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Reveal Clear Aligners Review: Pros, Cons, Cost, Effectiveness

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Ever since the introduction of clear aligners into the market, newer brands have emerged with claims that they are much better than the existing competitors in various ways. Reveal clear aligners, one of the latest entrants into the clear aligner industry, has been making waves as it rapidly gains popularity among dentists and patients.

With quite a handful of options to choose from, it might become a little overwhelming to select the best clear aligner brand. To help you make a more informed decision, we have highlighted all there is to know about Reveal clear aligners.

Why Reveal Clear Aligners?

Most patients that go for clear aligners over traditional braces for their orthodontic treatment do so for a number of reasons. Some of them include:

You can get more details in our teeth aligners guide

However, most of the clear teeth aligner brands in the market claim to provide their users with the above benefits. This means that to settle on the best clear aligners, you have to know more than just what’s ‘obvious’ or ‘standard’ for clear aligners. 

Reveal clear aligners is a product of Henry Schein Orthodontics, a company with a long history of developing dental equipment and treating millions of smiles worldwide. The aligners were launched into the market in 2019, making them a fairly new brand in the clear aligner industry. 

Nevertheless, the brand has gained quite a popularity due to its unique offerings and features giving some of the older clear teeth aligners, such as Invisalign, a run for their money. 

Here’s why most people are now going for Reveal clear aligners: 

How Do Reveal Clear Aligners Work?

Reveal clear aligners work by gradually and gently moving your teeth to the desired position within a period of time. The process is pretty straightforward, but you will need a couple of dental appointments to ensure the treatment is going according to plan. 

Usually, there are two main types of clear aligners: at-home and in-office aligners. 

At-home clear aligners, also known as direct-to-consumer aligners, do not require the presence of a dentist or orthodontist throughout the entire treatment. You simply make the order online and take the impressions yourself, which the company uses to create custom-made aligners.  SmileDirectClub and Byte are some of the top at-home clear aligner brands.

how does reveal clear aligners work

On the other hand, in-office aligners involve in-person appointments with a qualified dentist who handles everything from the consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for the aligners to the fitting of the custom-made aligners and closely monitoring your progress. 

Some of the top in-office clear aligner brands include Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and Reveal.

Getting started with Reveal clear aligners involves the following: 

  1. Setting up a free consultation with a Reveal clear aligners provider near you. You can get the list of those near you by checking the directory on the company’s official website. If there are many in your area, you can simply search online ‘find best orthodontist near me’ and choose those with better reviews.
  2. The dentist performs an extensive oral exam to determine your candidacy for the treatment. This includes x-rays, scans, and (or) impressions of your teeth. 
  3. If the dentist marks you as a good candidate for the aligners, they will go ahead to create a treatment plan for you, which you have to approve before they can proceed. 
  4. Once you approve all the nitty-gritty surrounding your expected treatment, the dentist sends your scans and impressions to the lab, where they will develop custom-made clear aligners for you.
  5. Your dentist will fit the aligners on you when ready. Thereafter, they will provide instructions on how to take care of your new aligners to ensure that you achieve your desired results.

Your dentist will also schedule appointments for you to help monitor the progress of the treatment and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

How Much Do Reveal Clear Aligners Cost?

Reveal aligners inside a transparent aligners cage.

There isn’t a single standard model for Reveal clear aligners cost. This is because, according to the company, Reveal clear aligners price varies depending on various factors, including the severity of the case, the doctor’s costs, available insurance, and flexible payment options. 

Nevertheless, how much do reveal clear aligners cost? As a reference, the company notes that patients should be prepared to pay approximately $2,000 for mild or moderate cases to $5,000 for more complex situations. 

This pricing model places this brand among the best cheap teeth aligners in the market.

Are Reveal Clear Aligners Covered Under Insurance?

Most medical insurers that cover dental do not provide coverage for clear aligners. However, there are some plans that partially cover orthodontic treatment with clear aligners like Reveal, especially when getting clear aligners for teenagers.

Before embarking on your treatment journey, it would be prudent to check in with your medical insurance provider or with your dentist to determine if your current plan caters to Reveal clear aligners treatment. If you don’t have one yet, you can browse for some of the best orthodontic insurance providers.

There are other ways that you can also use to lower the overall cost of your aligners:

For instance, you can purchase your Reveal clear aligners by only making a small deposit and the rest of the money paid within a specified time with monthly installments. Ensure to discuss any available in-house financing options with your dentist before embarking on your treatment. 

What Are the Benefits of Reveal Clear Aligners?

Reveal clear aligners presents itself as a clear alternative to traditional braces for those with mild to moderate alignment issues. Moreover, from all the reviews and features of this product, it is well headed towards being one of the top clear aligner brands, giving seasoned brands a run for their money.

Nevertheless, it would be prudent to understand both the advantages and drawbacks of a product before settling on it. Here are the top pros and cons of Reveal clear aligners to help you in your decision:

  • Treats most mild to moderate teeth misalignments.
  • The entire treatment is initiated and monitored by a licensed orthodontist.
  • Made with stain-resistant material.
  • No unsightly attachments required.
  • More affordable than direct competitors like Invisalign.
  • Availability of flexible payment options.
  • You’re required to visit the dentist to get the aligners, which some patients find more time-consuming and inconvenient compared to at-home clear aligners.
  • There isn’t a clearly set-out pricing plan by the company, which makes it a little difficult to determine the expected payment without first having to visit your nearest provider.

Although it may not be a deal breaker, Reveal clear aligners also come with the general drawbacks associated with other clear aligners, such as: 

Who Are the Best Candidates for Reveal Clear Aligners?

With Reveal clear aligners, you can easily get your teeth misalignment treated without any drawbacks. However, your dentist will first determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment before they roll out your treatment plan.

Here’s what defines a good candidate for Reveal clear aligners:

People who want a straighter smile

People who are self-conscious about their smiles because of gaps, misalignment, or crookedness can benefit from using Reveal Clear Aligners. They are custom-made to fit snugly over the teeth and gradually shift them into place, giving you a straighter smile.

People who need an alternative to braces

Reveal Clear Aligners are better than traditional braces because they eliminate several problems associated with metal braces. For example, patients who wear traditional braces often experience pain, bleeding gums, tongue irritation, soreness, and dry mouth. 

Reveal Clear Aligners, however, do not require wires to hold them in place. Because no wires hold clear aligners in place, you can easily remove them. Also, clear aligners are comfortable and discreet, making it easier to keep up with your daily tasks.

People who need mild to moderate orthodontic work

Reveal clear aligners can be used to correct mild to moderate orthodontic issues, such as mild open bite or overbite, moderate overjet, moderately crooked or crowded teeth, etc. 

Are you looking to get started with Reveal clear aligners? It would be prudent to know exactly how much your mouth will transform by exploring the transformations of other users. Here are a few Reveal clear aligners before and after images to give you an idea: 

Reveal Clear Aligners Customers' Reviews

Reveal clear aligners have gradually gained popularity as one of the best alternatives to traditional braces and a leading brand in the clear aligners industry. 

The product receives a ton of reviews from generally satisfied customers, with only a small percentage indicating their dissatisfaction with the product. Here are a few Reveal clear aligners reviews from real users that we found online.


Is Reveal Clear Aligners The Same As Invisalign?

Reveal clear aligners have similar working processes to Invisalign, as they are both in-office clear aligners. However, comparing Reveal clear aligners vs Invisalign will point you toward your exact needs. Also, depending on your case, you may require attachments when using Invisalign, which isn’t required for Reveal aligners as they fit on the teeth precisely.

Are Reveal Clear Aligners Attachment-Free?

Reveal clear aligners do not require any attachments for anchoring tooth movements. They fit precisely, allowing them to hug teeth closely.

Are Reveal Clear Aligners Safe to Use?

Reveal clear aligners are FDA-approved and use materials approved for human use. Even though you may feel a little soreness or irritation, especially when breaking into a new set or tray, you shouldn’t be concerned as the product is very safe with no risks involved. 

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