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What to Look for and How to Find an Invisalign Doctor?

Julia Willcox

Written by Julia Willcox

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Invisalign treatment provides prospective patients with an appealing alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign’s clear dental align technology allows patients to straighten teeth and achieve their ideal smile without having to deal with the appearance of traditional metal braces. To take full advantage of Invisalign’s treatment options, it is essential to understand what to look for and how to find an experienced and quality Invisalign-certified doctor.

Invisalign Orthodontists: What does it mean to be one?

While all orthodontists have gone through dental school and an additional three years of schooling in orthodontics, Invisalign orthodontists are certified orthodontists who have also gone through the Invisalign onboarding and training program.

First, a prospective Invisalign orthodontist must enroll in the “Invisalign Fundamentals” course. This course serves as an introductory program for both the doctor and the other staff in the doctor’s office, and allows them to become familiar with the Invisalign treatment and the unique align technology. Although, when comparing Invisalign vs braces, they have some similarities it is imperative that practitioners receive specialized Invisalign training.

Following the initial part of the onboarding process, Invisalign provides their practitioners with post course support and opportunities for continued learning. With these tools, Invisalign providers can gain valuable experience and continue to improve their patients’ Invisalign treatment outcomes.

How to find an Invisalign doctor near me?

When considering Invisalign as a treatment option, checking local options for certified practitioners is an important step toward ensuring that you get the best teeth aligners.

Use Invisalign Doctor Locator

doctor locator invisalign

As you think about the question “who is the best orthodontist near me?”, a simple way to find out is to use the Invisalign doctor locator on the Invisalign website. This feature allows you to use your zip code to find Invisalign doctors nearby, and the search results list available doctors. Relevant information for each doctor, such as their office’s address and contact information, is included in the search for an Invisalign doctor near me. The ranking of the doctors is also included in these search results. You can then use this information to determine not only where Invisalign-certified doctors are located near you, but also which of the available doctors would be the best in terms of experience and even in terms of your individual budget.

How to find the top Invisalign orthodontists

best invisalign providers
Invisalign orthodontists can have different levels of performance, ranging from bronze to diamond plus. Invisalign ranks orthodontists through a point system and based on experience, so that the more successful treatments a doctor performs the more points he or she will receive. Bronze level orthodontists are generally those who are considered beginners in the use of Invisalign technology, while diamond plus providers are top tier Invisalign doctors. An easy way to find the top Invisalign orthodontists in your area is to use the Doctor Locator feature discussed above and check each nearby orthodontist’s ranking in the search results.

Tips before choosing your Invisalign Doctor

Once you are able to find a few options for nearby Invisalign Doctors via the Invisalign find a doctor feature, you want to be sure that you choose the doctor that will work the best for you before scheduling an Invisalign consultation. Factors to consider might be the distance to the provider’s office, the payment plans that they offer, and their level of experience and familiarity with Invisalign align technology.

Visit the Invisalign Doctor site before making an appointment

Visiting the Invisalign Doctor website before making an appointment will allow you to become more familiar with Invisalign as a treatment option and investigate potential providers' details in more depth. In addition to visiting the general Invisalign dr Site, you should also make an effort to look at the individual websites for each orthodontist you are considering for your treatment. This will give you a better feel for each provider before you make your final decision.

Make sure that the Invisalign doctor is a Board Certified Orthodontist

Before you make any final decisions about which orthodontist to see for your Invisalign aligners, you want to ensure that they have the appropriate qualifications. In addition to successfully completing a graduate program in dentistry and an orthodontic residency, board certified orthodontists also go through further training to become certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. The ABO is the only officially recognized orthodontic specialty board.

Check their rates and reviews to see if they are a Valued Invisalign Provider

Checking the Invisalign cost at each potential provider should certainly be a part of your decision-making process as the cost may differ from state to state (for example, the Invisalign cost California is higher than the cost in Sacramento). This information should be readily available on each doctor’s website, and if not be sure to call and find out. Reading an Invisalign review (or two!) can help you make a more informed decision about choosing your provider.

Furthermore, Invisalign gives more experienced providers special designations. Orthodontists who have treated 300 patients and have treated a minimum of 50 patients in the past six months with the Invisalign align technology have Invisalign Elite status, and top providers are designated as Invisalign vip members (Valued Invisalign Providers). If possible, try to go to these providers for your Invisalign treatment, as they have the most experience working with Invisalign and will likely be able to give you optimal results.

Choose (if you can) only Top Invisalign providers in your area

By utilizing the information on the Invisalign Doctor website, you can make sure that you select only the top-ranked and most experienced orthodontists in your area. You can also check to see if providers offer both Invisalign adult and Invisalign teen options

When using the Invisalign find a doctor function to “find the best orthodontist near me”, you can choose to filter your results for not only by distance, but also by the “tier level” (experience) of the doctors in order to find top Invisalign providers. By choosing Top Providers, you can be assured that you are receiving the best possible Invisalign treatment.

3D Scans vs. Impressions

Plaster impressions have been a mainstay in the dental and orthodontic field for a long time, and this method is valued for its dependability and accuracy. Any alternative option must be able to guarantee the delivery of accurate results.

More recently, 3D scans have emerged as an alternative to traditional plaster impressions. This modern option allows for the faster creation of a model for Invisalign trays, and reduces the chance for error. When developing Invisalign trays based upon traditional dental impressions, there is an increased potential for error due to variables including the clinician’s experience and the possibility of distorted physical material. By digitizing this process and using 3D models, the odds of human-caused errors are reduced, leading to improved patient outcomes.


Can I go to any dental practitioner for treatment with Invisalign?

To put it simply, no, you cannot go to just any dental practitioner for treatment with Invisalign. The practitioner that you choose must be trained in the proper use of the Invisalign align technology and have a thorough understanding of the Invisalign treatment as a whole. There is a specific onboarding and training program that Invisalign-certified orthodontists must go through, and you should ensure that you choose a practitioner with the appropriate credentials. Finding Invisalign-certified dental providers can be done easily using the find a doctor function on the Invisalign website.

How often must I see my Invisalign Provider once I have started treatment?

Once you have started your Invisalign treatment, you will need to see your Invisalign Provider approximately every five to six weeks. Scheduling these regular visits will allow your provider to remain updated on your progress with Invisalign and ensure that you remain on the best path toward your treatment goals.

Invisalign treatment requires less frequent trips to the orthodontist compared to what would be required during treatment with traditional metal braces, and you can also avoid extra emergency visits due to broken metal brackets or wires.

What does it mean to be an Invisalign Elite provider?

An Invisalign Elite provider is an Invisalign-certified orthodontist who has treated at least 300 patients using the Invisalign align technology and has treated a minimum of 50 patients within the past six months. Therefore, Invisalign Elite providers are dependable practitioners with valuable experience treating patients using Invisalign align technology.

What does it mean to be an Invisalign VIP provider?

An Invisalign VIP provider is one who has achieved top-ranked status within the Invisalign community, and thus is designated as a “valued Invisalign provider”, or VIP.

What to expect in the first Invisalign consultation?

In the first Invisalign consultation, you should expect that your orthodontist examines your specific dental needs and goals, and discusses your potential treatment options. While often a great option, Invisalign cannot be used in every situation, particularly those requiring the resolution of more complex orthodontic issues. If you and your doctor come to the conclusion that Invisalign is a good choice for you, then your orthodontist will develop your individual treatment plan and explain the expected duration of your Invisalign treatment.

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