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New Smile Teeth Aligners Review

Julia Willcox

Written by Julia Willcox

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If you are investigating alternatives to traditional braces and Invisalign, you may have already begun to look into teledentistry companies. NewSmile is one of these companies and works to provide easily accessible and affordable orthodontic care. Accessing reliable orthodontic care might sound too good to be true, but with NewSmile, you can be sure that you will receive the best treatment possible.

What is NewSmile

If you are looking for teeth aligners in Canada, NewSmile offers its customers the opportunity to improve their smiles without even having to step foot outside of their homes. NewSmile’s dental aligner program is operated entirely online and has the advantage of offering the clearest aligners available, both Health Canada and FDA Approved. With this program, patients can easily begin their journey toward straighter teeth and their ideal smile.

the company newsmile

NewSmile company

NewSmile employs a team of licensed dentists and orthodontists to carry out their treatment plans and provide patients with a high standard of professional care. As mentioned above, the company operates entirely remotely, proving a convenient way to straighten your teeth. Their goal is to help you finally get the smile you have always wanted and do so in the most effective manner possible.

impression box newsmile


The NewSmile treatment process begins with an impression kit that is mailed directly to patients. Using this kit and with the directions provided during a live video call, patients can take impressions of their teeth before treatment. These impressions are then sent back to the NewSmile team of dentists and orthodontists, who analyze the current state of the patient’s teeth before creating a 3D treatment model to preview what the teeth will look like after they’ve been straightened. If the treatment model created based on the impressions is satisfactory, then New Smile will create your aligners and send them to you so you may begin treatment.

NewSmile also offers two different treatment plans: one standard all-day wear option and another that only requires you to wear your aligners at night. Each plan gets to you to the same result- but having this flexibility allows you to choose the option that is the best suited for your lifestyle. With the all-day treatment plan, patients are required to wear their aligners for 22 hours per day, while aligners should be worn for 10+ hours for the nighttime only plan.

newsmile duration treatment


The typical duration of treatment with NewSmile clear aligners is 4-6 months. This is a significantly shorter period of time compared to traditional metal braces, which typically need to be worn for one to three years. If you are someone who wants to get their orthodontic treatment over with as quickly as possible (and who doesn’t!), then the NewSmile treatment plans could be an excellent option for you.

newsmile app


NewSmile is readily accessible from the comfort of your own home if you live in the US or Canada, making it easier than ever for you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Additionally, you can download the New Smile Monitoring app for further support and help you complete your treatment on time. It will be available soon and it will include a timer, photo, and video uploading and tracking aligner progress, among other features.

Furthermore, NewSmile team members are available via a live video call to walk you through the process of using your impression kit- this allows you to ask any questions that may come up throughout the process and ensure that the molds you take are done correctly.

Although, if you prefer dental appointments to at-home assessment, NewSmile also provides dentist-assisted NewSmile aligners to their patients in their 2 clinics in Toronto.

Is NewSmile the best option for you?

NewSmile aligners can help correct a variety of common dental problems, including but not limited to gap teeth and crowding. Their customizable aligners can also work for those who have missing teeth, a bridge, or implanted teeth. However, the NewSmile team does recommend that if you currently have a permanent retainer, you should ensure that it is removed before taking your initial impressions for your NewSmile treatment. Additionally, those with more severe dental problems may not be able to receive treatment with NewSmile’s clear plastic aligners. When you send in your initial impression kit, NewSmile’s team of professionals will assess the extent of the corrections that will be necessary to straighten your teeth and let you know whether or not you are a good candidate for treatment. If you are wondering whether or not it is worth it to order an impression kit, you can go to NewSmile’s website to answer a short series of questions regarding the current state of your teeth.

Another factor to consider when deciding on whether or not you should choose to go with NewSmile for your orthodontic treatment is how much you care about wearing an orthodontic appliance during the day. You obviously would not be able to avoid this when wearing traditional braces or choose a clear aligner option that must be worn for 22 hours. Thankfully, the nighttime only option with NewSmile gives you the chance to avoid having to wear your orthodontic appliance throughout the day. This could be a great option if you have a job in which wearing braces or even plastic aligners would be inconvenient or simply want to snack whenever you want to throughout the day.

newsmile guarantee

How Much Does NewSmile Cost?

NewSmile understands that financial barriers can prevent many individuals from receiving the orthodontic care they are looking for and need. By providing payment options that are significantly cheaper than in-office options and allowing payment from nearly all FSA and HSA accounts, NewSmile hopes to make quality orthodontic care available to a larger group of people. Beyond the typical payment plans and discounts offered by NewSmile, military veterans are eligible for an additional $200 off their treatment’s total cost.

Cost of NewSmile impression kit

The NewSmile impression kit and a preview of your treatment are available for CAD $200, and it comes with a preview of what your new smile will look like if you decide to purchase the treatment plan. If you are unsure whether or not NewSmile will work for your orthodontic needs, ordering the impression kit alone allows you to see what their treatment would help you with a minimal financial investment.

Day vs. Night Treatment Plan Cost

If you choose to pay your entire treatment at once, the standard day treatment plan is CAD $1899  while the nighttime is available for CAD $2099. There is also monthly payment options: for the regular treatment you pay CAD $83  per month with no down payment; the night treatment, on the other hand, is CAD $91 per month with no down payment, both plans for 12 months. Additionally, the monthly payment options for both the day and nighttime treatment plans come with 0% APR, so you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of interest while making payments for your orthodontic treatment.

Limited Time Offer!
Limited Time Offer!

By clicking on the button below, get the impression kit for only $89 for a limited time!

NewSmile Reviews: How’s the Customer Experience?

Customers generally report a high level of satisfaction with their NewSmile experience. Many comments on the degree of support they received from the NewSmile customer service team, saying they were easy to contact and patient when answering questions. There are also an abundance of reviews commenting on the convenience of the monthly payment options and overall financial flexibility that NewSmile offers. Several reviewers explained that they had never previously been able to afford orthodontic treatment to fix their teeth. Still, the 0% APR monthly payment option offered by NewSmile has allowed them to afford their treatment finally and achieve the smile they had always wanted. One final but important point made in several of the reviews was that customers are able to trust the NewSmile brand more than other teledentistry companies they had researched. NewSmile’s aligners are approved by both the Food and Drug Administration in the United States and by Health Canada, which ensures that they use quality aligners and retainers that have been reviewed by health officials and deemed safe.

Overall, customers seemed to be happy with their experience working with NewSmile and satisfied with their treatment results.

NewSmile Before and After

Reading about previous customers’ treatment success is undoubtedly helpful, but seeing these success stories’ actual images can often be the last bit of assurance; you need to take the leap and try NewSmile for yourself. Check out the before and after photos of previous customers to see for yourself!

How Does NewSmile Work? The Treatment, Step-by-Step

Teledentistry sounds excellent in theory, but how does the NewSmile treatment process actually work?

First, you will receive your NewSmile impression kit in the mail. These impressions will help NewSmile’s team of dentists and orthodontists create a 3D model of your treatment. A common concern of customers is ensuring that they take their impressions correctly. Still, NewSmile helps alleviate this worry by having their customers book a live video call with one of their professionals to help with the process of taking dental impressions.

After taking the impressions and sending them back to the NewSmile team, they are evaluated, and a model for your treatment is created. You can see this model before proceeding with your treatment, and if it is satisfactory, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

At this point, you are ready to receive your first set of aligners.

For the duration of your treatment, you will wear one set of aligners for a set period of time, and when it is time for you to switch to the next set, NewSmile will mail them to you. Once you have worn each set of aligners for the amount of time instructed, you have completed your treatment and will be sent a set of retainers to ensure that your teeth do not shift in the future.

Pros and Cons of NewSmile Treatment

As with most decisions, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the NewSmile treatment plans. The lists below are meant to help clarify what those potential pros and cons are and assist with the decision making process.

  • Price: NewSmile is significantly cheaper than either traditional metal braces or Invisalign
  • Duration: The treatment timeline is much shorter than in-office treatment options
  • Convenience: With NewSmile, you can receive quality orthodontic treatment form the comfort of your own home
  • Nighttime-Only: Aside from the standard all-day treatment option, you can also choose a nighttime only plan
  • Challenging Cases: Clear aligners are able to treat many types of dental problems, but some more severe cases may have to be treated with traditional metal braces.
  • Direct Access: If something were to go wrong with your treatment, issues would likely be more easily addressed by a visit to an orthodontist in-person rather than online

Get Your NewSmile Teeth Aligners at Home

NewSmile’s clear teeth aligners provide a convenient and affordable opportunity to achieve the smile that you’ve always wanted. Each step of the simple, streamlined process is accessible online, and your aligners will be mailed directly to you. Furthermore, NewSmile offers several payment options catering to your individual financial needs. Finally, you can choose either the all-day or nighttime treatment plan depending on your own personal preferences.

Limited Time Offer!
Limited Time Offer!

By clicking on the button below, get the impression kit for only $89 for a limited time!


Where is NewSmile available?

NewSmile aligners are available in the USA and in Canada.

Does Wearing NewSmile Aligners Hurt?

Wearing something that it's moving your teeth can sometimes hurt, but if we could measure the pain on a scale, the pain caused by wearing NewSmile aligners it’s low, more than painful it is discomforting.

Can I Get NewSmile Aligners if I Have a Bridge, a Missing or Implanted Tooth?

You can get NewSmile in those three cases, the only thing you have to do is let NewSmile’ dental team know that. Although every case is different, and sometimes clear aligners won’t be the right fit for you, that’s why NewSmile’ dental team has to know this, so they can create the best alignment plan for you.

Are NewSmile Aligners BPA and Latex-Free?

Yes, NewSmile aligners are BPA and latex-free.

Can You Get NewSmile Aligners Only for Top or Bottom Teeth?

Yes, you can get aligners for only your top or bottom teeth. However, NewSmile dental team will need both impressions (bottom and top) to make sure that your alignment it’s okay, and it won’t affect your bite in case you choose to treat only the bottom or top teeth.

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