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Quip Toothbrush Review: Is it ‘the best electric toothbrush’?

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Time named it one of the Best Inventions of 2016, and GQ said it’s “the best electric toothbrush.” All the accolades have certainly piqued your interest, but does the Quip toothbrush live up to the hype? Check out this Quip toothbrush review to find out if it needs to be a part of your oral hygiene routine.

Quip Toothbrush: Is It Worth It?

Three quip toothbrushes on a mirror.

The Quip toothbrush is a sonic toothbrush that uses guiding pulses and vibrations to simplify and improve the brushing process. Quip has three types of toothbrush starting at $25: the basic, the Rechargeable and the Smart toothbrush. You can also get a kid’s electric toothbrush set in plastic for $25. When you order the set, you can join the refill plan. You will get a fresh brush head, a battery refill, and toothpaste for $14.

If you look at many Quip toothbrush reviews, you’ll likely notice that countless people talk about the slim and compact design. It’s much smaller than most electric toothbrushes, and all the models feel expensive, even the plastic one.

The Quip electric toothbrush has a simple design with a single mode, and since it operates on batteries, you don’t have to mess with a charger. It does come with a caddy that can also be used as a toothbrush cover if you need to throw it in a bag on your way out of town.

How to Use the Quip Toothbrush

You don’t want to have to read a manual to use a toothbrush. You want something that is easy to use, and the Quip toothbrush has you covered. Because it only has one mode, you simply need to turn the toothbrush on and get to work.

'Once the toothbrush is on, it will allow you to brush before it shuts off.'

That’s the optimal brushing time, and many people stop short of it. It will also pause every 30 seconds to remind you to move to the next section in your mouth.

You will brush for 30 seconds, then move to the next part of your mouth and continue the process until the toothbrush turns off. Then, you just need to rinse it off and put it back in the caddy. It’s as simple as that.

How to Change the Quip Battery

The Quip toothbrush runs on a AAA battery that you will need to replace every three months. If you are part of the refill plan, you will receive your battery and brush head every three months. Changing both the battery and the heads is straightforward.

In the following video made by quip, they explain how to change your quip electric toothbrush brush head and battery in a couple and simple steps. Regarding the battery, what you have to do is hold the brush with both hands and pull the brush head until it disconnects. Then, remove the motor and the battery that is under it. Put in the new battery, then put the toothbrush back together. It will be ready to use again.

Quip Toothbrush Heads

We all know that using an old toothbrush is bad for your teeth. Dentists recommend changing the toothbrush every three months, so the bristles can effectively remove plaque and tartar.

It’s very easy to change the quip brush head. Simply, pull the toothbrush apart to remove the old brush head. Then, push the new brush head onto the base of the toothbrush until it’s flush with the handle. You will hear a click when it’s in the correct position. Turn it on to make sure it’s working. Then, put it in the caddy until you are ready to brush again. If you need a more visual representation on how to do it, check the video above. 

White background, two plastic envelopes, one blue and the other gray. From one of them, a quip head toothbrush is coming out.

Quip Toothbrush vs. Sonicare

Before purchasing any toothbrush, the best thing you could do is compare it with other products. This can give you more details about its worth and if it’s suitable for your needs as well. 

Philips Sonicare is another popular toothbrush on the market. As the first toothbrush to use sonic wave technology, it has quite a following. The Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 is one of the most popular toothbrushes in the Sonicare lineup, so you’re likely wondering how it stacks up. To do so, we have made a table comparing quip toothbrush vs Sonicare ProtectiveClean to make the comparison easier for you. 

FeaturesQuip ToothbrushSonicare ProtectiveClean 4100
Brushing ModesNormalClean
BatteryAAA battery that runs for up to three monthsLithium-ION rechargeable battery that lasts for 14 days
Brush Strokes Per Minute15,00062,000
CleaningUses Dupont Nylon Bristles for gentle cleaningPulses water between the teeth while gently brushing
Brush Head ReplacementNew heads are shipped every three monthsToothbrush lights and beeps when it’s time to replace brush heads, but the customer must order them
Pressure SensorNoYes
Price$40 for premium metal adult toothbrush$69.99

Both of these toothbrushes are an excellent addition to an oral hygiene routine, but when comparing quip toothbrush vs Sonicare, the Quip toothbrush wins out! The affordable price, lack of a bulky charger, and auto shipments for new brush heads give it an edge over the Sonicare Protective Clean 4100 (maybe Sonicare’ll win other battles, like the Oral B vs Sonicare…). 

First refill FREE!
First refill FREE!
Get your first refill FREE by using the code QUIPFREE at check out. It's a limited time offer!

Quip Toothbrush Pros and Cons

When you read a Quip toothbrush review, you want to know the pros and cons. Check out the benefits and drawbacks of this innovative toothbrush.

quip toothbrush design

Pro – Design

It’s hard to beat the Quip toothbrush’s lightweight and compact design. It fits perfectly in the hand, and there isn’t a bulky charger to get in the way.

quip toothbrush ada

Pro – ADA Approved

The American Dental Association has approved the Quip Toothbrush. It’s hard to discount the opinion of the largest dental association in the United States.

quip subscription service

Pro – Subscription Service

You get a new brush head, battery, and toothpaste every three months for only $14. You can even eliminate the battery and toothpaste and just get the brush head for $7.

quip toothbrush timer

Pro – Timer

This toothbrush ensures that you brush your entire mouth by pausing every 30 seconds. It also makes sure you keep brushing for a full two minutes since it doesn’t turn off until the time is up.

quip toothbrush power

Con – Not as Powerful as Other Electric Toothbrushes

If you’ve used other electric toothbrushes, you’ll notice the Quip toothbrush isn’t nearly as powerful. This causes some people to feel as if the toothbrush isn’t adequately cleaning their teeth.

pressure sensor quip toothbrush

Con – No Pressure Sensor

The Quip toothbrush doesn’t have a pressure sensor. People who brush aggressively can damage their gums and enamel.

Where to Buy a Quip Toothbrush

You can buy the Quip toothbrush on the company’s website. You can also pick one up at Target or on Amazon.

If you want an electric toothbrush but can’t get your hands on the Quip, the Burst Sonic Toothbrush is a similar option.

Quip Toothbrush Reviews: What the Customers Think

If you look at Quip toothbrush reviews online, you will see that people who have used the toothbrush fall into two camps. Some people love it, while others aren’t convinced it’s one of the best toothbrushes out there.

First, some people complain that the toothbrush isn’t powerful enough, while others like the fact that it isn’t as strong as some of the other electric toothbrushes. One reviewer said while other toothbrushes rattle the entire jaw, the Quip toothbrush manages to be powerful without being uncomfortable. Many people claim their teeth have never felt as clean.

Others like the styling and two-minute timer, and the caddy is a hit with countless people. People also like that it uses batteries instead of a bulky charger. That means users don’t have to keep it near a plugin on the bathroom sink.

Many people love the replaceable heads, but some have experienced issues with the head feeling as if it will come off. One reviewer even said the head comes off when she brushes her teeth.

Jacob D.
Cleaner teeth happier life
Read More
Quip has made brushing teeth so much easier. Not only does it get delivered to your door but their prices are really affordable. Ever since I started using Quip my teeth feel cleaner afterwards versus a manual toothbrush. The optional toothpaste is well worth it and works just as good as any other mint toothpaste. The build quality is awesome and makes you feel confident that it won’t break in a month like some other generic brushes. I love the metal set you can buy it feels very premium and the optional colors are very pleasing. Overall I love what they’re doing at Quip since it takes the stress out of buying toothbrushes/toothpaste and finding the right one. Maybe in the future a suggestion would be selling some sort of dental floss to add to the Quip lineup!
D. G
Handy and helpful
Read More
My Quip is slim and easy to use and store (and travel with). It keeps me on task when I’m tempted to skimp on brushing time. My only concern is that my dentist recommended a rotating head and I’m not convinced that the Quip gives me the same level of clean.
Sally H.
It is okay... different
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It is okay. The vibration is more than expected. I do like the timing reminder to move the brush to another quandrant and keeping me brushing for 2 minute.
Angelia K.
Feels dentist clean everytime I use it.
Read More
I love this toothbrush. I love that it times me, I love that it is lightweight. I have recommended it to multiple friends. I decided to get Quip over my doctors recommendation for a sonic care and I'm happy I did. In fact, I'm going to tell them I got the sonic care and see if they question it next time I go in.

Summary: Is Quip a Good Toothbrush?

The Quip toothbrush is an excellent option for children and adults. The slim design makes it easy to store, and you can even place it in the caddy and hang it on the bathroom mirror. While it isn’t as powerful as some other electric toothbrushes, it does an excellent job of removing plaque and keeping teeth clean; and the fact that it offers toothbrush subscriptions it’s great because you’ll never forget forgetting when to renew it.

First refill FREE!
First refill FREE!
Get your first refill FREE by using the code QUIPFREE at check out. It's a limited time offer!


Is the Quip Toothbrush Waterproof?

As long as the brush head is fully attached, the Quip electric toothbrush is waterproof and can be submerged in water or used in the shower.


Is the Quip Toothbrush ADA Approved?

Yes, it has the ADA Seal of Acceptance.


Is the Quip Toothbrush Eco-Friendly?

The manufacturers have struck a balance between sustainability and providing the best oral health to customers. The brush heads aren’t recyclable, but the brush handle and cover were designed to last a lifetime. Users are also encouraged to use their own rechargeable batteries.


Is the Quip Toothbrush Cruelty-Free?

Yes, it is not tested on animals.


Where Does the Quip Toothbrush Ship?

The toothbrush ships around the world.


Is the Quip Toothbrush for Kids?

Yes, the company makes a kids electric toothbrush.


Is the Quip Toothbrush Good for Braces?

Yes, but users might have to replace the brush head more often.


Where Is the Quip Toothbrush Made?

The Quip Toothbrush is made in a fair labor facility in China.


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