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KöR Whitening Reviews: Long-Lasting Results

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When a quick internet search yields a wealth of DIY teeth whitening hacks and online teeth whitening kits, it’s easy to think that the days of in-office teeth bleaching treatments are over.

Coconut oil teeth whitening, for example, is one of the most natural and affordable ways to try lightening your teeth at home.

Why spend money for your dentist to whiten your teeth when you can do it yourself?

Enter, KöR bleaching.

How Does KöR Teeth Whitening Work?

For more than a decade, KöR has been proving that there’s no other whitening formula or technique that can deliver results better than this professional in-office treatment.

Developed by veteran teeth whitening researcher Dr. Rod Kurthy, KöR bleaching delivers dramatic and reliable results, unlike other at-home methods which have significant limitations.

KöR deep bleaching is only available at participating dental practices. The system is a simple one involving custom whitening trays, bleaching gels, and a desensitizing agent. Depending on your treatment preferences or whitening goals, you can use KöR either at home, have it applied by your dentist, or choose a combination of in-office and at-home treatments.

Why KöR Whitening?

According to the company itself, KöR is “widely recognized as the world’s most effective teeth whitening system.”

Here are the main features of KöR that make it so much more effective than other teeth bleaching treatments.

KöR Is Kept Cold

One of the main defining features of KöR’s whitening system is that it’s kept cold right from production, through delivery, and all the way to the application on your teeth. The ingredients used in bleaching gels are unstable and they’re supposed to be that way. They start to break down when they warm up and it’s this chemical reaction that helps lift stain from your teeth. But the trick is preventing that reaction until the gel is on your teeth. Warm temperatures can cause whitening gel to break down and lose its effectiveness before you even apply it.

While many other teeth whitening companies load their bleaching gels with stabilizers and preservatives to avoid premature breakdown, KöR prefers to keep their gels filled with only potent bleaches and leaving zero room for unnecessary preservatives.

As a result, KöR’s gels have to be kept under constant refrigeration. The gels are thus kept at optimum efficiency right up through the application process.

KöR’s Unique Tri-BarrelTM Hydremide® Peroxide Technology

KöR packages their bleaching gel in three separate tubes. All three products need to be combined at the time of application because they react once they’re mixed and it’s this interaction that creates the bleaching effect. Keeping KöR’s proprietary bleaching ingredients separate until the last possible moment ensures that they don’t lose their effectiveness.

To date, KöR is the only bleaching company with this advanced formula technique.

The KöR-Seal™ Tray

Another crucial element of KöR’s system is their specially-designed whitening trays. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create custom-fitted trays for delivering your whitening gel. This part is common in take-home teeth whitening systems, but the difference is that your dentist won’t actually make the trays; KöR does that in their own lab because they want to guarantee a perfect fit for optimal delivery.

KöR’s whitening trays create a snug seal with your teeth. They hold the bleaching gel against your teeth to prevent gum irritation and product wastage and to avoid saliva contamination. KöR’s proprietary trays keep the gel in contact with your teeth for hours to help you get them as white as possible.

Whitening your teeth with KöR’s trays also prevents your teeth from drying out during the bleaching process, something that’s a common contributor to sensitivity in other in-office whitening treatments.

KöR Is Kept Cold

Sensitivity is a very common issue during teeth whitening. This side-effect is usually temporary and manageable. KöR addresses post-bleaching sensitivity in a few ways:

To use KöR’s desensitizing solution, you simply brush a few drops onto the fronts of your teeth before whitening and then again after taking out the trays.

Countless KöR whitening users have gotten great results with little to no discomfort. Many dentists expressed surprise when some of their most sensitive patients were able to enjoy whiter smiles with zero sensitivity by using KöR.

KöR aims to offer a gimmick-free and truly effective whitening system that consistently delivers intense and long-lasting results with as little discomfort as possible. The company’s approach is evident in the simplicity of their system.

There’s no need to fiddle with any devices or timers or anything else. KöR is, pure and simple, designed to get you that glowing white smile you want, guaranteed.

Here are the main whitening treatment programs on offer with KöR.

KöR Whitening Home

KöR Whitening Home

The KöR Whitening Home system is a traditional take-home bleaching treatment. Your dentist will fit you for the whitening tray and supply you with enough KöR bleaching gel for two weeks’ worth of whitening. You’ll be given the bleach formula depending on whether you prefer to whiten your teeth during the day or wear your trays overnight while you sleep.

KöR Whitening Max

KöR Whitening Max

KöR Whitening Max is the most popular and most ideal treatment offered by KöR. In this system, you’ll start by whitening your teeth at home for two weeks. The nightly whitening option is recommended since it’s most effective. After two weeks, your dentist will provide an intense one-time in-office bleaching session to round off and enhance your results.

KöR Whitening Ultra

KöR Whitening Ultra

Do you have yellow teeth as the result of aging? Aged teeth can be tough to whiten since the tooth structure has changed with time, the enamel has worn down, teeth may be more sensitive, and there are years of compacted layers of discoloration to reverse.

KöR Whitening Ultra could be the solution if you have aged yellow teeth because it involves up to a month of at-home whitening that’s both preceded and followed up by in-office treatments. The first treatment is a conditioning session to jumpstart your treatment. The last one will finish off your weeks of whitening for the best results.

KöR Whitening UltraT

KöR Whitening UltraT

This special process pulls out all the stops: this is KöR’s solution to whitening teeth stained by tetracycline, an achievement that’s long been thought impossible. Tetracycline staining happens when a person is exposed to the antibiotic tetracycline in early childhood while their teeth are still developing. It causes dark brown and gray stains on teeth that won’t go away with other teeth bleaching methods.

To get rid of tetracycline stains with KöR, you’ll begin your treatment with an in-office conditioning session with your dentist and then whiten your teeth nightly with the at-home system for 6-8 weeks. Finally, you’ll have one last whitening treatment with the dentist.

You have to be committed to make a success of this lengthy teeth bleaching treatment. But it’s definitely worth it if you want to get rid of tenacious tetracycline stains.

KöR Whitening Reviews

KöR gets excellent reviews for its whitening treatment. While there are a few people who have extremely sensitive or bleach-resistant teeth, most users get fantastic results. Dentists who switched to KöR report that they can more consistently whiten their patients’ teeth with less sensitivity.

KöR Whitening Before and After

There are hundreds of impressive case photos showing just how well KöR bleaching works available right on their site. It’s clear that KöR can achieve some stunning results even for cases of very severe staining.

Many teeth whitening treatments cause a dramatic transformation after just one office visit. But these results are usually temporary since the tooth color is enhanced by drying out the teeth. The brilliance soon fades within a couple days of treatment.

KöR Whitening, on the other hand, can make your teeth exceptionally white in comparison with how they were before for much longer than other treatments.

KöR Whitening Reviews: Long-Lasting Results 1
before and after kor whitening

The results of KöR whitening are permanent; once KöR bleaching lightens your teeth, they will always be whiter than they were before you started treatment, even if the difference is subtle.

The company does emphasize, however, that consistency is key. You need to follow the treatment regimen recommended by your dentist and then follow it up with periodic maintenance to keep your teeth white for years to come. If it’s a hassle for you follow that maintenance, a great alternative can be clip on veneers, but we recommend to first read the best clip on veneers reviews to get a global idea of the treatment as it is very different from whitening.

KöR Whitening Cost

Your KöR bleaching total could cost anywhere from around $500 to over $1,000. The KöR Whitening price that your dentist quotes to you will depend on where you live and how much your dentist can afford to charge.

Things like the geographic location of the office, overhead costs of running the practice, and patient demographics will affect the rate your dentist charges for KöR whitening.

Another factor is the degree of whitening that you need. If you have very little staining or are relatively young, then your teeth will respond quickly to KöR and you’ll need minimal treatment. Teeth that are older or that have heavy stain will require more bleaching product, more time, and more attention from your dentist. The more complex your case, the more expensive treatment will be.

Here’s a rough breakdown of the average costs of KöR whitening:

Case Complexity Suggested KöR Treatment Estimated Treatment Time Estimated Cost
Teenagers; mild discoloration KöR Home or KöR Max2 weeks $550-750
Older adults with yellow teeth; moderate staining KöR Ultra1 month $1,000
Heavy staining caused by tetracyclineKöR Ultra T2 months $1,200

KöR Whitening Review: Is It Worth It?

KöR bleaching is a system that aims to do exactly what you want it to minus any unnecessary bells and whistles. It’s simple, effective, safe, and highly-recommended by patients and dentists all over the globe.

KöR is more expensive than other at-home whitening treatments. But if you’re ready to pay for one of the best whitening treatments that money can buy, then this high-end treatment could be worth it for you.

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