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Mobile White Teeth Whitening Reviews, Cost & Alternatives

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It is a no-brainer that we all need to have better smiles. More often than not, you will become mesmerized when you look at most celebrities donning their “Hollywood” smiles, wishing that you could also get that dazzling appearance.

What if we told you that you could also get the same dazzling smile from a renowned celebrity cosmetic dentist who has assisted many Hollywood stars in their smile makeovers?

You can also experience this “Hollywood” smile makeover through Mobile White teeth whitening at only a fraction of the average teeth whitening price. Here’s all you need to know about this product.

What Is Mobile White?

Mobile White teeth whitening is the brainchild of Dr. Bill Dorfman, a celebrity dentist most well-known for conducting drastic smile makeovers. Dr. Bill Dorfman is one of the most popular Hollywood cosmetic dentists and has worked with many celebrities, including Katy Perry and Mark Wahlberg. 

Mobile White uses the latest technology in LED light to whiten your teeth and achieve more dramatic results within a short period. According to the company, you only need about 6 applications to get your teeth up to 8 shades lighter. 

But is teeth whitening safe with this product? Mobile White uses enamel-safe whitening materials that are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and BPA-free. Their products are also FDA-approved.

According to the founder, Dr. Bill Dorfman, they set out to develop a teeth-whitening solution that is:

Besides the founder’s popularity, this product has gained vast recognition through aggressive ad campaigns and endorsements from other dentists. Mobile White has also been endorsed on various major TV platforms, including Larry King, Oprah, CBS the Doctors, and many others.

How Does Mobile White Teeth Whitening Work?

Mobile Teeth whitening uses the ingredients you’d find in most in-office or professional teeth whitening solutions. The main whitening ingredient is 25% Carbamide Peroxide, which is known to be an alternative to Hydrogen Peroxide but causes less sensitivity to your enamel. 

You simply apply the solution to your teeth, and it penetrates deep into your teeth to remove even the most stubborn stains, guaranteeing you results with as few as 6 applications. The LED light breaks down the stains, enabling the whitening solution to easily get absorbed into your teeth, giving you longer-lasting results than most DIY teeth whitening methods.

How to Use Mobile White Teeth Whitening Kit

For you to know how to use the Mobile White teeth whitening kit, it would be prudent first to understand what the kit comes with. According to the founders, they wanted to create something portable (hence the name ‘Mobile’) and does not make it a hassle for one to use the product. 

The Mobile White teeth whitening kit comes with the following:

mobile white teeth whitening how to use it

The kit also comes with a cord to connect to your mobile phone (any mobile phone brand works). 

Here are simple Mobile White teeth whitening instructions to follow

  1. Connect your LED light tray to your mobile phone
  2. Squeeze the whitening gel into the LED light tray
  3. Place the light tray into your mouth for 20 minutes
  4. Disconnect the LED light tray from your mobile device after 20 minutes
  5. Rinse your mouth and brush off any remaining gel

How Much Do Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Cost?

Mobile White teeth whitening kits have straightforward pricing without any hidden charges. You may have to select the type of kit you want, as each comes with its own pricing depending on your unique needs. 

The Mobile White® Advanced teeth whitening kit currently retails at $69.95 on the company’s website. Their Deluxe whitening kit is currently going for $79.95 on the website. You may find periodic discounts, offers, and Mobile White teeth whitening promo codes whenever you purchase from them.

What’s more is that you can easily purchase Mobile White whitening kits at other online retail stores with regular promos, including Amazon.

According to the company, they ship throughout North America. However, you may have to incur shipping costs. Nevertheless, this is still a good bargain compared to the average teeth whitening cost at the dentist’s office. 

Mobile White Reviews: See What Customers Have to Say

Unlike most top teeth whitening products you can purchase online, Mobile White teeth whitening does not have as many reviews online. However, based on the 70+ reviews on Amazon, the product seems to have been well-received by users, with an overall rating of 3.8 stars out of 5

For a product that has not been in the market for an extended period, that’s fairly an ‘OK’ rating. Moreover, the negative (or lower-star ratings) reviews do not mainly focus on the product’s ability to whiten your teeth but more so on its pricing and ease of use. 

Here are some of the Mobile White reviews we found from real users online: 

Check Mobile White Teeth Whitening Before and After Results

Mobile White teeth whitening actually works, based on the number of satisfied users that have left reviews online. For most people, the results of the product could be seen within the first 6 applications, making the claims made by the company to be actually true. 

Before you settle on any product, it would help first to know the expectations and how your teeth would look if you used it. Here are Mobile Teeth whitening before and after images to help you make a more informed decision as you determine if Mobile White teeth whitening is the ideal solution for you.

Mobile White vs Snow Teeth Whitening

One of the biggest (and probably the best) alternatives to Mobile White teeth whitening is Snow teeth whitening. This is hands down among the leading brands in at-home teeth whitening, offering better results within a shorter period, ideal for people with sensitive teeth, and is pretty easy to use. 

While Mobile White offers good results, it would be correct to note the superior effectiveness of Snow, not only in giving you a brighter smile but also in protecting your teeth and gums. For instance, you apply the whitening solution directly on your teeth instead of using a tray, reducing contact with your gums. Moreover, this leaves no room for a mess to be created during use. 

Snow teeth whitening adds more features to help you throughout your teeth-whitening journey. For starters, you can pair (or monitor) your treatment with an app, ensuring you get the desired results without missing out on anything. 

Mobile White teeth whitening is definitely more affordable, as Snow teeth whitening cost starts from $119.20

Check out our comprehensive Snow teeth whitening reviews for further insights.

What Benefits Does Mobile White Teeth Whitening Device Offer?

For someone that wants no-fuss teeth whitening without having to endure long processes, complicated methods, and overly-priced solutions, Mobile White teeth whitening may simply be the answer you’re looking for. 

Without the need to carry too many things or devices that would otherwise limit where you can have your treatment, this product offers a portable solution. This means that you can whiten your teeth anywhere, thanks to the ‘mobile’ device and an LED light tray that you can plug into your mobile phone. 

What’s more, all the ingredients used in creating the whitening solution are FDA-approved and BPA-free. It is always essential to ensure that the product you wish to use is safe for your consumption and has no adverse impacts. Moreover, all the ingredients used are safe on your enamel, unlike most other brands, which may harm your teeth, causing lots of irritation and increased sensitivity. 

According to the company, you can get a ‘lifetime’ supply of free whitening gels. However, you will have to deal with hefty shipping costs. 


Is Mobile White Advanced teeth whitening safe?

Mobile White Advanced teeth whitening is safe for human use. It is BPA-free and FDA-approved and only uses ingredients that will not harm your teeth or gums.

Is Mobile White Advanced the best teeth whitening system?

Mobile White Advanced teeth whitening system definitely stands out among the best teeth whitening solutions. It is trusted and endorsed by many dentists and has received quite an overwhelmingly positive acceptance from its users. However, there are other brands, such as Snow teeth whitening, that you may consider if you seek an alternative to Mobile White teeth whitening. 

How often should you use Mobile White?

The company recommends using Mobile White at least 2 times every day for the first 1-2 weeks. Thereafter, you can use it 3-4 times every month to maintain your results.

Who can use Mobile White?

Mobile White is ideal for anyone seeking whiter teeth without having to go through dental clinic visits. However, the company cautions those using veneers, crowns, and even braces, that the whitening solution only penetrates the unobstructed parts of your natural teeth. This may leave a possible mismatch in teeth color. 

Is Mobile White registered with the FDA?

All Mobile White products and ingredients are FDA-approved. This means that you can rest assured that this whitening solution is safe for your consumption. 

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