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Retainer Replacement: What’s the Cost and When Do You Need It?

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If you lose your teeth retainer under unfortunate circumstances, getting a replacement within the shortest time is essential.

Not getting a retainer replacement immediately after loss or damage means that your teeth continue moving after an orthodontist appointment. Failure to get the replacement may result in the misalignment of your teeth.

Besides replacing your teeth retainer due to breakage, some will require a change after a few months or years.

So, how do you go about getting a retainer replacement? Get answers to these and other questions in this post.

What are Retainers Used For?

Retainers are devices made to keep your teeth in place and prevent them from relapsing back into the state they have been in.

It would be best if you visited your orthodontist constantly, so he could ensure that your teeth are in place. Teeth movement happens anytime, and retainers are a good tool for holding them together.

How to Get a Replacement Retainer?

There are two ways you can get a replacement retainer;

Dentist or Orthodontist

This is the traditional way that answers the question, ‘how to get a retainer replacement near me. Your dentist already has your impression and is best placed to recommend a workable retainer for your teeth.

Order Online

Getting a replacement retainer online saves on costs incurred from orthodontist appointments and helps you get your retainer within a short time, at your convenience.

When Should You Get a Replacement Retainer?

Six months is an appropriate rule of thumb to follow for a replacement. However, you can do the same sooner in case of damage, loss, or breakage.

It’s essential to have them replaced without delay to prevent your teeth from misaligning. Teeth misalignment is just one of the effects of not wearing retainer after braces, as you may eventually have to restart the treatment all over again.

Signs Your Retainer Needs A Replacement

Many things in life show signs of a replacement, and your retainers are no exception. As soon as you notice some wear and tear, it indicates that you need an immediate replacement.

Here are a few signs that show you need to replace your retainer.

Small Cracks in the Retainer

If you accidentally dropped your retainer and incurred cracks, you’ll need to visit an orthodontist or purchase a new set online.

Ignored cracks grow over time into larger ones that create more room for bacteria to grow, making your retainer ineffective. A dirty retainer leads to unhealthy gums and an irritating lousy breath.

It would be prudent to know how to fix cracked retainer in case you get into such a situation.

Chipped Retainer

Just like a cracked retainer, you need to replace a chipped retainer within the shortest possible time.

Chips contain sharp ends, which could cause injuries to your cheeks and tongue.

Your Retainer is Loose

Having your retainer on for a while makes it loose or tight. Either situation means your teeth are not getting the support they should, so a retainer replacement is needed.

If your teeth misalign, ensure you visit your orthodontist so he can put them back in place. Failure to replace your retainer in time will make you lose the smile you have worked so hard to achieve.

Too Much Calcium Has Built Up in the Retainer

Calcium comes from your saliva, and when it builds up on your retainer, it may cause decay and dirt buildup, which results in bad breath and ineffectiveness of your retainer. One of the best ways to prevent this would be to get an at home retainer cleaner.

You Lost Your Retainer

If you are wondering what to do if you lost your retainer, you need to visit an orthodontist for a replacement or order one online immediately, failing which your teeth will return to their crooked state.

Your Retainer is Warped

Washing your retainer in water that’s too hot causes it to disfigure, making it difficult to fit in your mouth as it should and can no longer hold your teeth in place.

How Much Does a Retainer Replacement Cost?

How much does a replacement retainer cost? The cost for a retainer replacement will depend on the material, whether plastic or metal.

Custom-made retainers also determine how much a retainer replacement is. Qualified orthodontists evaluate your teeth situation and share the right ones for your teeth alignment.

Retainers help to hold your teeth together after completing the use of your braces. Read further to get more insight on retainer replacement cost, as well as active retainer cost.

Invisalign Retainer Replacement Cost
Invisalign Retainer Replacement Cost

An Invisalign replacement retainer does not have a fixed cost. However, there is an option of purchasing them in four which helps reduce the Invisalign replacement cost dramatically.

You can expect to pay between $400 to $1200 for the Invisalign retainer replacement cost set of four. If looking for affordable retainer replacement, these cuts, in addition to affordability, are also durable.

Essix Retainer Replacement Cost
Essix Retainer Replacement Cost

Essix is just one of several other kinds of retainers. It is often compared to the Hawley retainer, which you can compare in our Hawley vs essix retainer comparison post.

The Essix retainer replacement cost ranges anywhere between $100 to $300. Your orthodontist may include this total cost on your total care cost, and if the clinic accepts insurance, it helps cut the price.

You can get the Essix Plus Teeth Retainer from Sporting Smiles if you are looking for superb quality and durability without minding an extra cost. The Essix Plus clear retainers are from 1mm Essix plus material. They are more robust and transparent and hold up to more abuse than the standard Essix.

Hawley Retainer Replacement Cost
Hawley Retainer Replacement Cost

Hawley retainers are a result of a combination of metal and wire. A Hawley retainer replacement costs anywhere between $150 to $340.

If the cost feels so much for you, you can reach out to a Hawley retainer online and get a replacement of your retainer at a more affordable price.

If you want to know how much it will cost for a Hawley retainer replacement or get a permanent retainer replacement, you need to know that the costs incurred will depend on the type of wire. Also, having a permanent retainer saves you the costs of constant retainer replacements.

How to Get a New Retainer Online?

If wondering how to get a new retainer online, you can order custom retainers. Most people choose this option as it is more affordable, unlike visiting an orthodontist and incurring extra charges.

Even if you are skipping the orthodontist appointment to save on cost, it’s necessary to have a teledentistry appointment.

This helps the orthodontist teach you how to use your retainer.

Be specific on whether what you want is an Essix retainer online or a Hawley retainer online so that you can follow the proper procedures for ordering and delivery.

Factors Affecting Retainer Replacement Costs

Exactly how much is a retainer replacement? In a nutshell, the costs involved in orthodontic retainer replacement are dependent on a few factors, including;

Treatment Type

Your orthodontist may suggest different types of treatment before recommending the most efficient retainer replacement cost.

The cost will vary from the price of retainer material to the appliances and technology used.

There are also costs incurred if customization is needed for your retainer to ensure that they hold your teeth perfectly.

Treatment Duration

Orthodontic treatment takes approximately six months to one year. Your teeth will not just fall back to place in a couple of weeks, which may require several orthodontic appointments.

The more complex the condition of your teeth is, the more time the orthodontist will take to fix it. A qualified orthodontist will not just rush to hand you retainers before understanding the cause of your teeth’ misalignment.

Severe cases will incur a retainer replacement cost. During your appointment, ask how much it costs to fix a permanent retainer? The orthodontist will share the cost and ways to improve the retainer in case of damage.

Plans and Packages

Suppose you need a replacement retainer for teeth because you lost one. In that case, you need to consult with the orthodontist on the suitable retainer and if any plans and packages are available to make the payment process more manageable.

Choose a plan or package within your budget, depending on the options provided.

Insurance Coverage

Having your dental treatment covered by the insurance significantly affects how you make the payments.

Rest assured that restoring your beautiful smile will not have you dig so deep into your pockets.

Always consult with your financial provider on the availability of an insurance policy to cover your dental costs before signing up for treatment and retainer replacements.


Can I Get a New Retainer From a Different Orthodontist?

If all you need is a new retainer or probably a replacement from the one you’ve lost or damaged, then it’s okay to see a different orthodontist.

Cases, where you may need to see a different one, are when your own is unavailable or too far from where you are and wondering, how do I get a retainer replacement near me?

As long as the orthodontist is qualified, you may get quality for a retainer replacement.

Do Orthodontists Keep Retainer Molds?

If your retainers are removable, you can call your orthodontist and request a replacement retainer.

A good orthodontist will ensure to keep your retainer molds until the period of your treatment lapses.

This is where the difference lies between physical appointments with your orthodontist for matters concerning retainer replacement and replacement retainer online.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Permanent retainer?

A permanent retainer replacement cost depends on whether your current retainer’s wire is reusable.

In some cases, replacing your retainer may need to be done from scratch. You are replacing permanent retainer costs anywhere between $250 to $800.

How Often Should I Get a New Retainer?

A retainer stays in your mouth for at least six to eight hours every night. It would be best if you changed it as often as your toothbrush.

Replacing your retainer often enhances hygiene.


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