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Smile 2 Impress Review UK: The new generation of aligners

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Ever since the invention of clear braces, many companies have come up with their own versions of the product. This trend recorded an abrupt rise due to the increasing popularity amongst users and orthodontists alike.

But why are they this popular?

Invisible braces are, well, invisible. This means that they are virtually not visible to other people, and they may not even notice that you are under orthodontic treatment. Moreover, these devices offer their users convenience as they can be removed at any time as long as you stick to the instructions given by your dentist.

With many options available in the market, it might be a daunting experience for a first-timer to choose their ideal clear braces. This post reviews one of the latest entrants into the market that claims to have taken the industry to the next level. But, is this the case? Let’s find out more on our Smile 2 Impress UK review.

What is Smile 2 Impress?

Smile 2 Impress is an orthodontics company based in the United Kingdom (UK). The company claims to have used all its investment and expertise to create state-of-the-art clear aligners using the latest technology. This ensures that they assist their clients in achieving their aesthetic desires.

what is smile 2 impress

Smile 2 Impress doesn’t use intermediaries, third parties, or other partners throughout their treatment journey to reduce overall cost and boost legitimacy. This means that they directly handle all your concerns from when you book your appointment or consultation to the end of your treatment.

The company also has numerous clinics for direct supervision all over the UK. Moreover, Smile 2 Impress has also gone global in over seven other countries.

How does Smile 2 Impress UK work?

Just like other best teeth aligners in the UK, getting started with Smile 2 Impress is pretty simple. Here’s how to go about getting your perfect smile with Smile 2 Impress UK:

smile 2 impress process to get aligners
gettin smile 2 impress aligners

Advantages of choosing Smile 2 Impress for your treatment

Smile 2 Impress was started and is run by experienced orthodontists with over 15 years of experience. Their only focus is on the clear braces, which has made them invest all their resources towards getting their hands on the latest and most effective technology.

Why should you choose Smile 2 Impress?

Pros and cons of Smile 2 Impress UK



The average cost of Smile 2 Impress aligners

The total cost of Smile 2 Impress aligners depends on your condition. The company has categorized treatable dental flaws into two: Impress aligners to treat slight overbite, mild rotations, and mild spacing. Impress plus aligners also treat moderate rotations, moderate spacing, and other complex cases. The latter costs are a little more than the former.

Impress alignersImpress Plus aligners
Treatable conditionsSlight overbite, mild rotations and mild spacingModerate rotations, moderate spacing and other complex cases
DurationSix months7 - 14 months
Monthly payment£52 for 60 payments£69 for 60 payments
One-off payment£2,490£3,290

In comparison with the average Invisalign cost UK, Smile 2 Impress is more affordable.

Difference between Smile 2 Impress aligners and traditional braces

Here are the most significant differences between Smile 2 Impress aligners and traditional braces:

Smile 2 ImpressTraditional braces
AppearanceVirtually invisible, clearMetals are visible in your mouth
DietSince you remove your aligners before eating, you’ll not have to change your diet.A change of diet is necessary during treatment.
HygieneYou will be able to maintain your oral health regimen as you would when not under treatment.You won’t be able to attain 100% oral hygiene with traditional braces.
ComfortThere will be slight discomfort as your teeth start moving but minimum irritation.You may experience discomfort and irritation on your teeth, gums, and inner cheeks.
EffectivenessSmile 2 Impress only treats mild to moderate dental flaws.Braces are effective for all types of malocclusions and flaws.

Smile 2 Impress UK customer reviews

Having been on the market for a shorter period, you would expect few reviews, but there are a lot online as it appears. There are already over 1,800 reviews on popular sites like TrustPilot. While there are a few negative reviews (at about 6%), the rest of the users were visibly satisfied to some extent.


Most frequent questions and answers

There are 4 locations in the UK where you can get Smile 2 Impress clinics. They include Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and London. You can also find locations in 7 other countries.

NHS orthodontic care isn’t usually available to adults. However, depending on your insurance coverage, you may be eligible to get the aligners through insurance.

You get the clear aligners, whitening foam, a cheek retractor, and ‘chewies’ which are plastic cylinders to help patients adapt to their aligners much more easily.

Smile 2 Impress is moderately priced with flexible monthly payment plans or a one-off payment. However, you may still get other equally effective clear aligner brands that are more affordable with better payment plans.

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