Smileactives: Can It Get You Whiter Teeth in 30 Days?

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Smileactives is a teeth whitening brand that promises to bring out your best smile. In this article, we will take a closer look at the ingredients of Smileactives products, assess the safety and efficacy of the brand, and examine what customers have to say about their experiences in their online Smileactives reviews. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of whether Smileactives is worth investing in for your teeth whitening needs.

How Does Smileactives Work?

Smileactives has designed a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching formula.

You can whiten your teeth with this bleaching gel in one of three ways:

Smileactives has a limited lineup of products, but in this case, less really is more.

Smileactives has developed a trusted formula that works and they want to keep it as easy to use as possible.

Is Smileactives safe?

As some teeth whitening gels use bleachig components that can harm your teeth, you are probably wondering: is Smileactives safe? We can say it sure is! Smileactives bleaching formulas are perfectly safe.

The main ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, can upset your stomach if you swallow a lot of it. It could also cause temporary gum irritation and discoloration.

However, the risk of such problems is quite low because of the low concentration in Smileactives’ products. And as long as you use the products per the company’s instructions, you’ll be just fine.

For example, the paint-on gel (more about that in a moment) dries quickly on your teeth. It deactivates over the course of the next few minutes. The hydrogen peroxide breaks down into harmless water and oxygen.

Smileactives: Can It Get You Whiter Teeth in 30 Days? 1
is smileactives safe

Smileactives’ other whitening product is a foaming gel that you use right alongside your regular toothpaste. If you can use toothpaste safely without swallowing too much of it, then you’ll have no problems using this whitening foam safely.

The company does recommend this product for individuals aged 12 and up. Younger kids may not be able to use the products responsibly and their teeth are still developing so there’s no need to whiten them just yet.

As with any other whitening gel, you should avoid using Smileactives products on any teeth that have large cavities. Spots of decay can sting when they come into contact with teeth whitening bleach.

Smileactives Products

Here’s where we dive into the lineup. Again, Smileactives doesn’t have a huge range to choose from, but that does make it easier to compare items and customize your teeth whitening experience with them.

Additionally, Smileactives has a membership option that allows you to subscribe to regular deliveries of your favorite products, like the toothbrush subscription services. You can customize your order at any time to make sure that you get the items you want and nothing extra that you don’t.

SmileActives Power Whitening Gel

This Smileactives toothpaste-like whitening gel is the flagship product of the brand. It actually comes out as an ultra-fine foam when you dispense it from the tube. You only need one pump of this gel and you put it on your toothbrush right along with your normal toothpaste and then brush as usual.

With this bleaching gel, you have zero excuses for not whitening your teeth daily! You’ll actually be whitening your teeth two or three times per day, depending on how often you brush.

Whitening your teeth with Smileactives Power Whitening gel is a more gentle alternative to applying a bleaching gel directly to your teeth. Brushing with this mild hydrogen peroxide formula will help you lift stains and gradually lighten your tooth color while avoiding the dreaded sensitivity that often accompanies teeth bleaching.

SmileActives Teeth Whitening Pen

The whitening pen by Smileactives is the star of the show. It contains the company’s special hydrogen peroxide whitening formula that you just dispense onto the fine brush tip, paint over your teeth, and go.

This pen is the affordable, convenient, and mess-free way to whiten your teeth.

It also comes in several yummy flavors:

You don’t need anything else to use this highly-rated whitening pen. It’s designed to work as is without any lights, trays, strips, or even any brushing or rinsing. Just paint and go!

To use this pen, twist the bottom until a bead of gel comes out and fills the bristles. Make sure your teeth are clean and even slightly dry, if possible, since saliva washes away and breaks down bleaching gel. Spread the gel over your teeth in a thin layer, carefully working it into the spaces between your teeth. Allow it to dry for a few seconds and avoid eating or drinking anything for the next 20 minutes to let the gel do its thing.

SmileActives Teeth Whitening Vibrite Sonic Toothbrush Kit

Like any teeth whitening company that takes their job seriously, Smileactives offers the perfect tool to round out your whitening regimen: a sonic toothbrush.

Brushing is vital to whitening your teeth since the mechanical action removes plaque that causes yellow teeth and buffs away surface stains.

The toothbrush by Smileactives vibrates 40,000 times per minute to help keep your teeth white and healthy. It offers three brushing settings, a quad-pacer (notification alerting you when it’s time to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth), and a 2-minute timer to make sure your teeth are perfectly clean.

Here’s what’s included in this sonic toothbrush kit:

As far as whitening electric toothbrushes go, this one offers everything you could need for a very affordable price.

SmileActives ProLite LED Whitening Accelerator Kit

For the most comprehensive whitening regimen with Smileactives, try out their whitening accelerator kit. This kit consists of an LED light device and a whitening pen that packs just a bit more oomph than their other whitening pen.

You apply the Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen as described earlier by painting a small drop over your clean and dry teeth. Next, you turn on the LED light and gently bite down onto the mouthpiece. Wear it until it automatically shuts off after 16 minutes. Avoid eating or drinking for the next half hour. After using it twice a day for 7 days, you should see stunning results.

We’d also like to mention here that the Smileactives ProLite LED Whitening Accelerator device is available to buy on its own for $55. You don’t have to buy the kit that includes the Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen if you already have another gel you’re using. But it seems like a good deal, so why not?

List of Smileactives Teeth Whitening Ingredients

When it comes to choosing a teeth whitening brand, it’s important to consider the ingredients used in their products. In this section, we will dive into the composition of Smileactives products, examining what makes them work and whether they are safe for use. We will look at the active ingredients responsible for whitening your teeth and other Smileactive ingredients that may have additional benefits or drawbacks. With this information, you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re putting in your mouth when you use Smileactives.

Smileactives Teeth Whitening Gel Ingredients

Smileactives Teeth Whitening Pen Ingredients

Smileactives Pros and Cons

Before buying any product, it’s always good to know the pros and cons of the brand to have a better overview of its products. Find listed here the benefits and drawbacks we think can affect your final decision:

  • Easy to use
  • Variety of products
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Smileactives ingredients are safe to use
  • Affordable
  • Takes time to see results
  • Any of its products whiten dental restorations as crowns or veneers

Smileactives Reviews: What Are People Saying About It?

Overall, the vast majority of Smileactives reviews of the Smileactives whitening system are really positive, but there are a couple of negative reviews out there, too.

What customers like about Smileactives?

What customers mostly complain about?

Some of the more common Smileactives reviews or rather complaints are the following: 

Other than that, the brand has garnered many glowing reviews and a loyal following. It’s a perfectly legitimate and effective teeth whitening system that can lighten your tooth enamel up to seven shades. But, if you think this product is not for you, you can also read pop on veneers reviews to see if a veneer might be best for you as it can also be a teeth whitening option.

Here are some Smileactives reviews:

Smileactives Before and After Results

So, does smileactives really work? As you can see in the following Smileactives before and after photos, the results are evident, proving that Smileactives products give great whitening results.

Is Smileactives Worth a Try?

Smileactives is reasonably priced and uses a reliable formula. It’s simple and gets great reviews and offers a 60-day money back guarantee. You can’t go wrong by giving it a try!

Smileactives is probably perfect for you if you:

Smileactives may not be right for everyone; the results you get will depend on what caused your tooth discoloration and how bad it is.

But Smileactives products have gotten beautiful results for thousands of people (as you could see in the customer’s Smileactives reviews) and given its affordable price, it’s definitely worth a try!


Does Smileactives work?

Yes, it sure does. You can check the reviews or the before and after pictures to see the great results of this whitening brand.

Will the Smileactives® Power Whitening Gel hurt my tooth enamel?

No, it won’t! All the Smileactives products are safe and formulated to protect your teeth’ enamel. And also FDA approved.

Can Smileactives be used on dentures?

Smileactives won’t harm any dental work (dentures, crowns, or veneers); however, they won’t work properly as all the dental works are very difficult to whiten with this type of product.

Where to buy Smileactives?

You can get Smileactives products directly from their website or Amazon.

Do I need to use any kind of special toothpaste with the Smileactives Power Whitening Gel?

No, you don’t. To use the Smileactives Power Whitening Gel is not required any special toothpaste, it can have fluoride or not, it can be organic or not, it doesn’t matter. 

How often can I use the Smileactives Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen?

It will depend on the severity of the tooth staining or the yellowness of your teeth. However, you can use it as much as four times per day. 

Do Smileactives harm tooth enamel?

Smileactives products are totally unharmful for your teeth as they are created by dental professionals and all the ingredients used are FDA approved.

How often should you use Smileactives?

The frequency of use for Smileactives whitening products can vary depending on the specific product and the individual. It is recommended to follow the usage instructions provided on the product packaging or as directed by a dentist. Overuse or excessive use of any whitening product can lead to tooth sensitivity or damage to the tooth enamel. It's important to use these products as directed and to monitor any changes in your teeth or gums. If you have any concerns, it's best to consult with a dentist.

Will Smileactives whiten crowns

Smileactives is a teeth whitening product that is designed to brighten and whiten the natural teeth; however, it can have an effect on dental crowns, veneers, or other dental restorations as dentures. The effectiveness of Smileactives on crowns or other dental restorations can also depend on the type of material used and the color of the restoration. If you have any concerns about the appearance of your dental work, it is best to consult with a dentist.

Is Smileactives FDA approved?

Smileactives is a teeth whitening product that is not specifically FDA-approved. However, the FDA does regulate the active ingredients used in teeth whitening products, such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, and sets standards for their safety and effectiveness. It's important to always use any teeth whitening product as directed and to follow all precautions and warnings on the product packaging.

How long does it take for Smileactives to work?

The length of time it takes for Smileactives to produce visible results can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of product used, the individual's teeth, and the extent of staining or discoloration. Some Smileactives products may produce results within a few days to a few weeks of daily use, while others may take longer to show significant improvement.

How long does Smileactives last?

Depending on the product: toothbrush head should be replaced every 3 months, the toothpaste whitening pen can last up to 3 months and while based on the smileactives whitening gel reviews, it can last up to 2 months.

Is Smileactives cruelty-free?

We are not sure if Smileactives is cruelty-free, as this information is not readily available on the brand’s website.

What is the active ingredient in Smileactives?

The active ingredient used in Smileactives product is hydrogen peroxide (at a 9% or 12% concentration) and carbamide peroxide, which can help to break down and remove surface stains on the teeth. It is recommended to follow the usage instructions provided on the product packaging or as directed by a dentist, and to monitor any changes in your teeth or gums. If you have any concerns or questions about the ingredients in Smileactives products, it is best to consult with a dentist.

Does Smileactives have side effects?

Like any teeth whitening product, Smileactives can cause side effects in some individuals. Common side effects of teeth whitening treatments include tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and mild discomfort during and after use. These side effects are usually temporary and can be managed by reducing the frequency of use or using a product with a lower concentration of active ingredients.

Do Smileactives pens expire?

Yes, like many other personal care products, Smileactives teeth whitening pens can have a shelf life or expiration date. The length of time a Smileactives pen can last depends on several factors, such as the type of product, the storage conditions, and the manufacturer's recommended shelf life. To ensure that you are using a product that is safe and effective, it is important to check the expiration date on the packaging before using Smileactives. If the product has expired, it is best to dispose of it and purchase a new one. If you have any questions or concerns about the expiration date or shelf life of Smileactives pens, it is best to contact the manufacturer or a dentist for more information.