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Smile Direct Club UK Review

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If you’re looking for a way to straighten your teeth without the need to go through so much hassle, you’ll probably hear a lot about at home orthodontics. There are many clear aligner brands that have made all that possible, but as it is with everything else in life, you ought to find the best thing for you.

But with so many clear aligner brands in the UK, how will you know the best one for you?

Fortunately, you do not have to go through the trouble of spending hours going through (unreliable) online reviews. In this part of our clear aligner reviews series, we comprehensively cover Smile Direct Club UK, going through all its nitty-gritty to enable you to determine if this is the best choice.

What is Smile Direct Club UK?

smile direct club uk aligners

Smile Direct Club is one of the biggest names in the at-home clear aligner treatment. It strives to offer patients a teeth-straightening solution without the need for frequent dental visits. This means that you can straighten your teeth at home without involving the orthodontist.

Having been among the pioneers of this trade back in 2014, the company has rapidly grown to serve millions of customers worldwide. This has made it one of the best teeth aligners in the UK.

Even though it only started in the US, the brand is now spread worldwide, including the UK.

But how exactly does it work?

If you’re still unaware of how the product works, you can go through this Smile Direct Club review. Alternatively, here’s a quick recap.

Smile Direct Club UK Review 1

Well, they are basically like Invisalign, they fit the contours of your teeth and are a lot more discreet than traditional braces. Smile Direct Club aligners also make use of a series of trays that you can fit into your mouth, each tray moving teeth to a different position.

However, the only difference between the two brands is that you do not have to make a single trip to the dentist’s office. Instead, a team of licensed orthodontists will develop your treatment plan remotely and ship aligners that you can administer at home.

It should be noted that although lots of Smile Direct Club UK reviews reveal that the product may be effective, it is primarily a cosmetic treatment. This means the aligners are only used to treat mild to moderate bite issues, spacing, and crowding.

How much does Smile Direct Club cost in the UK?

The beauty of at-home clear aligners is that they are soft on both your mouth and wallet.

So, how much does Smile Direct Club cost?

Most clear aligners range between £1,000 and £2,000. This is much cheaper than brands like Invisalign, whose price ranges from £3,000 upwards.

Smile direct club uk cost

Smile Direct Club UK price is somewhere in the middle of the pack and only costs approximately £1,539. Although you may find slightly cheaper options, their overall ratings prove that they are still worth every penny.

Apart from the single payment of £1,539, you may have to pay an additional £39 for the impression kit. However, you can avoid this cost by getting a free dental scan at a local SmileShop if you live close to one.

Additionally, at the end of your treatment, you’ll need retainers. You can expect to pay £80 for Smile Direct Club UK retainers, which must be replaced every six months. While most Smile Direct Club alternatives include impression kits and retainers in their total cost, Smile Direct Club doesn’t.

Well, at least you won’t be hit with any further “unforeseen” or hidden costs after you’ve started your treatment.

How to make Smile Direct Club UK affordable?

While the initial price of £1,539 isn’t that much compared to most other brands, it is a no-brainer that not everyone has all that money lying around.

Fortunately, the company provides different ways to make Smile Direct Club UK more affordable.

One of the most popular options is to pay using the company’s SmilePay™ option. This is a 24-month payment plan where you pay an initial deposit of £70.10, then £70.09 a month for the next 23 months.

However, you’ll have to undergo a soft credit check to qualify for this. A soft credit check does not have any impact on your credit score. Unfortunately, this means that not everyone would be eligible for the SmilePay option.

Alternatively, if your insurance provider has a plan for orthodontics, you can be reimbursed for your payments for the Smile Direct Club UK aligners. However, the company does not accept any insurance payment methods at the time.

Comparing Smile Direct Club UK with other brands

Here’s a quick Smile Direct Club UK review in comparison with other clear aligner brands in the UK:

BrandCostEffectivenessAvailabilityBiggest advantageNotable challenge
Smile Direct Club UK£1,539Very goodYou can easily order them remotely. There are 20+ Smile Shops across the UK.They are the pioneers of clear at-home aligners. Their technology has improved over time to offer more comfort and effectiveness.Rigid payment plans — there’s a soft credit check before you qualify for their SmilePay payment plan.
Straight Teeth Direct£1,350ModerateOffers remote service but only one physical location (London).Multiple payment plans that don’t require a credit check.Treatment takes much longer compared to competitors.
PlusDentFrom £1,390Moderate22+ physical locations across the UK.Very flexible payment plans for as low as £28 per month.No at-home impression kits are offered.
WonderSmile£1,450GoodInterest-free payment plans. It has night-only optionsDoesn’t include a set of retainers in the pricing.
Straight My Teeth£699ModerateRemote service, get your kits delivered to you. No physical clinicsBest price.No physical clinics.

Why Smile Direct Club can be the best choice for you?

Having been in the game longer than its competitors and with millions of satisfied and happy customers, it would be right to state that this product is the best option for your at-home aligner treatment.

Apart from the numerous positive Smile Direct Club UK reviews, some of the other reasons making it a top choice are:

  • Effectiveness: Smile Direct Club UK is fully effective for all mild to moderate dental flaws like spacing and crowding. There are many SmileDirectClub before and after pictures online that are quite promising.
  • Price: This product is moderately priced compared to other clear aligner brands.
  • Payment options: The company has a flexible payment plan called SmilePay.
  • Availability: You can easily order the kit and complete your treatment online without the need to visit a dental clinic.

Moreover, there are over 20 Smile Shops across the region that you can visit at any time and even have your scans taken there.

Smile Direct Club UK locations

Smile Direct Club UK Review 2

You can easily have your treatment fully remotely. All the kits, including the impression kits and retainers, are shipped to your home.

Alternatively, you can visit the 20+ Smile Shops across the UK for a much more personalized experience. You can go through the company’s website to check if there is a Smile Shop location near you.


How do I contact Smile Direct Club UK?

You can reach out to Smile Direct Club UK customer service on 0800 031 8113. Alternatively, you can chat with them live on their website at any time of the day.


Can you get Smile Direct Club on the NHS?

No. It is quite unlikely to get approval for Smile Direct Club on the NHS.

What are SmileDirectClub clear aligners made of?

Smile Direct Club is made from BPA-free plastic. The company recently launched its Comfort Sense material that features laser-cut precisions for a smoother fit.

Does Smile Direct Club UK accept insurance payment methods?

No. Smile Direct Club UK doesn’t accept insurance payments at the moment. However, if your insurer covers orthodontics, you can get reimbursed by the insurance company for the amount spent on your clear aligners.

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