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quip vs Sonicare—A Comparison Guide

Haleigh Pouliot

Written by Haleigh Pouliot

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It’s time to rethink what you know about electric toothbrushes.

Sonicare has been a household name for one of the most popular electric toothbrushes for nearly two decades.

And for nearly that long, high-quality powered toothbrushes have been regarded as expensive luxury items. Thanks to recent advances in electric brushing technology and fresh business models, there are now more affordable options like quip on the market.

We’ve already compared Sonicare vs Oral B. But in this review, we’re pitting a trusted industry giant against a rising contender that’s boldly redefining the electric toothbrush.

Which one will come out the winner?

Let’s find out as we compare quip vs Sonicare.

quip vs Sonicare: The Basics

Let’s first take a look into what makes each of these two fantastic companies unique.


The quip toothbrush lives up to the meaning of its name: a toothbrush that sends a witty remark or taunt.

And who is the company taunting?

None other than the massive oral hygiene industry leaders who produce expensive electric toothbrushes.

Co-founder Simon Enever explains that one pivotal dental checkup inspired the concept of quip.

quip toothbrush vs sonicare
quip vs sonicare toothbrush comparison

Simon’s dentist told him that he wasn’t brushing his teeth correctly and then went on to bemoan the lack of effective toothbrushes on the market. It’s not that electric toothbrushes don’t work, it’s just that they don’t address the most common problems people have when it comes to brushing their teeth every day.

The issue is that people are buying these brushes just for the gimmicks and neglecting the most important basics of teeth brushing.

The dentist said that using an electric toothbrush can be helpful because of built-in timers and pressure sensors that make sure people brush gently for the full recommended two minutes. But there’s no need to pay out for much more than that.

Simon was told to just go out and “buy the cheapest vibrating brush with a 2-minute timer.” So Simon decided to make one. He began brainstorming the idea with co-founder Bill May and quip was launched by 2015.

True to the goal of this grass-roots startup, the quip toothbrush is simple in design, yet highly effective and focuses on encouraging everyone to have a healthy oral hygiene routine.

The quip toothbrush’s beauty lies in its simplicity; it’s easy to use and very affordable. A quip works for just about anyone who has teeth and the brushes come in two sizes for adults and kids.

First refill FREE!
First refill FREE!
Get your first refill FREE by using the code QUIPFREE at check out. It's a limited time offer!


The Philips name has been associated with innovation for more than a century. When the company acquired the Sonicare toothbrush technology in the year 2000, hopes were high that they’d quickly gain dominance in the oral care market. Those bets paid off.

The Sonicare toothbrush was first introduced to the world in 1992, but after being taken up by Philips, it has truly become synonymous with a high standard of oral hygiene.

sonicare vs quip
sonicare toothbrushes vs quip

Philips produces an astounding range of health, medical, and personal care appliances today: countertop coffee makers, electric shavers, anti-snoring devices, indoor grills, powered toothbrushes, hospital ventilators, and more. With such an array of technologies, there are few people on the planet who haven’t been affected by a Philips product at some point in their life.

With a name like Philips behind it, you can bet that the Sonicare toothbrush is a solid product. There’s now an extensive line of electric toothbrushes to suit the unique needs of customers according to their age, preferences, and dental health needs.

Sonicare offers a little something for everyone!

quip Toothbrush vs Sonicare: A Detailed Comparison

Now that we’ve introduced you to the two companies, let’s explore their products and see how they match up.

quip Toothbrush

quip keeps things simple. They have one brush model available and they’ve made sure it’s a great one. You can vary things up a bit by choosing the color, the battery (battery or rechargeable) and if it can be used with an app making it a Smart toothbrush. But all three work the same.


White with varying colors and textures for the handle (plastic or metal finish); some limited edition designs are also available on occasion. quip handles are slim and lightweight.


Brush Heads

One style for all brushes. Smaller ones are available for kids’ brushes.


Noted to have a weaker cleaning action than powered toothbrushes like Sonicare, but some users actually prefer the gentler vibrations of quip (i.e. people with tooth sensitivity).

Battery Life

One AAA battery should last for 3 months. The rechargeable version can last up to 3 months too.


Kids’ brushes start out at $25 and adults’ brushes range from $25 to $50 depending on the design.


Online or at Target.


Fairly good. For customers who sign up for the lifetime subscription plan, the toothbrush is covered by a lifetime warranty.


Sonicare offers a lot when it comes to electric toothbrushes. Unlike quip’s single offering, Sonicare has over a dozen that you can choose from to suit your unique preferences and oral care needs. That’s why we are comparing the brands and not each product (Philips one vs quip, Philips Sonicare Essence vs quip, etc.).


Sonicare’s line is primarily white with silver accents. Some models offer additional colors such as black or pink. Kids’ brushes come in a variety of bright colors and cartoon designs.


These features vary depending on the specific Sonicare model you choose.

Brush Heads

All Sonicare brush heads are interchangeable with any of the toothbrush models. Sonicare has a wide selection of brush bristle types to address specific concerns such as teeth whitening or gum care.


Very thorough cleaning power with sonic action that generates bubbles in fluids around teeth and gums to help flush away plaque. Sonicare has a stellar reputation for being one of the most powerful electric toothbrushes. It’s widely recommended by dental professionals to patients.

Battery life

Up to two weeks between charges of the lithium ion battery.


Ranges from $14.95 for the most basic battery-powered model all the way up to $299.95 for the Sonicare DiamondClean model that includes wireless charging and smart technology for app integration.


Online and in retail stores.


Sonicare electric toothbrush handles come with a 2-year warranty and a solid reputation for lasting longer than that.

quip vs Sonicare: A Comparison At-a-Glance

Since it’s difficult to compare quip vs Sonicare as quip only has a single brush model and Sonicare has dozens, we’ve listed the ranges of Sonicare’s features to showcase the variety.

Brushing modes11-5 brushing modes, depending on the model
Battery life1 AAA battery lasts for about 3 monthsRechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts for around 2 weeks between charges
Brush strokes per minute15,00031,000 to 62,000
Cleaning actionMild vibrationTwo-minute timer with quad pacing
Brushing pressure sensorNo14 of 24 current models have it
ADA-approvedYesOne model is currently listed by the ADA as having the seal, but most others do not.
Cost$25 to 55$14.95 to 299.95
HandleSlim and lightweightSlightly wider handle that can feel heavy
FeelOn-par with or slightly more effective than a manual toothbrush; gentle vibration sensationMore intense vibration that some people don’t like but that others love because it makes their teeth feel cleaner
Kids brush optionsYesYes
Ability to change brushing intensityNoYes
Refill subscription optionYes and your order can include anything you need including floss, toothpaste, replacement batteries, and new brush headsA subscription for brush head refills must be purchased separately

Sonicare vs quip: The Pros and Cons

Still not sure which brush is right for you? These charts of the pros and cons will help.

quip Toothbrush Pros and Cons

Here are the things we love and don’t love about the quip brush.

Pros of quip
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and easy-to-grasp handle
  • Gentle
  • Convenient subscription plan that covers all of your oral hygiene supply needs
  • Simple device that's easy to use
  • Suitable for anyone, including kids
  • The timer can help you build a healthy habit of brushing for a full two minutes
Cons of quip
  • With fewer brush strokes per minute, it’s not as effective at removing plaque as Sonicare brushes
  • Must buy a replacement battery every 3 months
  • Can’t create a customizable brushing experience

Sonicare Toothbrush Pros and Cons

Sonicare toothbrushes have some significant advantages, but they still have some drawbacks, too.

Pros of sonicare
  • Very effective and reputable sonic cleaning power
  • A variety of toothbrush models and brush heads to choose from to customize your oral hygiene routine
  • Options for hassle-free wireless charging
  • Built-in timers and pressure sensors
  • Electric toothbrush models to suit any budget
Cons of sonicare
  • The nicer models are expensive
  • There’s currently no comprehensive subscription service that lets you order all of your oral hygiene supplies at once
  • All of the toothbrush choices can make you feel overwhelmed
  • Not ADA approved (this isn’t a problem for most people, however)

quip Toothbrush vs Sonicare: Which is Better?

So who is the winner when comparing quip vs Sonicare?

At this point, you’ve probably already figured it out.

The best brand between quip and Sonicare is…the one you like the best!

Both companies offer nice electric brushes, but as you’ve noticed by now, the offerings are quite different and will appeal to different individuals. When comparing the brands, Sonicare is much better; however, a fairer comparison between toothbrushes would be a Philips One vs quip as they are the most similar products.

sonicare vs quip which is better

Sonicare has a more established brand and more widely-proven sonic brushing technology behind their products. They offer an almost overwhelming selection of different powered toothbrush models. You might want to go with Sonicare if you’re ready to purchase a high-quality electric toothbrush and want to create an ultra-customized brushing experience.

quip vs sonicare which is better

quip is the better option if you’re not keen to spend a lot of money on a fancy brush but still want to try an electric toothbrush. Its simple design won’t overwhelm you and you don’t have to spend too much at the outset. As long as you brush for two minutes twice a day, quip can do the job just fine. Plus, quip offers a convenient toothbrush subscription model for refills on your oral hygiene supplies.

First refill FREE!
First refill FREE!
Get your first refill FREE by using the code QUIPFREE at check out. It's a limited time offer!

So as always, the choice is up to you.

Have you ever tried a Sonicare or quip toothbrush? Let us know what you think!

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