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Pro Teeth Guard Reviews 2024: Are These Teeth Guards Worth the Price?

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Teeth grinding is an often overlooked dental concern not only among children but also among adults. Also known as bruxism — the unconscious grinding and clenching of teeth — this dental issue can easily pop up on anyone, even without you knowing how it starts.

Fortunately, dentists have various solutions to teeth grinding. However, with the rise of home kits and self-service dental products, some companies have revolutionized the treatment for bruxism without requiring a dentist.

Pro Teeth Guard is a company that creates at-home teeth grinding solutions. But are their teeth guards worth the price? Here’s a comprehensive Pro Teeth Guard review to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Pro Teeth Guard?

According to the company, Pro Teeth Guard is the product of a San Diego, California-based lab that has been serving dentists for over two decades. The lab has been making other dental appliances, including dentures.

Pro Teeth Guard is a solution the company provides to enable people to access teeth guards without the hassle of going to the dentist and avoiding unnecessary costs to get a good-quality guard. These guards are made to assist those with teeth grinding and clenching issues and can be customized depending on one’s preferences.

Pro Teeth Guard provides completely remote assistance, where you only need to order their product online and have it shipped to you. Furthermore, the company offers a 60-day 110% money-back guarantee should you not get the satisfaction you need from their products. This shows you that they are confident in their products to help you.

How Does Pro Teeth Guard Work?

Getting started with Pro Teeth Guard is pretty straightforward. If you are having any teeth grinding or clenching issues, all you have to do is visit the company’s website and make your order.

Here are the simple Pro Teeth Guard instructions to follow when getting them for the first time:

1. Order your kit
1. Order your kit

Visit the Pro Teeth Guard website and order your kit. There are various featured Pro Teeth Guard products, so you can select any based on your needs. You can choose a Hard Night Guard, Hybrid Night Guard, Ultra Thin Guard, or Soft Night Guard.

After ordering your guards, you will receive an impression kit from the company sent through your mail.

2. Mail back the impression kit
2. Mail back the impression kit

Use the impression kit to take impressions of your teeth. The company will use this to create custom teeth guards that will fit your mouth and make you more comfortable. You can easily get the Pro Teeth Guard video on their website that will take you through the process of making the impressions.

Mail the kit back to the company through the prepaid return envelope provided.

3. Receive your guard
3. Receive your guard

Based on the provided impressions, the company will work on your custom Pro Teeth Guard based on the provided impressions. You will receive the custom teeth guards in your mail, and through their 60-day money-back guarantee, you can return the guards for refitting or a refund if you are unsatisfied with the product.

Just like getting Invisalign only for top teeth when seeking orthodontic treatment, you can also get Pro Teeth Guard for top teeth only. Ensure to discuss your options with the company before making your purchase.

Pro Teeth Guard Pros & Cons

Pro Teeth Guard has revolutionized a lot in the mail-order guards industry. They are even voted as one of the best TMJ night guards. According to most Pro Teeth Guard reviews, these products perform well, and most are comfortable and satisfied. However, just like many other good products, there are a few areas for improvement to the product.

Take a look at Pro Teeth Guard’s pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision:

  • There are multiple models to choose from, each with unique features and a clear functional difference.
  • Impressive money-back guarantees. If unsatisfied with their products, you get a free 60-day 110% money-back guarantee.
  • The company has worked with dentists for over two decades, so you can be sure of getting dentist-approved products sent to you.
  • Due to their multiple options and customized solutions, Pro Teeth Guard has been voted one of the most comfortable teeth guards by users.
  • Solid customer care support is available 24/7.
  • While the mail-order teeth guard model saves you money, some Pro Teeth Guard competitors offer the same line of products that are a few dollars cheaper.
  • The company only has a buy-once option, unlike their competitors, which have a subscription model. This forces you to buy new guards every time you need a replacement.

In general, using teeth guards for the first time might feel uncomfortable, and you may need a few days until you are entirely comfortable with the product. Also, due to wear and tear, you may have to replace your teeth guards at some point — some guards last for six months to 2 years before needing replacement.

Ensure to discuss this with your provider before purchasing, as you may have to consider future options as well.

There are different types of bruxism, and each person’s needs may differ. This is why Pro Teeth Guard provides various options to cater to each person’s needs. The company offers four types of teeth guards for people with varying needs.

Here are some of the Pro Teeth Guard featured products you can consider:

Hard Night Guard

Hard Night Guard pro teeth guard

The hard night guard option is for people with heavy or severe grinding at night. The product is made from durable, quality materials (elasticized acrylic) that come with a 1-year warranty. The product can last between 2 and 5 years, depending on the level of grinding involved.

The custom Hard Night Guard protects your teeth and alleviates your jaw muscle pains that come due to teeth clenching.

The product is made from a special thermo-plastic material that softens in warm water to facilitate fitting.

It would be prudent to point out that while the Hard Night Guard option is good for those with moderate to severe bruxism, it would be helpful to get your dentist’s opinion. Perhaps you may be better off with teeth aligners to help treat the condition.

Here is our comprehensive teeth aligners guide for more information.

Hybrid Night Guard

Hybrid Night Guard pro teeth guard

The Hybrid Night Guard is a bit of two Pro Teeth Guard that features durability and comfort. This product is quite hard on the outside to prevent damage from teeth grinding and soft on the inside to ensure maximum comfort.

This night guard is also durable and can last between 1 and 3 years, depending on one’s level of grinding.

According to the company, this is their most popular product as it caters to almost all groups, offering much-needed relief to those with moderate-high teeth grinding.

Soft Night Guard

Soft Night Guard pro teeth guard

If you are experiencing light to moderate grinding or simply looking for a solution to your teeth clenching, this is the ideal solution to try out. This product is made from a flexible rubber material that helps protect your teeth and eases muscle pain.

Ultra Thin Guard

Ultra Thin Guard pro teeth guard

The Ultra Thin Guard is made for those that need protection against daytime grinding. It is made from ultra-thin material that is barely noticeable and won’t hinder you from communication throughout the day.

The only setback to this product is that it may not withstand nighttime grinding, so it is only suitable for daytime use.

Here’s a summary of the key Pro Teeth Guard featured products as well as their pricing for your consideration:

Pro Teeth Guard ProductIntended UsePrice ($USD)
Hard Night GuardHeavy Grinding209.99
Hybrid Night GuardModerate Grinding189.99
Ultra Thin GuardDaytime Grinding179.99
Soft Night GuardLight Grinding or clenching169.99

Pro Teeth Guard Discount Codes (Updated 2024)

Pro Teeth Guard is known to offer some of the most competitive prices in the market. Their cheapest product costs about $169.99 while their most expensive ones go for about $209.99. This is quite affordable compared to getting the same products from a dentist, where you will pay between $400 – $1,000.

However, you can still pay even way less than the standard pricing through Pro Teeth Guard discount codes and coupons.

The company offers many discount options that you can check out. Here are a few Pro Teeth Guard promo codes to try:

DISCOUNT Code/ How to get it
$15 OFF your first order Subscribe to their email list
$50 OFF when you order two or more night guards 2XPROTEETH
$25 OFF for returning customers Email or call the company with previous order information
$40 OFF when you refer a friend For any referral, you get $40 OFF your next order

You can also get discount codes from third-party websites. Here are some of the latest Pro Teeth Guard coupon codes to try out:

OFFER Coupon Code
$15 Off Sitewide GOGCU

Pro Teeth Guard Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Pro Teeth Guard stands out as one of the best teeth guards if the reviews and awards won are something to go by. For instance, it has been accredited by various institutions, including Sleep Foundation and Sleep.org, as one of the most comfortable teeth guards.

Based on 500+ reviews online, this product is also treading with many positive reviews and 5-star ratings. There are very few Pro Teeth Guard complaints that you can find online.

Here are a few customer reviews we could sample online:

Pro Teeth Guard vs. Others

Looking for the best Pro Teeth Guard alternatives? Here are a few differences between Pro Teeth Guard and other options:

Pro Teeth Guard vs. Brux Night Guard

Brux Night Guard also works to resolve the issue of bruxism among its users. The key differences between Pro Teeth Guard and Brux Night Guard lie in the material, process, and pricing.

Pro Teeth Guard vs Brux Night Guard

The process

Getting the Pro Teeth Guard involves the user making impressions of their teeth and sending them over to the lab for custom creation. On the other hand, the Brux Night Guard has a boil and bite design, where the user molds it until it fits. This means there’s only one contact with the company, and there’s also room for dissatisfaction if the user does not know how to mold the material correctly.

The material

Both Pro Teeth Guard and Brux Night Guard are made from durable materials. However, the former is more durable than the latter. While Brux Night Guard tries to create a balance between hardness and softness, Pro Teeth guard focuses on a harder outside for damage protection and a softer inside for optimum comfort.


At only $59 per order, you can be sure to get quite an offer for your teeth grinding problems with the Brux Night Guard. The cheapest Pro Teeth Guard is around $169. However, even though more expensive, you are most likely to get value for your money by going for the Pro Teeth Guard.

Pro Teeth Guard vs. SOVA Guard

Unlike Pro Teeth Guard, SOVA Guard requires its users to mold the product into their desired fitting. Furthermore, this product is mainly geared towards dentists and not just directly to the users.

Pro Teeth Guard removes the hassle and unnecessary costs by removing the dentist from the picture and having their products directly used by the patient. Ideally, current well-performing companies, including those with some of the best teeth aligners, do not require the direct involvement of a dentist.

The pricing model for SOVA Guard isn’t clearly stated, as it depends on where you get your guard, with some retailers selling it as low as $24 while you can get it at $200 elsewhere.

pro teeth guard vs sova guard


What Type of Pro Teeth Guard is Best?

The best pro teeth guard depends on what your needs are. If you are a heavy grinder, then you most likely use the Hard Night Guard. Choose a mouth guard that is comfortable to wear and fits snugly.


Is a Pro Teeth Guard Good for Your Teeth?

Pro Teeth Guard protects your teeth from damage by preventing the effects of teeth clenching and grinding. The barrier helps prevent tooth chipping, jaw pain, and even cavities.

These teeth guards also help you sleep and breathe better at night. They are also made from 100% human-safe materials.

Does Insurance Cover Pro Teeth Guards?

Most dental insurance companies may not cover night guards. However, it would be prudent to reach out to your insurance provider and determine the coverage of your plan. Some plans may cover your night guard treatment fully, while others may offer a 50% payment assistance.


Are Pro Teeth Night Guards Worth It?

Pro Teeth night guards are worth it. They help alleviate the pain caused by grinding and jaw clenching.

You also enjoy a 110% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their products for the first 60 days. You can also return your guards for free adjustments during the first 60 days. All the guards except for the Ultra thin guard are protected by a one-year warranty.

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