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Laughland Teeth Whitening Review: Does it really work?

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There are many reasons why your teeth may appear less pearly than they were a few years back. Much of this is attributed to your dietary lifestyle, age, drugs used (both medicinal and non-medicinal), among other factors. Some years back, it would have been a daunting experience trying to whiten your teeth: from the time-consuming dentist’s appointments to the overly priced services.

Today, getting your teeth whitened is quite convenient, thanks to brands like Laughland. What’s more, getting that brilliant Hollywood smile no longer forces you to break the bank.

In this Laughland teeth whitening review, we highlight the nitty-gritty regarding what this product is all about, how it works, cost, and even look at some before and after results.

What is Laughland whitening?

Laughland prides itself on being the only teeth whitening product that is personalized and that it only provides its users what they really want. This is one of the best teeth whitening kits that you can use at home. It only requires five minutes of your day for at least six days to make your teeth up to eight shades whiter.

In addition, the results last for up to three months, and you can sign up for an ongoing subscription for additional whitening gels.

laughland whitening kit

Since it is tailored for individual users, the company can easily get you a formula that works best for your case, regardless of the cause of the stains on your teeth.

The company will have you fill out a questionnaire when you want to order to find out more about your personal needs and lifestyle.

The information they get from your answers enables them to come up with a personalized treatment for you. Its customization process considers various factors like the sensitivity of your teeth, your diet, how you brush your teeth, whether you recently had any dental work, and much more.

But why is all that important?

In a nutshell, Laughland came up with an ingenious way of mitigating minor inconveniences often caused by LED whitening kits, such as sensitive teeth whitening.

While you also get these options taken into consideration at your dentist’s, you still end up saving time and cost.

Laughland currently deals with its teeth whitening formula gel as their main selling product. As added accessories to the gel, you can also get their to-go pen which you can use to apply the whitening gel while traveling.

How does the Laughland Whitening kit work?

According to the company, Laughland uses all-natural ingredients like aloe leaf juice, chamomile flower, menthol mint, and pomegranate seed extract. This helps to ensure that users aren’t exposed to certain chemicals that their teeth might react to.

Laughland Teeth Whitening Review: Does it really work? 1

The Laughland whitening kit is designed to be used at home and only takes a few minutes every day (no cap on the maximum amount of time you can spend). You can get started by ordering the kit online after responding to their questionnaire.

Based on various Laughland teeth whitening reviews, whitening your teeth is pretty straightforward once you receive your kit. You simply have to brush your teeth to remove any food debris or coatings. Thereafter, you need to apply half of the contents on one whitening gel syringe onto the mouthpiece.

Plug the mouthpiece into a power source, insert it into the mouth, and keep it for at least five minutes.

Here’s the summary of the steps involved:

Laughland Whitening Results: Before and After

Just like with any other teeth whitening kit, the results for Laughland users tend to vary. This is mainly because of the severity of the condition the user was in before using the product and what their desired look would be like.

Nevertheless, Laughland promises whiter shades of teeth within six days. Some patients have reported getting their teeth up to eight shades whiter within a short period.

The company offers a guarantee, and should you not get satisfied for whatever reasons; they will put you in contact with one of their specialists who listens to your concerns and try to determine why the product didn’t work as you intended. Consequently, you will receive a redefined formula whitening gel to help you whiten your teeth.

Laughland Whitening Customer Reviews

Having only been launched in 2019, Laughland is a relatively new company. However, its reputation has traveled far and wide, evidenced by the thousands of positive customer reviews online.

It appears that the majority of Laughland whitening users have had a generally good experience with the product. This is mostly attributed to the fact that the whitening cream is fully customized to their specific needs.

Laughland Whitening
Laughland Whitening

With thousands of positive online reviews, we can easily conclude that many people are generally happy with this product’s effectiveness. However, the fact that it is only effective for 1-3 months before you go through the process again may be a mild setback.



At only $100 for the complete set, Laughland whitening is quite pocket-friendly. The whitening gel refills, which cost only $25, are also favorably priced, even cheaper than most homemade teeth whitening techniques.


There are many reasons that make Laughland top on convenience. For starters, you can use the product fully at home without the need for a dentist. You only need to use the product for at least five minutes a day, which is pretty convenient. Furthermore, the Android/ Apple adapter makes it more convenient to use.


Customer service

The company’s customer service is quite responsive and helpful.

How much are Laughland Whitening products?

The Laughland whitening kit retails at $100. While the average cost for teeth whitening is way higher than this, the Laughland teeth whitening kit provides a more affordable alternative to whiter teeth. This includes 16 powerful LED whitening lights, 3x whitening gel, and an adapter. You may also have to part with $25 per refill of whitening gel. All these you get with free shipping.

Apart from the initial Laughland whitening cost, you can also opt to get their To-Go pen at $20. This pen offers the convenience of carrying your personalized formula for a touch-up while on the go.

Laughland Whitening Kit$100
Whitening gel refill$25 (per refill)
Laughland To-Go Pen$30

Where Can I Buy Laughland Whitening?

You can easily get Laughland whitening delivered straight to your home by ordering through their website. Simply fill out the questionnaire, which takes less than a minute, pay, and wait for your package to be delivered.

If you want to check other products to make a more informed decision, you can check our review of GO smile teeth whitening as it is a great alternative to Laughland whitening. It offers a convenient at-home solution that can deliver noticeable results in as little as seven days. GO Smile’s products are gentle on teeth and gums, making them a safe and effective choice for a brighter, whiter smile.


How long does Laughland Whitening last?

Laughland whitening results last up to three months without the need to repeat the process during this period.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Each customer has a Laughland account from which they get to control their subscription, such as the refill frequency, changing address, and even canceling the subscription. Alternatively, they can send an email to their customer representatives at [email protected].


Are Laughland products tested on animals?

No. According to Laughland, their whitening products are not tested on any animals, neither do they request others to test on animals on their behalf.

Is Laughland Whitening products gluten-free?

Yes. All Laughland products are manufactured gluten-free.

Can Laughland whitening be used if you have veneers or crowns?

Yes. The Laughland whitening formula is safe for use with veneers or crowns.

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