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Snap Correct Coupon 2024

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Save on your Teeth Aligner Kit with the Snap Correct Coupon

SnapCorrect believes in delivering happy, straight smiles for everyone and doing it at the best prices they can so that everyone has an opportunity to use their clear aligners. They also strive to provide the clearest aligners available and so far, it appears that they are at the top of the list. Their aligners offer superior clarity and clearness. Right now, SnapCorrect™ wants to get your teeth straightening and whitening smile off to a kicking start by discounting their impression kit. The kit is normally $95, but for a limited time, you can order yours for just $49.

The first step in your journey to a beautiful smile is the impression kit. You order the kit, follow the instructions, and send it back. This kit allows their dental professionals to review your teeth impressions and determine if you are a qualified candidate for their clear aligners program.

Get started today!

Order your impression kit for just $49 plus tax.

100% money-back guarantee if you don’t qualify for their clear aligner program!

How to Use the Snap Correct Coupon

Following three easy steps, you’ll be on your way to a happy smile. By the way, l recommend that you keep reading.

1. Click the button below

2. Register for an account

3. Submit Payment at checkout

But wait a minute! How about the discount programs?

Right now, you apply to get $250 OFF if you apply for the discount program available in SnapCorrect website.

So, let’s add that into your order!

1. Click the button below

2. Register for an account or call (360) 244-4141 

3. The brand will contact you with all the info

Once again, we recommend that you keep reading some more!

How much can you save with the SnapCorrect Club Coupon?

Normally, the SnapCorrect™ impression kit usually costs $95 (now $49), which is cheaper than many other teeth aligner companies that charge $99. 

Aside from the cost of the impression kit, their aligner package price is highly competitive. Right now, the cost is only $1749 for aligners. You’ll find that many other companies normally charge between $1800 and $2200 so the SnapCorrect price is a good deal.

But wait!

Their regular price for clear teeth aligners is $1,849. That means that you are saving $100 right now.

Regular price for clear aligners: $1849
Current promotional price for clear aligners: $1749!

If you cannot or prefer not to pay up front for an aligner package, they do offer a payment plan (subject to credit approval, of course) which is also competitive.

Payment plans start at $1849 plus 10% APR and possibly, a security deposit. However, the payment plan right now includes the discounted price!

Regular financing packages start at $1849 plus 10% APR.
Current promotional financing packages start at $1749 plus 10%APR!

Let’s break everything down!

  • Up-Front Payment Comparison

Regular PricesCoupon Prices
Impression Kit$49Impression Kit w/Discounts$21
Invisible Aligners Package$1849Invisible Aligners w/$100 off$1749
First Retainer Set$0First Retainer Set$0
SnapWhite™ Gel Teeth Whitening Kit$0SnapWhite™ Gel Teeth Whitening Kit$0
Daily White Fusion™ Whitening Foam$0Daily White Fusion™ Whitening Foam$0

  • Payment Plan Comparison

Regular Payment PlanDiscounted Payment Plan
Impression Kit$49Impression Kit w/Discounts$21
Invisible Aligners Payment Plan$1849Invisible Aligners Payment Plan$1749
First Retainer Set$0First Retainer Set$0
SnapWhite™ Gel Teeth Whitening Kit$0SnapWhite™ Gel Teeth Whitening Kit$0
Daily White Fusion™ Whitening Foam$0Daily White Fusion™ Whitening Foam$0

*Note: Payment plan comparison does not include any required down payments (if applicable.) Monthly APR is not included and can vary (10%-30%) based on creditworthiness. Payment plans are issued through Affirm™.

To give you a better idea on how much the monthly payment amounts will be; the plans start at $86 per month for 24 months, including interest for an amount of $18 49 for 24 months at 10% APR.

With the promotional $1749 amount, it brings that monthly payment down to about $80 per month.
Affirm also offers 6- and 12-month options if you don’t like the longer 24-month period.

As you can see above in the charts, the prices are the same. However, the monthly payment program will include interest and a possible down payment to add to your total price.
Overall, savings can be as much as $230!

Coupons and discounts mentioned here can disappear at any time. Don’t miss this opportunity. Claim them as soon as you can.

About Snap Correct

SnapCorrect™ is an online invisible aligner service provider, which is hosted at snapcorrect.com. They are very dedicated to their clients/customers and want them to achieve the brightest, whitest, and straightest smile possible. Therefore, they develop and provide the best products for the job and make sure that they are completely safe and deliver quality results. They also provide products that eliminate concerns about allergies and sensitivity whenever it is possible, such as their choice to use the SnapWhite™ Gel Teeth Whitening Kit, which contains 36% carbamide peroxide that is safer for gums than hydrogen peroxide.

Besides the competitive offers that they provide, SnapCorrect delivers reliable products that actually work! The gel kit covers up to 7 days, but most people only need it for 3. The clear aligners are actually very clear. Even up close, people hardly ever notice that you are wearing aligners. Since they believe in taking care of their customers, they provide free gel whitening, a free first set of retainers, free whitening foam, and amazing prices.

Save Money with Snap Correct compared to other teeth aligner companies

SnapCorrect obviously stays on top of the clear aligner market, which is why you often find the best teeth aligner prices at their website. They seem to always know what the competition is offering and they find ways to top it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always have the best deal, but their superior products make up for that. Besides, it would only be a few dollars more if they weren’t in many situations.

On the average, impression kits cost around $99 through other teeth aligner companies. Aligner packages usually cost $1850-$2200 online. Free giveaways vary from one company to the next. SnapCorrect is charging $79 for retainers right now, saving at least $15-$20 and they are offering aligner packages for $1795, saving at least $200 compared to other companies. Then again, other discounts can be applied like the coupon code mentioned above.

When you factor in all products needed to complete your clear aligner program, you are saving as much as $200-$300 when you choose SnapCorrect. That’s a pretty good chunk of money.

If after the discount SnapCorrect seem too expensive for you still, you can check our review of the top 6 home teeth aligners to compare what company is best for you based on your needs. 

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