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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review

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Teeth whitening has become a sought-after cosmetic procedure in a world where a bright smile is often linked to confidence and positivity. However, the traditional route to a whiter smile typically involves time-consuming and expensive visits to the dentist.

Enter Smile Brilliant, a revolutionary product designed to eliminate the lengthy processes of professional teeth whitening, bringing the same results to the comfort of your home.

This article delves into the intricacies of Smile Brilliant, offering an in-depth review that answers the pressing question: Is it truly worth it?

To help you make an informed decision, we will explore:

  • How Smile Brilliant teeth whitening works;
  • Smile Brilliant customer reviews;
  • Cost;
  • Pros and cons.

Understanding Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant stands out in the crowded field of teeth whitening solutions, offering the much-needed convenience you may not get from in-office visits. At its core, Smile Brilliant acknowledges individual needs by providing custom-made trays tailored to each user’s dental impressions. This means the teeth whitening treatment is tailored to each person.

Furthermore, whether you have sensitive teeth or are fortunate enough not to experience discomfort, Smile Brilliant has you covered with options for both sensitivities.

The company’s confidence in its product is evident through its 45-day guarantee period, a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction.

So, how exactly does Smile Brilliant work, and how does it promise to transform your dental care routine?

How Smile Brilliant Works

Smile Brilliant offers a custom teeth whitening solution tailored to each individual’s needs. The key to its effectiveness lies in its whitening gel containing 22% carbamide peroxide. This gel is designed to be used generally for 7-14 applications, with each application lasting 1-3 hours per day.

The whitening process works by the gel soaking into the teeth and gently lifting stains from the pores. Carbamide peroxide acts as an oxidizing agent, penetrating the enamel to break down stain deposits.

It is effective against common stains such as those from coffee, tea, and wine. However, it’s important to note that while yellow stains typically respond well to treatment, brown and other dark stains may not be as responsive. Furthermore, whitening products cannot correct discoloration caused by thinning enamel, which reveals the yellow dentin beneath.

The Process Involved

The journey to a brighter smile with Smile Brilliant is crafted to ensure a personalized experience:

Impression Kit
Impression Kit

After selecting your kit, you will receive an impression kit within 3-4 business days. This kit is the first step in creating your custom-fitted whitening trays.

Creating Impressions
Creating Impressions

You’ll take impressions of your upper and lower teeth, which are essential for the custom fit. The process is quick and easy, requiring you to mix the materials provided and press them onto your teeth to create the mold.

You can follow the instructions provided, or you can check out our in-depth instructions on how to take proper impressions of your teeth.

Sending Impressions Back
Sending Impressions Back

Once your impressions are made, you’ll send them back to Smile Brilliant in the pre-paid mail, where they will be used to create trays that match the contours of your teeth perfectly.

Receiving Your Custom Trays
Receiving Your Custom Trays

Smile Brilliant lab technicians will craft a dental mold from your impressions and create your custom-fitted trays.

These trays ensure that the whitening gel stays in even contact with every angle of every tooth, maximizing the whitening effect. This process takes 3-6 business days to complete.

Begin Whitening
Begin Whitening

With your custom trays and whitening gel in hand, you can start the whitening process. For optimal results, it’s recommended to brush with water only and floss before each application to ensure the gel can effectively penetrate the teeth without obstruction.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Options

Smile Brilliant is a safe teeth whitening solution that provides a range of teeth whitening options to cater to different needs and preferences. Each product is carefully formulated to ensure effective whitening while considering the user’s comfort and dental health.

Smile Brilliant caters to those with regular teeth and those who experience teeth sensitivity. Furthermore, the company has formulated its products to suit various whitening needs, ensuring that everyone gets what they’re looking for.

Here is a quick breakdown of the key teeth whitening options that Smile Brilliant offers:

Nonsensitive Whitening Options

Smile Brilliant offers a comprehensive whitening experience for those without sensitivity issues with their Nonsensitive Kits.

These kits come with a high-strength 22% carbamide peroxide whitening gel, the same strength used in dental offices. The gel is sealed in light-proof foil to maintain its efficacy and comes in 3 mL syringes for easy application.

The non-sensitive options include:

  • T9 NonSensitive System (Heavy Stains): Ideal for individuals with darkly stained teeth, often from regular consumption of coffee or wine. It is also a suitable teeth whitening solution for smokers.
  • T6 NonSensitive System (Average Stains): Suitable for those with moderate staining who may indulge in staining beverages like coffee or wine occasionally.
  • T3 NonSensitive System (Light Stains): Designed for people who have previously whitened their teeth or have minimal staining from infrequent consumption of staining substances.

Sensitive Whitening Options

Recognizing that some patients may experience sensitivity during the whitening process, Smile Brilliant also offers Sensitive Kits. These kits include up to 27 desensitizing applications alongside the whitening gel to minimize discomfort.

The desensitizing gel helps to alleviate sensitivity before and after the whitening process, making it a comfortable experience for those with sensitive teeth.

Each sensitive kit is paired with a desensitizing gel used after the whitening process to rehydrate the teeth and prevent sensitivity.

Smile Brilliant’s commitment to customized oral care is evident in its range of products. Whether you have sensitive teeth or are looking for a powerful whitening solution, there’s an option tailored just for you.

In the short clip below from YouTuber Pucker Up Smile, the reviewer takes us through the process of whitening your teeth using Smile Brilliant. We get to see the correct way of applying the whitening gel and the desensitizing gel into the tray. Moreover, the user also shows us their before and after images, indicating how well the product works.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Cost

The cost of Smile Brilliant teeth whitening depends on your option. There are two different types of products: nonsensitive whitening products for normal teeth and sensitive products for those with sensitive teeth.

Furthermore, the strength of each product determines the total cost. For instance, the option for heavy stains costs more than the solution for light stains.

So, how much exactly does Smile Brilliant cost?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the average price of the products:

T9 NonSensitive System (Heavy Stains)$169 or $43 per month for 4 months27 applications (top and bottom) of whitening gel
T6 NonSensitive System (Average Stains)$15918 applications (top and bottom) of whitening gel.
T3 NonSensitive System (Light Stains)$1499 applications (top and bottom) of whitening gel.
T9 Sensitive System (Heavy Stains)$189 or $48 per month for 4 months27 whitening & desensitizing applications (top & bottom)
T6 Sensitive System (Average Stains)$17918 whitening & desensitizing applications (top & bottom)
T3 Sensitive System (Light Stains)$1599 whitening & desensitizing applications (top & bottom)

Pros and Cons of Smile Brilliant

Here are the key advantages and disadvantages of using this teeth-whitening product:

  • Custom-fitted trays made from dental impressions, ensuring a perfect fit for effective whitening.
  • The whitening gel used is 22% carbamide peroxide, which is a strength comparable to what is used in dental offices.
  • The whitening process can be done at home, saving time and eliminating the need for dentist appointments.
  • For those with sensitive teeth, Smile Brilliant provides a desensitizing gel to minimize discomfort during the whitening process.
  • Some customers have experienced issues with the fit of the custom trays, leading to discomfort or less effective whitening.
  • Smile Brilliant only offers a desensitizing gel for those with teeth sensitivity, instead of creating a less concentrated formula, like what other top brands do.
  • A few customers have mentioned delays in receiving their products, which can be frustrating for those eager to start the whitening process.

Smile Brilliant Customer Reviews

The true measure of a product’s success lies in the satisfaction of its users. As a prominent player in the teeth whitening market, Smile Brilliant has garnered a diverse range of customer feedback.

Here, we provide a comprehensive summary of what customers are saying about their experiences with Smile Brilliant.

Positive Smile Brilliant Reviews

Many customers have expressed high satisfaction with Smile Brilliant’s products and customer service. Users have praised the effectiveness of the whitening kits, noting significant improvements in the brightness of their teeth.

Notably, the T6 Sensitive System and the T6 Non-Sensitive System have received accolades for their ability to deliver professional-level whitening results at home.

Customers have also highlighted the convenience of the custom-fitted trays, which ensure even gel application and comfort during the whitening process. The prompt and courteous customer service has been a recurring theme in positive reviews, with customers appreciating the responsive support and the company’s willingness to go above and beyond to resolve any issues.

Screenshot of a Smile Brilliant review: Infallible 7 reviews US Rated 4 out of 5 stars Feb 16, 2022 Shipping speed 😬 The first thing I would like to point out is their shipping is awful. Took over a month to receive my custom-made impressions. So from day I ordered to finally receiving my impressions, that time was over a month so the shipping speed is a depressing. So why is this 4 stars, lets see the whitening kit does work, removed a few shades of teeth stains (im 22 with average stained teeth) You will not get pearly whites thats the truth. Another reason why is because they messed up my order (sent me 9 whitening syringes instead of 9 desensitizing syringes), BUT they told keep the whitening syringes and sent me the desensitizing gel I originally ordered for free. Date of experience: February 16, 2022

This user noted that while the company’s shipping is not great, the whitening kit seems to be working well for them. However, the user also notes how the company did not get their order right, but made it up to them eventually.

Screenshot of a real Smile Brilliant review: Robert 10 reviews GB Rated 5 out of 5 stars Aug 17, 2018 OMG Amazing Ordered the full kit, including desensitisation gel after reading and watching plenty of reviews. It worked out a lot cheaper than going to the dentist. The kit came from USA and took about 2 weeks which is fine, customs was cheap as well. The kit includes putty which you use to take an impression of your teeth for the trays (exactly the same as in the dentist.) making the impressions seemed easy enough, you get 3 pots of putty, one top, one bottom and one spare incase you mess up. I ended up using all 3 as the first didnt quite go to plan, i highly suggest you practice the first one so you know where to place and bite down. You then send the impressions back to america (postage included) and they make the trays and post back to you. Another 2 weeks. The trays fit perfectly. Now for the whitening. You need to leave the gel on for a min of 30mins to 3hrs. I did 3 hours. It was quite weird having they trays in your mouth but you get usest to it. You cant feel the gel at all. Then comes the desensitisation gel which you leave on overnight. I highly recommend getting desensitisation gel, as iyour teeth can get very sensitive, although mine went few days after use. The Result. OMG, its amazing, my teeth are sooo much whiter, not quite pearl white but as iv learnt, its not possible for everyone and depends on your own teeth. But compared to before, i love it. It is an ongoing thing, teeth will restain over time, one year later, im ordering some more gel to top up. Date of experience: August 17, 2018

Robert is a generally happy customer. He has noted changes in his teeth, such as his teeth becoming whiter. He also indicates that the process was smooth for him and recommends that others use Smile Brilliant.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review 1

This following user seems generally impressed with the outcome of their teeth whitening experience, and in their words, they will never use a different brand of teeth whitening products.

Critical Smile Brilliant Reviews

However, not all reviews have been glowing. Some customers have reported dissatisfaction, primarily due to issues with the fit of the custom trays. A few have mentioned that the trays were too tight and, when requesting assistance, felt that the resolution process was not as customer-friendly as expected.

There have been instances where customers faced challenges with the delivery of the product, citing delays and lack of communication from the company’s side. In some cases, customers felt that their concerns were not adequately addressed, leading to frustration and feeling undervalued.

Screenshot of a negative smile brilliant review: TheBounder 5 reviews GB Rated 1 out of 5 stars Dec 4, 2021 Believe The Bad Reviews. Sent back my mold impressions and then complete silence - have emailed, tweeted, DM'd, raised support requests, called and left messages - all to no avail. I've basically paid $159 for absolutely nothing. Date of experience: December 04, 2021

This user complains that the company is not responding to their concerns after sending back their impressions. Going through the many other reviews, this seems to be a popular complaint from the majority of users.

Smile Brilliant negative review: Sarah 5 reviews US Rated 1 out of 5 stars Jun 2, 2021 Poor Quality Product, Worse Customer Service Really disappointing. Product took over 2 months to deliver and was clearly a poor quality product. They did not honor the 45-day guarantee advertised on their website. Terrible product and worse customer service. Date of experience: June 02, 2021

Sarah highlights her disappointment with the quality of the product and the fact that the company is not honoring their guarantee period.

StrangeAsAngels 24 reviews US Rated 1 out of 5 stars Jul 2, 2022 Stay away I wish I had done my research before ordering a teeth whitening kit. I sent back the impressions of my teeth within a week of receiving and it has been over 3 weeks and I still do not have my teeth whitening kit. You know, the thing I actually bought from them. I have contacted them twice and the last time told them I wanted a refund if my item did not ship this week. I got a response which was basically a lie that they were sending it Thursday. It is Saturday now and nothing has shipped and they are closed thru Monday due to 4th of July. Meanwhile they keep spamming my mailbox trying to get me to apend more money. I have asked them twice to stop emailing me unless it is related to my order to which they refuse to respond to. Do not buy from them. Not an honest company and once they get your money, they will spam you and ghost you. Date of experience: July 02, 2022

Just like the other users, this particular reviewer was disappointed in the company’s customer service and delays in shipping the whitening kit.

Overall Sentiment

The overall sentiment from online reviews presents a mixed picture. While a significant portion of users have had positive experiences with Smile Brilliant, the company also faces challenges in ensuring consistent product quality and customer service.

It’s clear that Smile Brilliant has many satisfied customers who would recommend their products. Still, there is room for improvement in addressing the concerns of those who had less than satisfactory experiences.

Bonus: If considering other proven whitening methods, you can try Snow teeth whitening, which ranks top on our list of the best at-home teeth whitening products.

Looking at some of the images posted by Smile Brilliant on how the product works, it is evident that the majority of users have found the whitening solution working for them. This means that, indeed, Smile Brilliant may be worth trying out.

Here are some of the images of Smile Brilliant users:


Smile Brilliant has made a notable impact on many of its customers’ smiles, with a majority reporting positive outcomes, its formula is completely safe and made with effective active components and the process to get the whitening kit, as well as the method of use, are both quick and straightforward. However, prospective buyers should consider the full spectrum of reviews to set realistic expectations and make an informed decision.


Who can use the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening systems?

Smile Brilliant’s whitening systems are designed for individuals looking for a professional-grade whitening solution at home. They are suitable for adults who want to remove common dental stains and brighten their smile.

What is the shelf life of teeth whitening gel and desensitizing gel?

The shelf life of both the teeth whitening gel and the desensitizing gel is typically around one year. It’s recommended to store them in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator to extend their shelf life.

How does Smile Brilliant compare to teeth whitening offered by my dentist?

Smile Brilliant offers a similar level of whitening efficacy as professional treatments provided by dentists. The main difference is the convenience and cost-effectiveness of being able to perform the treatment at home.

How many applications are in one syringe (whitening or desensitizing)?

Each syringe contains enough gel for approximately 3-4 applications, depending on the amount used per application.

Can I purchase just the whitening gel or desensitizing gel without the custom-fitted trays?

Yes, Smile Brilliant offers the option to purchase additional whitening or desensitizing gel separately once you already have the custom-fitted trays.

Are Smile Brilliant products cruelty-free or vegan?

Smile Brilliant is committed to ethical practices, and its products are cruelty-free. For specific vegan product information, it’s best to check the ingredients list or contact their customer service.

How long should I whiten my teeth?

The recommended whitening duration varies based on individual needs and sensitivity levels. Generally, it’s advised to start with shorter sessions and gradually increase as tolerated, not exceeding 3 hours per session.


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