding.

Here we’ll go through everything about the brand and its treatment: Snapcorrect reviews, cost, specifications of the aligners, timeline of the treatment, etcetera. Keep reading to learn everything about it.

Big on Promotions

Aside from clearness advantages, SnapCorrect tends to offer promotional opportunities quite frequently like a SnapCorrect coupon or discount, which is great. That helps you save a little bit of money that you can use elsewhere or use it for replacement impression kits if needed, as well as any possible treatment adjustments after or during completion.

Comfortable Teeth Aligners

When it comes to comfort, the company claims that their clear aligners do not push down into the gums and cause irritation. They also specify that the contoured design of the edges makes them more comfortable than raised borders. Overall, this means that the aligners deliver a snug fit over the teeth with comfort, more effectiveness, and without being obtrusive.

Honest and Upfront Details

SnapCorrect believes in being straightforward with every aspect of their business, which means that they provide upfront pricing so you know what to expect on a financial basis. It also means that you get all the details before you get started. This eliminates confusion or misinterpretations later on in the process.

According to their website, they offer full refunds on impression kits if you are not approved to purchase teeth aligners online. They also specify that they use a combination of dentists, orthodontists, and dental technicians to review impressions and design your clear aligners. In addition, they specify that your aligner schedule can be from 3 months to as high as 18 months, with an average of 3-9 months so that you can be prepared for the smallest and longest treatment schedule.

Snap Correct
how snapcorrect works
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Impression Kits

SnapCorrect impression kits are *$45 per kit (regularly $95). This includes one set.

Invisible Aligners

Their clear aligners cost *$1,749. Payment plans are available as low as $80.84 per month through Affirm, a third party financer.


SnapCorrect provides a set of retainers free after completion of the program. Optional retainers cost *$95 for each set.


The length of time it takes to complete your program will range from 3 months to 18 months, depending on your particular situation. The average range is 3-9 months.


SnapCorrect clear aligners are available in the US only.

Overall Experience

the process snapcorrect

SnapCorrect strives to provide easy, efficient processes for straightening teeth, customer by customer (the SnapCorrect before and after pictures above and the SnapCorrect reviews below can prove it.) You order your impression kit and follow the directions. You then send it back to them and wait for their response. Many customers have difficulty with obtaining their impressions the first time around. They end up having to purchase another set or in some cases, a third set. If you do not qualify for clear aligners online, they refund the impression costs to you. For those that are approved to move forward with aligner treatments, you simply order your package and start.

The first aligner set is always the most uncomfortable, mainly because it is the “conditioning” pair that “kick starts” your mouth for the alignment process. After that, the sets are less uncomfortable and less irritating. Yes, they claim to provide retainers that do not cause irritation and discomfort like other brands—as previously mentioned, but the initial pair may feel challenging at first. It also depends on your particular situation. You may never feel discomfort or irritation at all.

They auto-ship your aligners every 2 or 4 weeks, but some have experienced occasional delays in the shipping process. The “assumption” here is that they auto-ship your aligners to ensure you receive fresh aligners every time and do not have them at home where the whole kit can get damaged or lost.

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Comparison of SnapCorrect™ to Other Clear Aligner Providers

It can be hard to determine the differences between all the clear aligner providers online. All are plastic teeth aligners with similar treatment processes, price, and duration, but those slight differences can be significant. So, if you want to read a more in-depth comparison we recommend you visit our Best Teeth Aligners page where you’ll find detailed information about the top-rated online teeth aligners brands on the market.

How SnapCorrect Works

SnapCorrect’s simplistic process makes things easier for you. Order your kit, follow the instructions, send it back, wait for a reply, and then get a refund or purchase your aligners.

Step 1: Complete an Assessment

SnapCorrect provides an online assessment to determine if invisible aligners are right for your particular situation. That is an important step because you do not want to waste your time or money.

Step 2: Order an Impression Kit

If you have decided that purchasing teeth aligners online is right for you, the second step begins with ordering your impression kit. You follow the instructions to obtain your upper and lower teeth impressions and send them back.

Step 3: Take Photos of Your Teeth

After ordering your kit, you will receive a confirmation email. It will also include instructions for taking photos of your teeth and gums. You simply follow those instructions and email them back while the dental team of Snapcorrect review the impression kits. You need to take photos because it gives them something to compare to those impressions, which also allows them to determine your qualifications more accurately.

Step 4: Wait for a Response

Once SnapCorrect professionals have reviewed your photos and impressions, you will receive a response as to whether you have been approved to move forward or simply do not qualify for aligners. At this stage in the process, you may receive emails with requests for additional information to help them make their decision on approval or disapproval. In most cases, that is just a request to fill out an oral health questionnaire if they need more information.

Step 5: Order Your First Set of Teeth Aligners

If you have been approved to start the aligner program, the next step is to order your first set of clear aligners. Aligners do not ship as a complete package, but you still need to pay for the entire program. SnapCorrect sends them every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on your treatment schedule. Everything will be established when making your purchase.

Step 6: Wear Retainers

Once you have completed your aligner schedule and everything checks out OK with their dental professionals, you need to wear retainers to ensure that your new alignment stays in place. They offer you the first set at no cost. After that, you purchase them for *$95. SnapCorrect recommends that you wear them at night when you go to sleep, rather than all day as other companies suggest.

Final Results with SnapCorrect Clear Aligners, Before and After

As you can read in the SnapCorrect reviews below, it appears to generate positive results the majority of the time. But, does Snapcorrect work? Well, that all depends on how the customer follows instructions and how they actually use their aligners and retainers. When used as directed, most alignments provide fabulous smiles and the overbites, underbites, spacing, and crowding issues are no more. Some customers have had to alter their aligner schedule in order to complete the alignment program successfully or they have to begin a new treatment plan (usually much shorter duration), but most are finished once their program is complete.

Well worth the investment!
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I have had a wonderful experience. The aligners are really clear and are barely noticeable and I was able to go through the steps quickly. It only took me 3 months to o through all the steps and get to the retainers and my teeth look great. I highly suggest paying for your entire plan upfront so that you get all your aligners sent to you at once and that way you can move up as your teeth move instead of having to wait for your next aligners.
I had to get use to wearing these so…
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I had to get use to wearing these so long each day. Bonus, I don't snack as much. But I love these. I can really tell they are working & no visits to the ortho. Highly recommend!! Plus he teeth whitener is awesome.
Edward Lamberson
Snapcorrect saved my smile
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Snapcorrect saved my smile. I had a bad over bite and gap, and snapcorrect is fixing it in less than a year where as my braces took roughly 5 years. definitely recommend to anyone wanting to fix their smile.
Angelica Jazmin
Definitely give it a shot
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So far I'm on my 4th set of trays and I can immediately see a huge difference. I have 17 trays total so I can't even imagine how better my smile will be. The customer service was pretty great and they were so helpful. I have already recommended this to my other family members
SnapCorrect is a life and mind saver
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SnapCorrect is a life and mind saver. I wore braces in my teens, and had a beautiful smile. Only up until 10 years ago did I start to see a space between my teeth. I was mortified every time I took a pic. So, I came across Kendall at SnapCorrect and she alleviated any doubts about the process. Along with great pricing, I now have a great smile. I am forever in debt to SnapCorrect.


Why are SnapCorrect the clearest aligners?

Teeth aligners are usually made with BPA plastic, but SnapCorrect’s aren’t. These teeth aligners are made with medical-grade plastic from DENTSPLY RaintreeEssix (USA). It provides a shiny and transparent look, very different from other aligners brands that offer a more opaque plastic tray.


What are the criteria to be eligible or not for SnapCorrect aligners?

SnapCorrect accepts mild to moderate crowding problems and some bite issue, but, if your case is complex, like some bone or structural issues, severe crowding, or have a dental disease like active dental decay, SnapCorrect won’t accept your case.


How much does SnapCorrect cost?

SnapCorrect’s full treatment costs $1749. But, if you can’t pay at one time, they also offer a financing plan via Affirm.


Does SnapCorrect accept insurance?

Yes, it does. SnapCorrect accepts insurance, although you’ll first have to talk to your insurance to confirm if your insurance covers orthodontic treatments. In that case, it may cover part of the procedure.


Do SnapCorrect aligners have a guarantee or refund policy?

It will depend on the Consent to Treat form. You can get a refund of your impressions or full treatment if you are or not a candidate, but you haven’t signed the Consent to Treat form. If you have signed it, you won’t get a refund because you have consented the treatment, and therefore, they have sent you the treatment to start with it.


Is it possible to do lower/upper teeth only?

Yes, it is! You can get both only the upper or lower tray, but it’s not recommended because if you need to change the lower or upper teeth, you may also move the arch, and it will affect your bite. So, it’s better to have both trays, so your whole mouth is treated equally, avoiding bite problems.


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