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Nighttime Clear Aligners: Are They Effective?

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There are some alignement companies that are now offering nighttime clear aligners, a new treatment plan that allow you to straighten your teeth while you sleep, without having to wear any dental appliances during the day. However: do these new products work, though? Can you really get results you want when only wearing your aligners for part of the day? What can you expect with these products? Here’s what you need to know about nighttime clear aligners.

What is a Nighttime Clear Aligner?

Nighttime clear aligners are invisible aligner trays, much like the ones you’d wear all throughout the day, but they’re meant to be worn only at night. In fact, the products themselves are the same, although each set is custom designed for the wearer to follow a professional plan prescribed by a licensed dentist or orthodontist.

The only real difference is that nighttime clear aligner trays will take longer to work because they’re being worn less. While a typical plan calls for invisible aligner trays to be worn at least 22 hours each (and removed only for eating and cleaning teeth), nighttime clear aligners are meant to be worn just 10 hours each day, ostensibly during nighttime hours when you’re sleeping.

brandcostweartimetreatment timeFDA Approved?
Byte$239910 hours5 monthsYes
NewSmile$159510 hours4 to 6 monthsYes
AlignerCo$10958 to 10 hours8 to 12 monthsYes

Best Nighttime Clear Aligners

Not all alignment companies offer nighttime teeth aligners. For example, Invisalign, one of the leading companies on the market, doesn’t offer a night time Invisalign option.

There are currently four companies offering these products online, so we have prepared a little nighttime aligners review for each brand. Here’s our take: 

byte nighttime aligners

Treatment Time

10 hours a day for 3 months (on average)


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Byte offers another great option for straightening your teeth at night. With Byte’s at-Night Wear Program, you won’t wear the same regular daytime aligners byte offers with it’s ‘day’ treatment, let’s check what they offer!

Byte Nighttime Aligners

Byte At-Night aligners are made with a thicker material designed to move your teeth while you sleep and also prevent grinding (but being as comfortable as the daytime aligners as stated in Byte reviews). As the At-Day aligners, they are made of a BPA-free, medical-grade, polymer film. Besides, they are highly transparent and cutting edge, so they look very natural when you wear them. 

Price and payment

You’ll either send in a one-time fee of $2,399 or take advantage of Bytepay financing which includes a $299 deposit and payments of $84 per month for 36 months. However, it must be said that you can get the treatment at a better price by using a Byte promo code. You can also use HSA, FSA, CareCredit, and Splitit or even cover part of your treatment price with your dental insurance as Byte accepts it. If your insurance covers orthodontic treatments you can expect to pay only $400-$500 for the whole treatment. 

What is included in the kit?

The Byte kit includes more than just the Byte nighttime aligners, as it also offers a bottle of BrightByte teeth whitener and one set of medical-grade retainers to maintain the progress you’ve made once your treatment is done (both included in the byte cost). 

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Nighttime Clear Aligners: Are They Effective? 1



Treatment Time

10 hours a day for 6 months (on average)


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NewSmile is one of the top six home aligner companies that works in the US and Canada. Besides their standard all-day treatment, they also offer nighttime aligners that are a little pricey but still affordable; in fact, NewSmile is one of the most affordable brands on this list.

NewSmile nighttime aligners

The aligners are BPA and latex-free, and the process to make them is the same followed for the daytime aligners, so they are also FDA approved and prescribed by board-certified dentists and orthodontists.

Price and payment

Regarding the cost, as we have mentioned before, NewSmile is an affordable option. If you pay the treatment up-front, all the treatment plan is $1595, but if you choose to pay it monthly, which only ends up costing $100 more, it consist on a 36 monthly plan of $61 per month. Besides, the brand accepts FSA cards and insurance, but you will have to check first the conditions of your plan.

What is included in the kit?

The price includes the impression kit, the treatment preview made by the dental team, the aligners, a pair of retainers (worth $199) to keep your teeth from relapsing, and a whitening foam worth $69.

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smile direct club nighttime aligners

Attention: On September 29, 2023, SmileDirectClub initiated Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Despite this, the company has expressed its intention to sustain regular operations while undertaking efforts to reorganize its debts, seek a buyer, or secure additional funding. The founders have injected $20 million into the business and are conditionally prepared to contribute further funds to ensure uninterrupted fulfillment of commitments to stakeholders throughout the restructuring process. It should be noted, however, that the success of the reorganization is not assured.


Smile Direct Club

Treatment Time

10 hours a day for 10 months (on average)


Get started with an $15 impression kit (free after rebate).

SmileDirectClub was the first invisible aligner brand to offer nighttime clear aligners. Patients age twelve and older are eligible for this treatment, but it is only available only to customers in the United States.

Smile Direct Club nighttime aligners

What makes SmileDirectClub Nighttime Clear Aligners special? Like other invisible aligner trays offered by SmileDirectClub and competitors, these BPA-free plastic trays are designed and made specifically for the wearer. They are custom-made in the US and designed with Comfort Sense™ technology and firm plastics that won’t irritate your cheeks or gums.

Price and payment

The nighttime clear aligners cost is the same as what you would pay for their regular aligner trays. Nighttime clear aligners are priced at $2,050 with a one-time payment, or you can start with a down payment of $250 and pay $89/month for 26 months, for a total of $2,564.

What is included in the kit?

All the Smile Direct Club nighttime aligners needed, an aligner case, bright on™ premium teeth whitening, lip balm, Smile Stretcher (a tool used to take photos for your virtual check-ins with your SmileDirectClub doctor), and plenty of aligner tools like movemints (tools made to help you sit the aligners right in your teeth), the outie tool (a tool to help you take your aligners out) and the emery board (a tool to file down the edges that feel sharp of your aligners).

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Treatment Time

8 to 10 hours a day for 8 to 12 months (on average)


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The last brand to offer this type of treatment is AlignerCo. AlignerCo is a new teeth alignment brand offering budget-friendly alignment treatments. Its nighttime aligners plan is called “NightOnly Clear Aligners,” and it’s not very different from the ones we have already talked about.

AlignerCo NightOnly Clear aligners

The trays are made like the ones provided on the daytime treatment, but with a more resistant material to avoid grinding. AlignerCo aligners are BPA free, FDA approved, and prescribed by the brand’s Licensed and experienced Team of Experts

Price and payment

The price is the best in choosing AlignerCo night treatment because it’s the cheapest option: the entire treatment is only $1,095. Besides, AlignerCo offers different payment plans to make it easier for you to pay for your aligners. The two payment plans offered are the NightFlex Plan and the NightFlex Easy Plan. With the NightFlex Plan, you will pay $83 per month for 12 months, while with the NightFlex Easy, you will pay $150 per month for 6 months with a $445 down payment.

What is included in the kit?

Purchasing the plan includes an impression kit, smile projection, all the NightOnly Clear aligners needed to complete your treatment, and retainers. You can find more info about the brand in our AlignerCo Review.

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How Nighttime Clear Aligners Work

Again, nighttime clear aligners work on the same basic principle as typical invisible aligner trays. Once you’ve visited a location or sent in your at-home impression kit with the brand you chose, a licensed dentist or orthodontist will review your case and decide if you’re a good candidate for this treatment.

Nighttime clear aligners work best for patients with mild crowding or spacing issues. If these concerns are considered more than mild, patients may still be a good candidate for all-day-wear invisible aligner trays, which could work better for more moderate misalignment. Patients with significant misalignment or malocclusion may have to explore other options.

Once you are approved, your assigned dentist or orthodontist will custom design plan for your treatment that includes a number of aligner trays, as well as a schedule for wear, taking into account 10-hour daily wear, as opposed to typical 22-hour wear. Your custom nighttime clear aligner trays will arrive at your doorstep, along with instructions, in just 3-4 weeks so you can begin straightening your teeth. You should expect treatment to take a minimum of ten months from the time you begin, provided you follow instructions and wear aligners at least ten hours per day.

Nighttime Aligners Before and After

As stated in the article, nighttime aligners work the same way as daytime aligners, so you can expect to get the same results. However, if you want to see some evidence, here are some before and after photos:

Nighttime Aligners: Customers’ Reviews

One of the most important things to do before buying something is to compare what real customers have to say about that product. We dived into all the nighttime aligners’ reviews we found online and, overall, the customers only give great feedback about the product. Some of the brands like Byte, have even video reviews of some of the customers that give more details, from customers’ perspectives, about the process and the outcome of the treatment.

Clear Aligners vs. Nighttime Aligners

As noted above, there are no differences between clear aligners vs nighttime aligners as they are essentially the same product. Both are custom designed for the wearer and mailed directly to your home address. The major differences revolve around how much you wear them daily and how long treatment takes.

You are required to wear typical invisible aligner trays 22 hours per day, removing them only to eat and clean your teeth. This will result in a straight smile, as prescribed by your licensed dentist or orthodontist, in as little as six months, if you stick to scheduled wear.

regular teeth aligners vs nighttime aligners

Nighttime clear aligners only require ten hours of daily wear, while you sleep. If you stick to the schedule, you could see final results and a perfect smile in as little as ten months. The frequency with which you swap trays during the course of your treatment may differ from one treatment to the next.

The other potential difference lies in who is considered a good candidate for treatment. According to Byte, patients with mild to moderate crowding or spacing issues could be eligible for treatment with nighttime clear aligners, but this treatment is best suited to mild cases. More moderate cases may require all-day wear; maybe that’s the reason why Invisalign (and other brands) doesn’t offer Invisalign nighttime aligners, as the brand’s goal is to work with more complex cases in the lesser time possible.

Pros and Cons of Nighttime Clear Aligners

The greatest benefit of nighttime clear aligners is that they need only be worn at night. This removes obstacles like the inconvenience of daytime wear, punctuated by having to remove trays in order to eat during the day.

  • They only be worn at night
  • Removable
  • Invisible
  • Generally comfortable (particularly when used with Hyperbyte)
  • Slower results than regular clear aligners
  • Only for patients with mild misalignment
  • Slight risk of teeth shifting out of place during the day

Invisible aligner trays are virtually invisible, as the name implies, and it’s rare for others to notice that you’re wearing them. However, if you find that they make you self-conscious, nighttime clear aligners could provide a more appealing solution.

There are, however, a couple of downsides. First and foremost, you won’t see the same speedy results you can expect with all-day wear. While seeing results in ten months is still better than up to two years wearing traditional orthodontic braces, it’s not nearly as good as seeing final results in as little as six months, like you will with typical invisible aligners worn all day.

In addition, nighttime clear aligners are really only viable for patients with mild misalignment, which could mean many patients are out of luck. The good news is that typical clear teeth aligners trays for all-day wear are still available for those who have moderate misalignment or who want to complete their treatment more quickly.

nighttime teeth aligners
nighttime braces

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that only wearing clear aligners at night carries a greater risk of orthodontic relapse than wearing them all day. This is because the aligners only work at night and when you take them out in the morning, your teeth have all day to slowly drift back towards their original positions. That’s another reason why nighttime aligners can take longer than the regular all-day version; they have to make up some lost ground every night when you put them in.

Some people find it a bit uncomfortable to put their retainers in every evening after leaving them out and letting their teeth shift back throughout the day. Byte, however, offers the high-frequency vibration device that can speed up your treatment and help teeth move more freely.

Are Nighttime Clear Aligners Worth It?

To get a straighter smile without the hassle of wearing an aligner during the day, then a nighttime aligner could be perfect for you. First, compare the brands you like the most (i.e. Smile Direct Club vs Byte), to know which treatment fits you better and start right away your treatment to have the perfect smile as soon as possible in the most discreet way. 

However, if your orthodontic case is a bit complex or if you want to see results ASAP, then it’s best to stick with daytime clear aligners. Byte is a good choice since it could get you straighter teeth in as little as three months.


Do Nighttime Clear Aligners Work?

Yes, nighttime aligners actually work. They use the same system as at-day aligners with the only difference that you only have to wear them 10 hours a day while you sleep, and the treatment time will be longer.

The only thing you will have to consider is that this type of treatment works better for those with mild crowding and spacing issues. If your case is more complex than that, the dental team will probably recommend considering the daytime treatment, which will be more efficient for your needs.

How Much Are Nighttime Clear Aligners?

This depends on the company but they’re usually more expensive than at-day aligners. This is because the treatment is more prolonged, so they will have to monitor your smile more time and send you more trays than daytime aligners treatment.

Can You Use Your Regular Clear Aligners Only At Night?

No, you can’t if they aren’t meant to be worn 22 hours a day. You can only wear your aligners at night if they’re designed for it. If you decide to wear your regular aligners only while you sleep, they won’t be as effective as they’re meant to be.

Are Nighttime Clear Aligners Safe?

Yes, they’re as safe as regular clear aligners.

How Are Nighttime Aligners Different?

Nighttime aligners aren’t very different from the regular ones. In fact, they’re made the same way as regular ones with the only difference that nighttime aligners are made with a unique material to avoid grinding your teeth if you suffer from TMJ.


Can I Switch My Treatment To Nighttime Aligners?

Depending on the company, your case, etcetera. If you want to switch the treatment, you will have to ask the customer service, and the dental team will evaluate your situation to know if you can or not.


Which Other Brands Offer Nighttime Aligners?

For now, the only aligner’s companies offering nighttime aligners treatments are byte and Smile Direct Club in the US and Straight My Teeth in the UK.

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