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Secret Veneers Reviews: All you need to know

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No matter how much oral hygiene you practice, how well you take care of your teeth, and how you follow your dentist’s instructions, we may never achieve 100% of our dental goals. This is because accidents happen, or we may not completely achieve our oral hygiene goals. That’s why even the most careful can get chipped, cracked, missing, or stained teeth.

But, what will you do if you need to look nice but cannot secure a dental appointment within a short period? What if you don’t want to go through lengthy, often uncomfortable (or painful) procedures to restore your preferred aesthetics?

The best and often most convenient solution is to get snap-on veneers. Here’s a complete Secret Veneers review to help you get started.

What are Secret Veneers?

what are secret veneers

When reviewing some of the best snap-on veneers, you may most likely come across Secret veneers. But what exactly are these? Are they worth the hype?

Secret Veneers are a type of snap-on (also known as clip-on) veneers made in the UK. Clip-on veneers are more like the porcelain veneers you get from a dentist, only that you do not have to book an appointment with your dentist when getting them.

What’s more, snap-on veneers like Secret Veneers are less invasive, and you’ll not experience any pain or discomfort when getting them.

According to the company, Secret Veneers offer some of the thinnest veneers you can possibly find in the market. While most veneers marketed as the thinnest have a 0.3 mm – 0.5 mm size, Secret Veneers are made on 0.1 mm- 0.2 mm materials. This outrightly makes them the thinnest veneers in the market.

Why Choose Secret Veneers?

At 0.1 mm – 0.2 mm of material used, Secret Veneers come out as some of the thinnest snap-on veneers on the market. This is a helpful feature, and for many reasons:

Secret Veneers indeed step up to become more secretive than other veneer brands. As some of the best clear aligners in the market, it might not be easy for someone else to notice that you’re wearing the veneers.

Besides their feel and appearance, Secret Veneers also gives its customers a reason to choose them. Some of the other reasons to choose these clip-on veneers include:

Snap-on veneers are also less costly than many other cosmetic dentistry solutions. Crowns, for instance, are often quite expensive. When comparing the crowns vs veneers cost, you’ll notice that veneers, in general, are a lot less pricey. Secret Veneers offer the benefit of getting their aesthetics improved at a low price.

Secret Veneers Pros and Cons

Secret Veneers are more like most other top snap-on veneers. Even though they help you cover up most dental flaws, they are not to be used as treatment.

For instance, if you have chipped, cracked, or missing teeth, you probably need a dentist to replace them with crowns or implants. Those with misaligned teeth will best benefit from orthodontic treatment (braces or clear aligners) that they can get from their dentists or product manufacturers directly.

Furthermore, patients with stained teeth will benefit more from professional teeth whitening.

Snap-on veneers, like Secret Veneers, do not attempt to deal with the underlying issues but rather only cover them up for aesthetic reasons. This is perhaps the biggest drawback with Secret Veneers and other snap-on veneers.

Once you understand what clip-on veneers can and can’t do, you can easily tell apart the best brands. Here are the pros and cons of Secret Veneers to help you make a more informed decision:

  • They have a fast turn-around time for their veneers.
  • There are different tooth colors and shades to choose from, easily matching your natural teeth.
  • Secret Veneers are some of the thinnest on the market at 0.1 mm - 0.2 mm.
  • Non-staining material makes it easy to eat and drink while having them on.
  • Made from durable material.
  • 30-day warranty as standard.
  • Secret Veneers, like most other snap-on veneer brands, are only used for aesthetic purposes and do not treat any underlying dental issues.
  • These veneers make your teeth appear slightly bigger.
  • Each arch is a single piece of plastic. Because of this, there are no natural gaps between teeth, making them seem less real.

What Do Secret Veneers Cover?

Secret Veneers work like most top snap-on veneer brands and are limited to what they can realistically achieve. The primary purpose of clip-on veneers is basically to cover up any dental flaws or imperfections and not necessarily offer any treatment solutions. It is always prudent to note the limitations of any solution to avoid having any disappointments.

So, what exactly does Secret Veneers cover?

Here are some of the dental flaws that Secret Veneers can help you cover:

How Much Do Secret Veneers Cost?

Secret Veneers are made and sold from the UK, so you will expect its pricing to be in Pounds. While the company makes super thin snap-on veneers (Premium Micro Thin sets) that are 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm in thickness, they also have other options.

The Premium Micro thin options are often more costly. Those seeking a less expensive option can opt for the standard veneers. The only drawback is that the standard veneers are slightly thicker at about 0.4 mm.

Express veneers are also more costly. These types of Secret Veneers are made and delivered within 4 days. The standard waiting time for other veneers is about 2 weeks (14 days).

Just like when you want to buy aligners for top teeth only, you also get to choose if you only want one set of Secret Veneers, either for the upper or lower arch.

Here’s a summary table that shows an in-depth analysis of Secret Veneers’ costs:

Veneer TypeThicknessArch coveredCost
Standard0.4 mmFull set£399+
Express Standard0.4 mmUpper OR lower arch£499
Premium Micro Thin single0.1 mm - 0.2 mmUpper OR lower arch£449+
Premium Micro Thin set0.1 mm - 0.2 mmFull set£549+

Be sure to watch out for any Secret Veneers promo codes that can help you take the total cost even lower.

Secret Veneers before and after images are the easiest to find. The company has built quite a massive following on its social media pages, especially on the Instagram account with over 130,000 followers.

Secret Veneers posts their customers’ before and after images on their social media pages for all and sundry to see, meaning they really believe in the efficacy of their product.

Here are a few Secret Veneers before and after images to help you make a more informed decision:

How Do You Order Secret Veneers?

Getting started with Secret Veneers is pretty simple and convenient, as you do not have to leave your home. Once you make an order online, the company sends you an impression kit which includes dental putty. You will also get in-depth instructions to help you make the impressions, which you’ll send back to the company once done.

Depending on the order you made (express 3-day veneers or standards that take approximately 14 days), you’ll receive the veneers shipped to an address of your choosing.

Secret Veneers Customers' Reviews

Being one of the top snap-on veneer brands in the UK and beyond, Secret Veneers has served quite a huge number of patients. According to the company, they service almost everyone with any background, including singers and celebrities. This shows just how their products will not affect one’s speech or appearance in a negative manner.

You can find various images of previous patients that used the product on the company’s social media pages, such as Instagram.

When scouting for Secret Veneers reviews on the internet, you’ll realize that the brand receives a somewhat ‘mixed’ reaction from its users. While a good chunk of users, especially from review platforms like TrustPilot, believe the product actually met their expectations, there are still a number of them that show dissatisfaction with the product.

Secret Veneers Reviews: All you need to know 1

A closer look into the negative reviews mostly points out two key things: quality of materials and customer service.

Some users complained of the materials used — comparing them to the fake teeth you can easily buy from the stores. Other customers, especially those out of the UK, complained of the company’s lack of clarity in communication.

For instance, the company’s website states that they offer free shipping. However, some customers complained that they were asked to pay separately for the shipping costs — perhaps the company could be more clear with their messaging. This was more evident with Secret Veneers USA clientele.

Still on communication, most customers revealed their struggles trying to reach out to the company’s customer service. With no given phone number, it can be a little more difficult to reach out to Secret Veneers, especially in emergency or urgent cases.

Here are a few Secret Veneers customer reviews sampled from different platforms for your consideration:

Instasmile vs Secret Veneers

Both Instasmile and Secret Veneers claim to be the leading snap-on veneer brands in the UK. But which of the two works best for you?

We have placed these two products head to head based on a few categories to help you understand each better and make an informed decision.


Both products offer their customers the convenience of getting their snap-on veneers made without leaving their homes. For both, the process of getting the veneers is almost the same:

However, Instasmile has a more involved process that works to reduce any discrepancies regarding whether a person is the ideal candidate or will truly appreciate their veneers or not.

So, how does Instasmile work?

For starters, Instasmile asks their potential customers to take a quick ‘smile assessment test,’ found on their website. This test allows the company to determine if you are the ideal candidate and also allows them to recommend a plan for you. This is a huge advantage over Secret Veneers, which only relies on your impressions for them to determine if you are a good fit for their products (this process can take a long time).

To minimize delays and ensure that you only receive the ideal veneers for you, Instasmile insists that you send them images of your impressions before shipping them back to the company. The technicians will review the images of the impressions and will request you to take the impressions differently if need be. Only after they have been approved will you be allowed to send back the impressions.

On the convenience and the entire processing for getting your clip-on veneers, Instasmile takes the win.


Instasmile costs £400 for top and bottom veneers. The price range is pretty much like Secret Veneers.

However, Instasmile has an added advantage over Secret Veneers as it provides different payment plans. This means that one does not have to pay up the full amount upfront. However, you can watch out for Secret Veneers coupon to help you pay a lower cost for your veneers.


Secret Veneers have some of the thinnest snap-on veneers, making them more comfortable to wear. Their 0.1 mm – 0.22 mm veneers sit well on the teeth better than the 0.3 mm+ sizes in the Instasmile veneers.

You can also check removable veneers USA reviews when looking for Secret Veneers alternatives.

Secret Veneers vs Lumineers

Lumineers are a brand of ‘no-prep’ veneers that don’t require any preparation of the tooth or drilling down of the enamel when being added. The major difference between the Lumineers and Secret Veneers is that you’ll need to visit a licensed dentist who’ll, in turn, administer the treatment.

Moreover, Secret Veneers are snap-on veneers — meaning you can take them out whenever you want — while you’ll need the dentist’s assistance when removing the Lumineers. There’s also a slight risk of damaging your teeth when removing Lumineers, something that you can’t have a problem with when wearing Secret Veneers.

Check out Lumineers teeth review for an in-depth overview of Lumineers.

Secret Veneers vs Lumineers


How long do Secret Veneers last?

The company claims that its veneers can last for more than 3 years. According to them, it all depends on how well you take care of your veneers.

Is Secret Veneers safe?

Secret Veneers are made out of human-grade plastic materials, which are safe for use. Moreover, the product isn’t made to have any adverse effects on the gums or teeth of its users.

Does Secret Veneers look fake?

Although you can never replace natural teeth, Secret veneers do a good job replicating the natural appearance of natural teeth. There are a number of shades to choose from as well as thinner veneers that easily fit over the teeth.

Are Secret Veneers suitable for everyone?

Secret Veneers are not suitable for everyone. If after sending in your impressions to the company and the technicians disapprove of your request, you will receive a full refund. It would be prudent to note some of the limitations of the product to avoid disappointments.

How do I order the Secret Veneers in the US?

Ordering Secret Veneers while in the US is simple as you only have to follow the prompts as provided on the company’s website: Make an order, receive impression kits, ship back the impression kits, and receive your veneers within a few days.

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