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SmileLove Coupon 2023

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After stopping offering services due to the COVID-19 outbreak and relaunching the brand shortly after, Smilelove is out of business. You will see that the website is still operative, but you won't be able to purchase any alignment plan. If you have any concerns or requests, please contact them through their phone number (1 (844) 211-7744 ) or email ([email protected]).

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Get 100 OFF on your treatment plan
Get your treatment plan for just $1795 by using the code MAGYF
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How to use the Smile Love Promo codes

Just three simple steps are all it takes to use the coupons on this page! Smilelove already offers great prices that are very competitive and also offer discounts like the one for the impression kit, but you can still take advantage of one of the two coupon codes to help cover the costs.

Right now, you can save up to $100 while you also enjoy perks like a free whitening kit and a free set of retainers! Any purchases by you are 100% refundable if you don’t like the created images that show what your teeth will look like in the end or if you don’t qualify for Smilelove aligners.

No hassle. No obligations. Fully refundable!

Here’s what to do to get the savings.

1. Click the button below

2. Copy this code: MAGYF

3. Paste the code at checkout

You cannot combine coupons into one purchase so if you tried to add another coupon too, it will delete the $100 off coupon.

How much can you save with these Smile Love Coupon Codes?

  • Savings with the $100 off Coupon

You can save $100 when you purchase the Fast Track Kit & Aligners package and use the MAGYF coupon code listed above. This option covers everything, including your impression kit and aligners plus one FREE premium whitening kit and one FREE set of retainers. Shipping is also FREE.

Here’s the Breakdown with Current Promos and the $100 off coupon.

ProductNormal PricePromo Price
Impression Kit$99.00$0
Invisible Aligners$1895$1795
Premium Whitening Kit$49$0

Normally, the items in this package tally up to be more than $2100 when you factor in retainer and shipping costs too, but with the current promos and the coupon, you save more than $460!

**This price savings information DOES NOT include interest from the payment plan, which includes 0% APR for 24 months.

About SmileLove

Smilelove strives to ensure that every customer has the opportunity to improve their smile without having to use treatment products that are visible to others. They believe in it so much that they worked hard to achieve that goal. To accomplish it, they developed FDA-approved invisible aligners that provide a crystal clear appearance to maintain and boost your confidence while also solving your problems quickly and properly.

Save Money with Smile Love compared to other teeth aligner companies

While you can save over $3,000 with Smilelove compared to conventional braces and orthodontists, the online clear aligners market generally runs around $2,000-$3,000 in average costs. Smilelove works hard to not only offer competitive pricing but also keep the costs down for you, offering cheap teeth aligners affordable for everyone. 

Currently, they reduced the cost of their impression kit from the typical $99 arena that most companies charge down to just $79. Most aligner packages cost between $2000 and $2200. Their aligner prices are only $1895 right now!

Another item that adds to the cost is usually retainers once you have completed your aligner schedule. They provide them free with your aligner purchase, saving you over $80 to $150. In addition, some companies charge shipping and the amount it costs you depends on the way they handle their products. Some ship aligners monthly and some ship them all at once. Smilelove ships your aligners in one package and they offer FREE shipping on all their products!

Overall, Smilelove can save you as much as $300-$500 compared to other clear aligner companies, but that is based on their current promotions and your coupon of choice!

Get your package before the coupons are over!


If you want more info about Smilelove, you can read our SmileLove reviews by clicking on the link.

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