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Change Your Smile for the Better with Pop on Veneers

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There are countless methods available for improving the appearance of your smile, some of which are more time-consuming than others. To permanently alter the alignment of your teeth, you must undergo some type of orthodontic treatment, likely in the form of metal braces or invisible aligners. When done correctly, orthodontic treatment can take a significant amount of time- often a year or longer. If you want to have your dream smile sooner rather than later, you might want to consider veneers as a solution. Pop On Veneers offers customers an appealing option, as their removable veneers have the ability to transform your smile instantly.

What are Pop On Veneers?

Change Your Smile for the Better with Pop on Veneers 1

Veneers are dental appliances that are placed over natural teeth to improve the cosmetic appearance of the teeth without actually altering their placement or structure. Some forms of veneers require specific prep before they can be installed over natural teeth, and certain types of veneers are permanent once they are put in. But Pop on Veneers can fit right over natural teeth- no prep is required. The brand specializes in this type of veneers, providing an affordable and simple alternative to more traditional and expensive veneers.

How do Pop On Veneers Work?

Pop on veneers, also known as snap on veneers, removable veneers, or instant veneers, work by fitting directly over your teeth. For this brand specifically, you start out by taking impressions of your teeth either at home or in the Pop On office located in New York City. If you are looking for “Pop on Veneers near me” and you don’t live in or close to New York City, completing the at-home impression kit would be the best choice. Once your impressions are completed, the brand’s team can get started with creating a 3D digital model of what your projected treatment will look like. After this step is complete, your custom-made veneers are ready to be shipped out and delivered right to your door.

How Pop On Veneers Work

Why Should You Get Pop On Veneers?

With so many options available for straightening your teeth, why should you make the decision to go with Veneers? Below are just a couple of reasons why you should at least consider them.

Correcting Cosmetic Issues

If the primary problem that you have with your teeth is cosmetic rather than structural in nature, Pop on Veneers could be an excellent solution for you, as this is actually what are veneers for. In cases where it is necessary to alter the physical alignment of the teeth to improve function or general health, then it would be wise to think about getting orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces or clear aligners instead of comparing braces vs veneers. Otherwise, you could save a good deal of money by opting for Pop on Veneers.

Correcting Cosmetic Issues Pop On Veneers

Improving Self-Confidence

The fast-acting nature of Pop on Veneers can do a great deal in terms of boosting self-confidence. A bright smile can be one of the first things you notice when interacting with someone, and veneers can quickly give you the confidence to smile wide and proudly conduct yourself. This concept was part of the inspiration behind the founding of the brand. Dr. T, who started Pop on Veneers, was motivated to create a more affordable alternative to traditional veneers when she encountered a young patient who couldn’t afford the widely available options.

How Much Do Pop On Veneers Cost?

One of the founding principles of Pop of Veneers was creating an affordable option for veneers that could be accessible to a large group of people, but, how much are Pop On Veneers?

For a set of both top and bottom veneers, the total cost is $679. For only the top or bottom aligner, the veneers cost is $479. The brand also offers flexible payments options through Zip, Affirm, and Partial.ly. Zip divides the total amount of money owed into four separate payments, while Affirm and Partial.ly divide the total cost into up to 12 payments.

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$100 OFF [Limited Time]
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What Are the Benefits of Pop On Veneers?

So why should you opt for Pop on Veneers over the many alternatives that are available? It depends on your situation and personal preferences, but keep reading to learn a couple of reasons why they might be a good choice.


The cost of orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth and bring them into proper alignment is high and not accessible to everyone. Although these treatment modalities can be covered by some forms of dental or health insurance, the coverage offered typically isn’t extensive. Even after insurance coverage is applied to the cost of braces or invisible aligners, the cost still doesn’t compare to the cost of Pop on Aligners. The entire brand was founded upon extended quality dental care and veneers to those who might not be able to afford more traditional treatments, making it a perfect choice for those searching for a cost-effective option without compromising quality.

Look like real teeth

Pop On Veneers are designed by dental professionals based upon an at-home impression kit or the results of a 3D scan completed in person. They are created to allow them to be completely customized to each customer’s teeth and are offered in three different colors. You can choose from the brightest color, “Hollywood White,” a medium white “Natural White,” or a darker natural shade, “Mature Tan.” Pop on Veneers are created with a biocompatible material that can withstand frequent wear but are also thin enough not to feel uncomfortable while worn.

Cover up damaged or missing teeth

Although veneers are not implants and cannot functionally replace damaged or missing teeth, they are a quick way to cover them up. This can be especially convenient in situations where a tooth is unexpectedly damaged or falls out, as you may not have the time to consider more long-term solutions. Pop on Veneers before and after pictures clearly demonstrate these dramatic differences. Aside from the before and after images, Pop On Veneers reviews provide further support for the effectiveness of these veneers.

Easy to put on and take off

Pop On Veneers are true to their name and are easy to pop on or off of your teeth at any time. Can you eat with pop on veneers? Yes, you can! But if you feel more comfortable eating without them, you can easily remove them to eat, drink, and sleep without having to worry about needing to wear them for a certain amount of time per day, as is the case with invisible aligners.

Are Pop On Veneers Safe?

Pop On Veneers are safe for your teeth and overall health. The company was started by a licensed dentist who has experience working with veneers, so you can be confident that these veneers are not in any way going to cause harm to your teeth or gums. They are constructed out of a high-quality material that is non-toxic and BPA-free, as well as stain-resistant. Furthermore, the New York City-based lab that these veneers are made out of is FDA-registered, giving prospective customers an additional level of comfort in knowing that Pop On Veneers are made in a clean and safe environment.

What Problems Can Be Treated with Veneers?

No dental problem can truly be “treated” with veneers, but many of them can be concealed to improve the appearance of the teeth. The following dental issues would make an individual a good candidate for using Pop On Veneers:

Pop On Veneers Before and After

If you are wondering how the veneers will look, there are a lot of Pop On Veneers reviews online with customers’ pictures that prove they look amazing. Here, are some examples those Pop On Veneers before and after pictures:

$100 OFF [Limited Time]
$100 OFF [Limited Time]
Save $100 OFF sitewide using the coupon code: POP100

Alternatives to Pop On Veneers

Although Pop on Veneers are an excellent choice for the treatment of a variety of dental issues, they are not the best answer for every situation and every person. If you look over Pop on Veneers reviews and decide that they’re not the right choice for you, reliable alternatives to include:


braces as Alternatives to Pop On Veneers

Yes, nobody really wants to get regular metal braces. But they continue to stick around for a good reason- they deliver consistent and quality results in the treatment of many different dental and orthodontic problems. Braces can also treat bite issues, which are not often treatable using invisible aligners and certainly not treatable using veneers that just cover up the teeth. Traditional metal braces are also not the only type of braces available; there are also ceramic braces, Damon braces, and lingual braces (that attach to the back of your teeth!)

Invisible Aligners

invisible aligners as pop up veneers

If you want your orthodontic treatment to remain as invisible as possible, invisible aligners could be an excellent option for you. There are a variety of invisible aligner brands to choose from, allowing patients to select the brand that is best suited to their needs and falls within their budget. Some invisible aligners need to be worn all day, but some brands also offer a nighttime-only option. Furthermore, some invisible aligners are available remotely via a teledentistry platform, saving patients the hassle of traveling back and forth from an orthodontist’s office.

Traditional Veneers

traditional veneers as Alternatives to Pop On Veneers

Traditional veneers require more extensive prep of the teeth, often requiring that the existing natural teeth be filed down to allow for the proper installment of the porcelain or composite veneers. These veneers are typically permanent unless the material wears down and they need to be replaced but can completely transform someone’s smile within one treatment. However, they do come with the downside of being more costly, which potential customers would have to take into consideration. If you want to learn more you can read our porcelain veneers review

No-Prep Veneers

no prep veneers alternative to pop up veneers

Although they still require more prep than Pop on Veneers, no-prep veneers do not require as much work before installment compared to traditional dental veneers. Usually, no-prep veneers only require some filing of the enamel of the teeth and do not require the use of local anesthesia (which is required with traditional veneers).


How long does it take to get Pop On Veneers?

On average, it will take 2 weeks to design and 7 days of shipping, so 3 weeks to complete all the process from start to finish. However, you can cut some time by paying an extra cost that will reduce the design time to 1 week and the shipping to 2 days. Besides, if you live in NYC are you can go take your veneers, avoiding the time of shipping.

Can You sleep with your Pop On Veneers?

You shouldn’t sleep with them. The brand recommends sleeping without the veneers as they won’t allow your natural teeth to breathe at night, and you can also grind or break the veneers.

Can you wear Pop On Veneers all day?

Yes, you can. However, it’s recommended to remove them if you are going to eat hard to chew foods and, as we mentioned in the question above, during the night.

Can you wear Pop On Veneers if I have chipped or missing teeth?

Yes, you can. In fact, both of those cases are the ideal situations where veneers are recommended. However, if you are missing teeth, veneers can be worn if you have at least 5 teeth on top and 5 on the bottom, if you have fewer the veneers won’t stay in place.

Can you get bottom or top veneers only?

Yes, you can get only bottom or top veneers. However, it will depend on the case, as sometimes it’s not possible. The dental team of the brand will let you know whether you can or not.

Do Pop On Veneers offer a warranty?

Yes, the brand offers a 30-day return policy in case you don’t like them or you are not happy with the results.

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