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How to Remove Braces From Teeth: Why You Shouldn’t Do It At Home

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If you’ve used your braces for the specified period your orthodontist mentioned, you may want to remove them now. Dental braces are tools an orthodontist uses to help in teeth straightening and alignment according to the patient’s bite.

You should never remove braces at home. The braces removal process is slightly complex, and only a certified orthodontist can do it without putting your teeth and gums at risk. You can only remove your braces at home in an emergency. This, however, is challenging to imagine. This article explains why you should let an orthodontist remove your braces.

Braces Removal Process

braces removal process

How long does it take to get braces off? After getting your braces on, it can take a few months and even years for them to exert pressure on your teeth and place them in the proper position. When the time is right, your orthodontist will request that you schedule an appointment.

At the appointment, if you are wondering, how long will removing braces take? The orthodontist will let you know how much time it will take, depending on the different types of braces you are wearing.

What to expect when getting your braces off?

During the braces removal process, some patients will not feel any pain. However, the fact is that dental procedures are uncomfortable, so you can expect a slight swelling once the orthodontist removes your brackets.

How to Remove Braces At Home

Removing braces from your teeth without the help of an orthodontist is risky. You can permanently damage your teeth from the pressure exerted while removing the braces or lose one or more of your teeth entirely.

If, however, you do succeed in getting braces removed, you may experience adverse side effects after that. Some situations will still cause you to ask; Should You Remove Braces At Home? Such instances are when you are past the date of visiting an orthodontist for removal but haven’t had time yet. Ensure to keep oral hygiene at the top.

Emergency Braces Removal

If it is an emergency braces removal and you are wondering, can you remove the braces yourself? Consult the orthodontist so he can guide you on how to remove the braces. Steps for emergency braces removal include;

The dentist will use a special metal which helps to lose the braces brackets from your teeth. The process pops the brackets and wires and leaves them in one piece, making them easy to remove.

How to Remove Braces Glue At Home?

Another question that comes up is how to remove braces glue at home. Ideally, these are all procedures that an orthodontist should perform. However, when brushing your teeth like you usually do, use a dental pick to scrub off the left-over glue, rinse with warm water, and brush again. This should obliterate the braces glue.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Braces Removed?

How much does it cost to get braces removed? How much do braces cost? The overall braces removal process is inclusive of the cost of braces. It helps when asking questions like the cost to remove braces or how much it is to clear braces. Having the price included in the braces cost means not paying extra money.

How much is it to remove braces? Paying for the braces removal separately will cost anywhere between $60 to$250. If financially strained, you might wonder, how can I get braces removed for free? Where can I get my braces removed for free? You can search ‘free braces programs near me’ and find out if they can have your braces removed at no cost.

How Do Dentists Remove Braces?

When you are getting close to the date of removing your braces, there are two things you are certainly wondering; how do dentists remove braces? Or, how do orthodontists remove braces?

The orthodontist uses a unique metal tool that helps to loosen the bracket. If he does this all at once, he will lower the amount of discomfort you will feel. The process after that is to do a thorough dental cleaning. This video shows how a dentist removes braces.

How long will removing braces take?

Once the orthodontist cleans your teeth after removing the braces, he does an x-ray of your teeth to confirm that they are all well aligned. The entire process can take an hour or two on the higher side.

There are other less complicated brace removal procedures where the orthodontist can remove them in one appointment, which may take less than one hour.

How to Care for Teeth After Braces?

Patients experience some challenges after removing braces, so taking care of your dental hygiene after removal is essential. The two most important reasons you should care for your teeth after removing braces are;

Here is how to take proper care of your teeth after braces.

You Might Need To Wear a Retainer

Wearing a retainer is uncomfortable. It is, however, better than having to go through the process of wearing braces all over again.

If your orthodontist recommends a bonded retainer after removing your braces, you might have to wear it day and night. Rules are slightly different if the types of retainers recommended are removable.

After a few months and clearance by your orthodontist, you can only wear the retainers during the day and take them off at night. Most orthodontists recommend wearing the retainer for nine months after removing the braces, after which you can stop wearing them at night.


Does it hurt to get braces off?

Most patients say they do not experience pain while removing their braces. However, with the discomfort that comes with any dental work, you can expect some discomfort after removing your braces. There is also a bit of sensitivity to your teeth. The sensitivity is a result of having nothing holding your teeth together.

Why do my teeth look so big after getting my braces off?

Braces tend to wear a lot on the natural setting of your teeth. This causes the teeth to move together when wearing the braces and makes them move outward, which makes them look bigger.

When should braces be removed?

Dental treatment varies for every patient. You can wear braces for a period of one to three years. If you adhere to your orthodontist’s instructions on how to wear and care for your braces, you may have them on for a shorter period.

What happens if you never remove your braces?

Having your braces for too long causes dental plaque. Your oral hygiene is tampered with, and your teeth begin to rot. Bacteria from the braces may also attack your gum, causing serious infections and severe gum disease.


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