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Sleepobrace Before and After Results: What Customers Say About It

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If you are searching for Sleepobrace before and after images, it probably means you are in the market for new sets of at-home aligners.

Sleepobrace is one of the latest entrants into the clear aligner scene. But are they effective? What do real customers say about this product?

This post takes you through all you need to know about Sleepobrace, helping you to determine if it is right for you by highlighting:

  • Real customer reviews of the product;
  • Honest feedback about Sleepobrace;

Is the Sleepobrace Teeth Aligner a Wise Financial Investment?

Sleepobrace offers some of the best rates for an orthodontic device, with prices starting from $33.97.

However, although the price is a major contributing factor when choosing a suitable aligner, there are other equally crucial factors to consider.

According to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), there are many risks involved when getting at-home orthodontic appliances. This is why you should be careful when choosing a suitable at-home product for your orthodontic needs.

The organization cautions users to conduct a thorough assessment of the company providing the treatment before settling on them. Some of the major issues to look into are:

  • The diagnosis process;
  • How the treatment is done;
  • The mode of treatment.

The American Association of Orthodontics gives out two major guidelines to follow when choosing a reputable at-home aligner brand:

  1. There must be a specialist overseeing your treatment from the beginning. Most of the worst teeth aligner brands don’t have a professional overseeing this treatment, including clearing you as a candidate for clear aligner treatment.
  2. There shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, Sleepobrace offers a ‘universal’ treatment in their aligners. This is how other low-rated aligner brands like Looshie operate. Here’s our Looshie Smile review for further reading.

Sleepobrace Before and After Customer Reviews

Before purchasing dental products, it is always important to consider what other customers say about them. This way, you can look for those who have had similar issues and whose experience can help you determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment.

There are over 900 customer reviews on the company’s website, getting an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

Most of the users seem happy with their treatment and posted images to showcase their satisfaction. However, are these reviews really genuine? Most of the images we could find online are for ‘happy’ customers showcasing only their ‘after’ results. Without their ‘before’ images, it is not easy to tell whether the product is effective or not.

However, we could find some Sleepobrace before and after satisfied customer reviews, and here’s our take on them:

Two photos of Sleepobrace Before and After. They are close ups of a person's teeth

This is a Sleepobrace before and after image of a seemingly satisfied customer. According to them, they have been using the product for only 2 months are can already see the changes.

From the first photo, they seem to have an overbite which seems to be getting better thanks to their use of Sleepobrace. From the time the review was published, they had not completed their treatment.

Our Concern

From our point of view, while the company showcases this as a positive review, we are unable to deduce whether the aligners actually worked or not.

Notice the change in the camera angle? From the first angle, the overbite is clearly seen, but the second image has been taken from an angle that we cannot clearly see the progress.

Two photos of Sleepobrace Before and After. They are close ups of a person's teeth that has teeth gap, however you can see ANY difference between the before and the after.

This next user supposedly had issues with gaps in their bite. According to them, they used the product for some time, and they seem to have found good results. From the time the review was published, they had not completed their treatment.

Our Concern

Perhaps there was a camera or a lighting issue on these images as well. Just like the previous ones, the ‘after’ image appears way brighter, but the reviewer didn’t state whether they were using the product for whitening, but rather for closing the gaps.

Moreover, are those people from the two images the same person? Don’t they look different? Look at the facial features and the size of the teeth. Does this product magically reduce the size of someone’s teeth?

Sleepobrace Before and After Results: What Customers Say About It 1

In this review, this user seems to have had severe misalignment issues, which were corrected in less than 2 months! That must have been quite an incredible transformation.

Our Concern

There are numerous concerns with this transformation. For starters, this review was posted in third-person, and we can probably assume it is a parent-and-child situation.

This is a case of severe misalignment, which isn’t usually resolved using clear aligners, and in this case, the parents should have consulted an orthodontist instead of using aligners.

Furthermore, brands like Reveal Clear Aligners have information on their website that guides patients on the cases that can be handled by their aligners, but Sleepobrace doesn’t give out such information, as according to them, all and sundry are ideal candidates, as long as you are above 15 years.

Moreover, according to the American Dental Association, braces, which handle such severe cases, take at least 1-2 years to show results, depending on the condition. This case took only less than two months and only on aligners. Does this sound right?

Fake Negative Reviews?

There were too many Sleepobrace before and after images that had lots of praise and satisfaction from alleged customers (alleged because we couldn’t find any images outside of the company’s website or its affiliates).

However, we came across a few images of users that gave the product low ratings. But on looking further, we felt like this was a way to balance the reviews, and while they are negative reviews, the company had rather convincing responses.

A photo of Sleep Obrace before and after: a closeup of a woman's teeth that are crooked and have teeth gap on both top and bottom teeth.

This user claimed to have gaps that didn’t even change after using the product. However, the company responded by claiming that the user only had the product for around 11 days and should give it time to work.

Perhaps this was a way of passing the message that their product works and that consumers should ‘give it time.’

Sleepobrace Before and After Results: What Customers Say About It 3

This user also rated the product low claiming that their upper gum had risen as a result of using the treatment. They further stated that they felt pain when putting on or removing the product.

However, the company responded by claiming that the user had an enlarged upper frenulum, further advising that people with conditions should first seek surgery before using dental appliances.

Is Sleepobrace Trustworthy?

From our honest review, Sleepobrace doesn’t seem like a trustworthy company. Based on the review system alone, here are part of our reasons: 

1- There are over 900 reviews on the company’s website but less than 50 reviews from any other online platform. 

Is the company overstating the number of their patients to give a good image? Why are there very few reviews on platforms not directly managed by the company? 

There were few reviews on platforms like TrustPilot, where the brand has an average star rating of 3.1. This is technically an average rating, but for dental products that can have a significant (or even irreversible) change to your dental structure, it is pretty low. 

Besides, most reviews rated 1 out of 5 stars (42%) against 5-star ratings, which stood at 32%. This is clearly not a good indication for someone looking for the best teeth aligners. 

Most negative reviews highlighted the company’s poor customer service and prolonged shipping periods, similar to SmileLove, which you can learn more about in our SmileLove review

2- Most clear aligner brands post their before and after images to show social proof of how exactly their product assists different patients with varied concerns. 

However, it is not easy to find Sleepobrace before and after images all over social media or any other website (including the company’s) at the time of publishing this review.

3- The company doesn’t support third-party review systems initiated by themselves. For instance, when you look at a brand like Byte’s Facebook account, you can clearly see their reviews and overall rating. 

Since you do not have the freedom to delete or edit customer reviews on your page, this is seemingly another platform to get genuine customer reviews. The same case applies to Google reviews. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t true for Sleepobrace, as they have not activated this feature. If you simply want to try them out, you can do so, but ensure that you first consult your dentist to ensure that you do not face any significant damage to your oral health. 

Alternatively, you may check out some of these best teeth aligner brands instead. 

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