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People with sensitive teeth often experience a temporary, sharp pain after engaging in certain activities, such as brushing, eating, and drinking. At other times, you may not even notice that you are developing sensitive teeth, as one of the leading causes is the wearing away of the enamel ‒ which takes time.

Wearing the enamel out means that the tubes that connect the nerves inside the tooth and elements outside become exposed. This is why whenever you take any food or drinks, hot becomes really hot and cold becomes really cold.

Having sensitive teeth makes it unbearable to carry on with your daily activities. If this happens, you may have to consult with your dentist to assist in ruling out the underlying causes of your tooth pain. Consequently, it is highly recommended investing in some of the best enamel care products to assist you in alleviating the pain and enable you to become more comfortable.

In this NHpro Enamel Care Review, we highlight what the fuss on the product is all about, its benefits, and how to use it.

What is NHpro Enamel Care?

If you have a demineralized enamel, your enamel is left exposed, meaning you’re likely to suffer from sensitivity.

Enter NHpro Enamel Care, a product from HiSmile. It is used for enamel remineralization and works by filling dentinal tubules, which helps manage and relieve tooth sensitivity. NHpro Enamel Care contains Xylitol, one of the ingredients that inhibit certain bacteria from sticking to the surface of teeth, leaving no room for tooth decay.

Some of the other key ingredients include:

nhpro enamel care hismile

There are other ingredients like Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, which all work towards ensuring that you get the relief you need from an exposed enamel.

The Benefits of the new HiSmile Enamel Care

This HiSmile tooth sensitivity treatment has shown proven results for treating tooth sensitivity. It has done this through its effective core ingredients that help to remineralize the enamel.

Besides that, there are other benefits to the new HiSmile Tooth Enamel Care. Some of them include:

While there are many dental myths indicating the cause of tooth sensitivity, you can never be too sure unless you visit the dentist. Reliable HiSmile reviews show the success rates of the company, meaning this product, besides being relatively new, is quite effective in relieving tooth sensitivity.

How to use the NHpro Enamel Care

The manufacturers of the product recommend that the product be used at least once daily. For maximum results, you ought to make it your nightly routine as the last step before going to bed. This helps to ensure the long-term effects of the active ingredients to avert tooth sensitivity.

How to use the NHpro Enamel Care

To use the NHpro Enamel Care:


Most frequent questions and answers

If you’re recovering from sensitive teeth whitening or have an exposed enamel, NHpro will assist in remineralizing your enamel, alleviating the pain associated with teeth sensitivity.

For optimum results, it is advised that you use NHpro Enamel Care at least once a day, especially at night before bed.

You can buy NHpro Enamel Care online from HiSmile’s website or third-party retail websites like Amazon.

Yes. It is perfectly safe to use the NHpro Ename Care product when having dental work. However, it is highly recommended to avoid brushing the product on such teeth, as only the natural teeth can be remineralized.

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