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SleepObrace Reviews: Does It Really Align Teeth?

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If you are searching for Sleepobrace reviews, it probably means you are in the market for new sets of at-home aligners.

Sleepobrace markets itself as one of the most affordable at-home aligners, and at $33.97, it definitely takes a medal for being one of the cheapest teeth aligners.

However, your orthodontic treatment is more than just the cost — what value will you be getting out of it? Most importantly, is the approach safe?

This post takes you through all you need to know about Sleepobrace, helping you to determine if it is right for you by highlighting the following:

  • What Sleepobrace is and how it works;
  • Genuine customer reviews of the product;
  • Honest feedback about Sleepobrace;
  • How Sleepobrace compares to other top aligner brands.

What Is Sleepobrace?

Sleepobrace is an orthodontic brace that provides comprehensive solutions to resolve bite, misaligned teeth, and jaw issues, all in one place.

According to the company, the product treats the causes of crooked teeth, TMJ, and other dental issues through a unique, universal approach.

Generally, orthodontic treatments help to restore one’s aesthetics and oral functionality. The manufacturers of Sleepobrace claim to do all that and even go ahead to improve one’s jaw and overall facial structure through the product.

Sleepobrace is allegedly helpful in the treatment of various oral and related conditions, such as:

Close up photo of three Sleepobrace aligners cases, one of them open in which inside it's sleepobrace tray

How Does Sleepobrace Work?

According to the company, Sleepobrace creates intense, evenly spread pressure across the jaw. Doing so results in a defined jawline, aligned teeth, close gaps between teeth, and better facial aesthetics.

Moreover, Sleepobrace orthodontics are worn at night — hence where it gets its name, as you only wear it when you sleep. This means it does not interfere with your daily activities, and you are able to treat your bite or jaw discreetly, as not many people will even realize that you are on orthodontic treatment.

Furthermore, Sleepobrace, through the company’s “Tongue Plate,” helps wearers get used to holding their tongues at the roof of the mouth. This activity has various benefits, including training to improve facial structure.

Unfortunately, that’s all we could find out about Sleepobrace. There is little information about this brand, as much of the information available online is from their sources, and no reviews are done by reputable third-party sites or organizations.

However, we dug deeper into this product to help you determine if it is worth trying.

Methodology for Gathering Customer Reviews

The methodology for gathering customer reviews of Sleepobraces involved multiple steps and channels to capture user feedback. However, it is essential to note that the availability of customer reviews for Sleepobraces online is limited and raises some concerns.

Despite efforts to collect customer reviews through online platforms and direct feedback channels, there is a noticeable absence of reviews on third-party sites such as Trustpilot or ConsumerAffairs. This lack of external reviews raises suspicions and warrants further investigation into the authenticity and transparency of Sleepobraces’ customer feedback.

While Sleepobraces may have employed internal feedback mechanisms, the scarcity of publicly available reviews leaves room for uncertainty regarding the overall customer experience and product satisfaction.

In conclusion, the current state of Sleepobraces’ online customer reviews is concerning due to the absence of feedback on trusted third-party platforms. Further evaluation and transparency regarding customer experiences are necessary to establish a comprehensive understanding of the quality and effectiveness of Sleepobraces’ products and services.

Effectiveness of Sleepobrace Aligners

The brand claims that SleepObrace can treat a wide range of dental problems like dental crowding, snoring and teeth grinding, and improper breathing; however, this is hard to believe as each of these medical issues have different causes, and it should be treated by a certified doctor or dentist.

Besides, the product is not FDA-approved, and you can’t find any medical evidence attached to the brand’s site; the only evidence that could prove the product’s effectiveness is the reviews found online, but, as we have mentioned before, these seem fake.

Regarding the team that created the product (this information is crucial to understand the effectiveness and risks involved in a health-related product), there’s no visible face nor information about the team; rather than they “are dedicated to improving your dental and overall health”; there’s even no information about where the product is made. This information is concerning as it means that no dental specialist is or has been involved in the creation of this product.

Customer Experience and Comfort

If we check Sleepobrace customer reviews, we will see that the vast majority of customers say that the product is great. They highlight that it is easy to use, that they are able to see the results very soon, and that it’s worth it.

However, some reviews from Loox highlight that the tray causes some pain and discomfort, especially during the first days when you wake up like the following review:

Sleepobrace reviews: Vu, L gives 5 stars to the product and says te following: "I was introduced to buy SleepObrace by a friend of mine. My teeth were a bit in pain every morning for the first few days only. Now everything is fine. SleepObrace works good for me. My wife Brucette tells me that I already stop snoring and she can sleep well every night."

As we have mentioned, a lot of reviews highlight how quickly they were able to see the effectiveness of the aligners and that the product is a hundred percent worth it to fix not only alignment issues but also help patients with snoring and teeth grinding issues, like Esmine L. stated in the following review.

Sleepobrace reviews: Esmine L. gives 5 stars to the product and says te following: "I'm seeing great results after only two weeks of wearing the D1 brace! My teeth are looking much straighter and the overbite is less than before. Also, I no longer snore and grind my teeth. It's simply amazing! I can't wait to see the final results!"

The other repeated concern is that the tray is not very comfortable. As Laura R. states, it’s not easy to sleep with it; other customers say it feels weird or challenging to breathe with the tray on.

Sleepobrace reviews: Laura R. gives 4 stars to the product and says te following: "I've had this for like a month. It's not easy to sleep with (imo) but you can tell it's doing something and it's great I'm learning proper tongue posture. I still don't feel like my teeth have shifted much, but my teeth are mostly straight... I'm hoping to see more movement. I think I feel like my teeth are easier to floss so maybe my mouth is expanding."

It must be noted that even though the reviews are positive, they might be fake, as mentioned in this article.

Potential Drawbacks or Limitations

Sleepobrace aligners offer convenience, but it’s essential to consider their limitations. This section highlights potential risks to ensure informed decisions are made regarding orthodontic treatment.

  1. Reliance on Patient Self-Assessment: SleepObrace relies on patients self-assessing the fit and progress of their aligners. This self-monitoring approach may pose challenges for individuals who require professional guidance and oversight throughout their orthodontic treatment.
  2. Several complications related to the treatment: there are a lot of potential risks involved in the use of teeth aligners, that why a health specialist must track your progress. Some of the most concerning ones are gum recession, inflammation, periodontitis, and gingivitis. All these dental problems can cause severe health issues and even permanent damage if not treated by a dentist.
  3. It has a lot of contraindications: Based on a statement on the Sleepobrace site, the treatment is not recommended if you suffer from a wide range of issues like obstructive sleep apnea, asthma, nasal breathing difficulties, heart conditions, nasal congestion, and risk of vomiting. It is concerning that a product that claims to help you with “improper breathing” can also be dangerous if you use it and have other breathing issues, like nasal breathing difficulties.
  4. It can cause many dental problems related to teeth movement: As it is not a customized treatment and either monitored by a dental professional, many dental health issues can appear, like tooth decay.

Comparisons to Other Teeth Alignment Options

There are many other good Sleepobrace alternatives that you can look into that may offer better treatment for your orthodontic needs. Here’s how this brand compares with other top brands like Byte, NewSmile, and 2USmiles.

SleepobraceNighttime alignersNoneNone3.1
ByteDaytime & Nighttime alignersClose monitoringImpressions done for customization4.2
NewSmileDaytime & Nighttime alignersClose monitoringImpressions done for customization4.6
2USmilesDaytime & Nighttime alignersClose monitoringImpressions done for customization4.3

If you seek a more hybrid clear aligner solution, where you get to visit the dentist for impressions and fitting, you can try out other brands in which dental visits are mandatory. We recommend checking Invisalign reviews and Reveal Clear Aligners reviews to get more insights about them.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Orthodontic treatment is not something to compromise with. Doing it incorrectly may bring irreparable damages, further affecting your health and costing you many medical bills.

Sleepobrace may be a new company; however, there are even newer brands that stand out for their customer service and product effectiveness.

In our opinion, you’d instead go for a product that has proven capable of assisting you in meeting your orthodontic needs while abiding by all the safety protocols set by the relevant authorities.


How effective is Sleepobrace?

Sleepobrace has not been conclusively proven to be effective in resolving orthodontic issues.

Is Sleepobrace safe to use?

Sleepobrace is unsafe to use as it does not abide by regulations from relevant authorities like the American Association of Orthodontics.

Is Sleepobrace suitable for adults and teenagers?

According to the company, Sleepobrace is suitable for all adults and teenagers above 15 years.

Are Sleepobrace aligners noticeable when worn?

Sleepobrace is a clear aligner brand that is worn when you go to sleep. This makes them virtually invisible, and people may not notice that you are on orthodontic treatment.


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