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Motto Aligners Review: Clear Aligners by Aspen Dental

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For those looking for a relatively low-cost and “invisible” option for correcting misalignment in the teeth, Motto aligners by Aspen Dental might be the solution. Motto aligners are designed to fix minor dental issues like spacing or crowding.

Read our review to find out more about what the Motto aligners are, the cost and the process of treatment. We have detailed everything from the very process of the beginning to the end of the treatment and brand comparisons.

What Are Motto Aligners?

If you’re looking for an orthodontic solution that’s comfortable, removable, and practically invisible all at once, Motto aligners from Aspen Dental offer a perfect solution. Founded in 1994 by Robert Fontana, Aspen Dental is a leading provider of high-end teeth and jaw alignment treatments.

This company features products such as Motto aligners, offering specialized treatment options to help patients achieve the best possible orthodontic results. The product lineup is extensive, designed, and developed with the highest quality standards and craftsmanship.

Based in the United States, Aspen Dental has established itself as an industry leader and continues to raise the bar for delivering superior orthodontic results with safe, cutting-edge technology. Find more information about aligners in our teeth aligners guide.

How Do Motto Clear Aligners Work?

Motto Clear Aligners have been getting rave reviews from users worldwide as they are an efficient and affordable alternative to other aligners brands like Candid or Invisalign, which has a very similar process.

Unlike traditional metal braces, clear aligners provide a more discreet way of getting the perfect smile. Like every aligner company, Motto aligners work by pushing your teeth into place with a series of tray-like devices that change as you progress through each stage in the treatment plan. However, Motto’s affordability and dental expertise through in-office monitoring make it different.

How Long Does The Motto Aligners Treatment Last?

Thus how long does Motto Clear Aligners treatment last? Is it affordable? And what if I have doubts about Motto aligners? Well, the answer is as soon as six months!

Aspen Dental Motto clear aligners reviews citing comfort as just some of the benefits of using Motto. Another advantage is having your dental specialists perform treatments in-office. This makes that treatment time shorter and allows patients to benefit from being able to enjoy life outside the dentist’s chair faster. Having specialists closely monitoring treatments ensures the highest standard for safety and quality of care each visit.

How Much Do Motto Aligners Cost?

On average, Motto offers their aligners at $1,999 – $2,999, depending on your treatment option.

Comparing prices of at-home and in-office aligners is crucial when deciding which braces to get for yourself or your child, as these treatments can seem very similar. Still, they have some essential differences that will increase the price because the monitoring is better. The charts of best teeth aligners are headed by Invisalign, which can cost between $3,000 and $8,000, followed by Clear Correct or Byte. However, if you check other resources, you’ll see that in clear aligners cost comparison, Motto aligners are among the market’s most affordable and effective aligners.

Motto aligners’ cost is reasonable compared to many other orthodontic treatments, especially being an in-office brand, which means more personalized treatment by a specialist without paying extra for each dental expertise.

It’s no secret that dental care can come with a hefty price tag, so it’s especially remarkable when a treatment comes along that is both affordable and comprehensive. With the ability to have over 10 visits at a maximum rate of $3000, many are taking advantage of this to get quality care without breaking the bank. There are also payment plans offered by Aspen dental to consider.

Payment Plans

Aspen Dental offers a hassle-free payment plan perfect for anyone needing quality dental treatment without straining their bank accounts. Their Motto “aligners cost should not be an obstacle,” truly reflects in their no down payment plans and affordable monthly payments of only $49.

And the best part is that these Motto clear aligners cost the same amount as traditional braces – no hidden charges or extra fees! So if you’re looking for a quality and invisible aligner treatment at an affordable price, Asper dental has a solution for you.

Are there clear aligners discount coupons to use with Motto aligners? You may get information about any discount consulting directly with your visiting center.

Insurance Of Motto Aligners

Motto Aligners are considered an aesthetic treatment; therefore, insurance does not cover these types of dental interventions. Nevertheless, dental insurance with orthodontic coverage may offer special deals for those obtaining Motto Aligners or cover part of the treatment.

Is Motto a Good Choice for You?

Motto Aligners are a good choice for anyone looking to straighten their teeth quickly. Though some may think Motto aligners are limited to only treating mild cases, they can actually handle much more complex alignment issues.

For example, Motto aligners have been known to handle jaw alignment issues which many other at-home aligner manufacturers cannot say the same. Reviews and testimonies from current Motto Aligners customers show positive results and satisfaction with their dental experience.

Motto aligners are for mild and moderate misalignment cases. They are affordable and effective.

If the case is more severe than what Motto can deal with, Invisalign clear aligners can help with adult or teen teeth alignment cases. Clear aligners for teens are a solution for teens who dream of a perfect smile. Clear aligners are barely visible orthodontic appliances that work to straighten teeth and improve oral health without the bulky metal braces of the past.

The Invisalign app can be used to follow up on the progress. If you have considered Invisalign to straighten your teeth and give you that beautiful smile, but find the cost too expensive for your budget, don’t despair.

Several other brands, just as effective as Invisalign, offer excellent quality at a more affordable price. Check out our best teeth aligners article for a list of brands worth looking into if you want to save money without compromising quality and results. These Best teeth aligners are excellent choices for anyone looking to straighten their teeth quickly.

  • Affordable cost - starting from $1.900
  • Available in Aspen Dental - more than 900 locations
  • A 6-month timeline for the treatment
  • The treatment is followed by a dental professional
  • Guarantee included
  • You can use the app to follow up on your progress
  • This procedure is not 100% at home if you seek a non-visits treatment.
  • The customer service of Motto Aligners does not always provide a good experience for customers.
  • Motto Aligners don’t address problematic crowding or spacing to a great extent and may not be suitable for correcting severe overcrowding or excessively crooked smiles. Therefore, while they can work well in mild and moderate cases, they should not be relied on exclusively in more severe cases.

If you are looking for clear aligners for teens, it is essential to consult a specialist. Teens may still be in the bone development process and need extra observation and treatment.

Our Perspective: How To Evaluate The Motto Option?

Trying to decide whether getting Motto aligners is the right decision? It is important to evaluate your options based on:

Motto Aligners Rating
Motto Aligners Rating

When it comes to effectiveness, consider how many cases the treatment provider has done before and if motto clear aligners reviews are satisfactory. It can also be helpful to check what kind of after-care is available, should any adjustments or repairs be needed.


Affordability is another key factor; in addition to checking the costs upfront, ensure there are no hidden costs that may be charged later on. Motto aligners is a very affordable brand despite the dental visits. Normally, this type of brands are much more expensive as they require a professional in-person monitoring that costs hundreds of dollars. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly in-person brand, this is the one for you; but it's not the most affordable brand on the market. 


Convenience ties in with this - consider the availability of appointments and detailed treatment plan description from the professional. Motto Aligners is not the most convenient brand as dental visits are required.


Finally, don’t forget about appearance; Motto clear aligners are invisible and, as other clear aligners, no one will notice that you are wearing them. However, they should fit tightly around your teeth while still being comfortable. Motto clear aligners before and after results should be visible and clear. 

Take your time and thoroughly look into each option before making a decision that’s right for you!

Save $150 on Motto™ Aligners!
Save $150 on Motto™ Aligners!
For a limited time, get up to $150 OFF in your Motto alignment treatment.

Options For Motto Aligner Treatment

If you’re considering aligning your teeth with motto aligners, it’s important to know that there are three levels of treatment: Essential, Plus, and Complete.

Motto Aligners Essentia

For just under $2000, you get the aligners, starter tray, MottoAssured protection plan, and one set of aftercare retainers. This comprehensive package ensures you have everything required to complete your treatment with good results. The fact that in-person doctor visits are included is a great plus, particularly given the current situation in which virtual visits play such a big role.

Motto Aligners Plus

Motto Plus includes everything offered by Motto Essential, such as consultations with dentists online, tracking of your oral health information, and personalized tips for at-home care. Additionally, it offers remote dental monitoring.

Motto Aligners Complete

Motto Complete is the ultimate way to be sure your smile retains its youthful brilliance for years. Under $3,000 you get an unsurpassed level of coverage with it. Motto Plus supplies detailed support through the entire process, while Motto Retain covers nearly ten retainers in the time after treatment.

Motto Aligners: Before And After Results

Motto aligners from Aspen Dental promise visible results in just one month. Well suited for crowded teeth and mild misalignments, motto aligners before and after results provide a comfortable and non-permanent way of straightening teeth without brackets or wires. Whether you need clear aligners for top teeth only or both top and lower teeth, the result will not make you wait long.

After beginning the treatment, Motto teeth aligners reviews tell us what we can expect: to see significant changes to their dental alignment in as little as a month, allowing them to obtain the smile they’ve been looking for easily.

Customers Reviews Of Motto Aligners

Motto clear aligner reviews have been consistently positive. Many people express their surprise at how quickly and easily it fits into their lifestyle and budget.

Best Alternatives To Motto Aligners

If you are considering aligners as a way to improve your smile but don’t want to go with Motto aligners, some competitors may work better for your needs. The motto clear aligners vs. Invisalign debate could come down to:

Motto Aligners vs. Invisalign

Motto Aligners Review: Clear Aligners by Aspen Dental 1
White background, the Invisalign logo and name centered in the image.

Motto Aligners vs. Byte

Motto Aligners Review: Clear Aligners by Aspen Dental 1
pop up byte

Motto Aligners Vs. 3M Clear Aligners

Motto Aligners Review: Clear Aligners by Aspen Dental 1
Motto Aligners Review: Clear Aligners by Aspen Dental 7

Every teeth aligner brand has its pros and cons, so it’s essential to do your research and select the option that best suits your needs. There are no worst teeth aligners; there are ones that work well for you and ones that do not. It’s no secret that options can be hit or miss when it comes to aligners. Fortunately, Motto clear aligners are not like such options at all. Motto clear aligners provide quality results and are not just one fit or dangerous for your health.

If you thoroughly check all the details, you may find that some of the best cheap teeth aligners are affordable. Even though it can be tempting to try the cheapest option available, remember that having healthy, great-looking teeth usually isn’t free.

Final Thoughts: Is Motto Right For You?

To sum it up, Motto Aligners are an innovative and comprehensive way to straighten teeth with clear aligners. Compared to more traditional orthodontic treatments, Motto Aligners save both time and money due to their comfortable fit and painless alignment process.

The custom-fitted aligner trays reduce the chances of gum irritation or discomfort during treatment compared to other types of braces. The fact that Motto Aligners are easy to use, provide achieving results quickly, have a low tolerance for failure, and have plenty of lifestyle benefits make them a fantastic solution for many people considering straightening their teeth without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort.

Save $150 on Motto™ Aligners!
Save $150 on Motto™ Aligners!
For a limited time, get up to $150 OFF in your Motto alignment treatment.


Are Motto Aligners Available At Places Other Than Aspen Dental?

You can get Motto Aligners only at more than 900 branches of Aspen dental. In most of them, you do not need to make an appointment to visit and acquire information. Just walk in for more.

Is Motto The Same As Suresmile?

Aspen dental Motto aligners and Suresmile are both orthodontic treatments used to do the same thing: straighten teeth. They offer "different approaches,” like material or walk-in visits with the specialist. Nevertheless, at their core, they’re both built on the same basic principles of tooth movement.

How Many Hours A Day Do I Need To Wear Motto Aligners?

Motto aligners are for day and night wearing. You can take them off to brush your teeth while eating and drinking hot drinks. You must wear Motto aligners for 22 hours daily to get the desired results.

Can I Get Motto If I Have Tooth Decay Or Gum Disease?

First and foremost, it is crucial to understand that the process of getting Motto aligners requires a person's teeth and gums to be in overall good health. Therefore, if you have any issues with dental decay or gum disease, you should ensure these are resolved before proceeding with your Motto treatment plan.

Do Motto Aligners Hurt?

Aspen dental Motto aligners may be a bit uncomfortable initially, this is normal and should only last for two weeks or so. After that, you'll get used to wearing them and won't feel anything.

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