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Invisalign Cost: What’s the Average Cost of Invisalign?

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Invisalign is arguably the most famous brand of invisible aligners on the market today. It was the first of its kind when it got started back in 1999 and it’s now available in dental offices throughout the world.

Like many other people with crooked teeth, you might be interested in Invisalign because the aligner trays are clear and removable. They have obvious advantages over traditional braces, but your next question is: 

How much does Invisalign cost?

There are dozens of factors that will determine the cost of your Invisalign treatment. We’ll break them down and discuss them here so that you can make a smart financial decision about whether or not to choose Invisalign to straighten your teeth. But, if you need more info about the brand, you can also check our Invisalign review

Invisalign Average Cost State by State

One of the main factors that affect the cost of Invisalign is the state you live in. Some areas like the coast or big cities tend to be more expensive than rural areas. In case you are wondering about the average cost of Invisalign in your state, we have made a map where you can check it.

So how much does Invisalign cost, on average?

Treatment with Invisalign starts out around $2800. It can cost upwards of $8000, but most cases fall in a range of $3000-5000. However, you can also enjoy reduced price with some Invisalign discounts

So will you pay closer to $2000? Or $8000?

That’s quite a range of difference, but it’s hard to guess what your treatment will cost since the price depends on a variety of unique factors including:

As you can see, it’s difficult to know how much your Invisalign treatment will cost until you have a full examination by an Invisalign dentist.

What does Invisalign Express cost?

Invisalign Express is when your treatment focuses on repairing very minor issues with your tooth alignment. It only works for people with mild tooth crowding or with teeth that have relapsed from previous orthodontic treatment.

Because of the predictable outcome of such mild cases, Invisalign Express treatment is fast. And when it comes to straightening teeth, saving time equals saving money.

Most patients who qualify for Invisalign Express pay an average of $2500 for their treatment. If you qualify and you’re lucky enough to need very little time in the clear aligners, then you may pay as little as $1500.

How much does Invisalign cost for top teeth, only?

What if you only need to straighten out a tooth or two on top? Will Invisalign cost only half the usual amount?

Not exactly.

You’ll only have to pay for an upper tray if you have very few orthodontic issues in your upper teeth, alone. But cases of single arch treatment with Invisalign are rare. And you’ll still have to pay the same price for the dental exams, x-rays, lab fees, and appointments with your Invisalign dentist. Those will cost the same whether you need one tray or two. There isn’t a huge difference in the cost of the material needed for just an upper tray series versus both upper and lower trays so the price often works out to be the same for treating only half of your teeth.

how much does invisalign cost for top teeth only

Additionally, orthodontists and Invisalign dentists prefer to treat both the upper and lower arch at the same time. This ensures that your teeth stay perfectly aligned. Adjusting even just one tooth on top could negatively impact the way it fits with your lower teeth and throw off your entire bite. So be prepared for an Invisalign dentist to recommend both upper and lower trays to maintain the balance of your bite.

How much is Invisalign for just the bottom teeth?

As mentioned above, you usually can’t get away with wearing Invisalign on just one half of your mouth and not on the other. You need both upper and lower trays to get the best results.

But it’s also pretty common to have just a little crowding in the lower front teeth that needs to be fixed. If your orthodontist or Invisalign dentist says it’s okay in your case, then you may qualify to pay for only one Invisalign aligner tray series for your bottom teeth.

What does Invisalign cost with insurance?

invisalign cost with insurance

According to the official Invisalign site, you could have up to $3500 of your treatment covered by dental insurance. Of course, this depends on the type of plan you have and the extent of orthodontic treatment coverage it provides.

What does Invisalign cost without insurance?

If you don’t have dental insurance that covers orthodontic treatment like Invisalign, then be prepared to pay anywhere from $3500 to 8500 out of pocket.

In some rare cases of serious treatment need, government programs such as Medicaid may contribute to the cost of Invisalign treatment. But this is extremely rare and will likely only happen if the Invisalign cost is equivalent to that of traditional orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign monthly cost

How can you afford the cost of Invisalign treatment without insurance? Ask an Invisalign doctor about financing options to break up your treatment cost into convenient monthly payments. Most dental offices have a provision for helping patients pay for major procedures like Invisalign. What you owe each month depends on the total cost of your treatment and the frequency you can afford to make payments. Most likely, your Invisalign monthly cost will work out to be anywhere from $50 to $200 per month.

Invisalign vs. Braces Cost

Traditionally, Invisalign has been more expensive than the average braces cost. It’s a luxury in orthodontic treatment and the price tag shows it.

Millions of orthodontic patients have felt that Invisalign was worth the extra cost when comparing Invisalign vs braces, as it offers a number of advantages such as:

Currently, treatment with traditional braces costs an average of $5000. Invisalign treatment usually costs about the same or more, but some cases actually cost less than braces.


Some dentists who are new to Invisalign may charge less for the procedure than more seasoned providers so you could get a good deal from some dentists.

Some geographic locations have lower costs of dental treatment than others.

And as discussed earlier, you can save time and money with Invisalign if your teeth aren’t too crooked.

So depending on where you go and who you see and what kind of treatment you need, the cost of Invisalign could be even less than braces.

Additionally, there are several up-and-coming contenders that offer similar services as Invisalign at only a fraction of the cost.

invisalign comparison
invisalign vs braces

Invisalign cost comparison: Which is the cheapest teeth aligner brand?

Let’s now take a look at five of the most popular clear aligner brands and compare them with Invisalign, the undisputed giant in the industry.

In-Office Procedure or Direct-to-Consumer?Consultation with a Dentist Required?Average Treatment Cost
Smile Direct ClubDTCNo$2250
Snap CorrectDTCNo$1749

When it comes to price, Invisalign stands out as the most expensive clear aligner option. But this is primarily due to the fact that it’s an orthodontic procedure offered in dental offices and monitored in-person by a trained dental professional.

The alternatives to Invisalign feature telemedicine. The customer sends in impressions of their teeth made with a kit provided by the company. The aligner company has a team of orthodontists who then evaluate the impressions and formulate a treatment plan and then the customized tray series is sent out to the customer.

What these companies are doing is cutting out the costs associated with visiting a dentist in person. This allows them to charge less than Invisalign.

Some like Candid, however, do have the option of visiting designated “studios” where you can go in and have your teeth quickly scanned with a digital wand instead of taking impressions by yourself. This is included in their treatment price.

Should you choose one of these cheaper alternatives to Invisalign?

While their products may be on par with Invisalign, (as we said before) these companies don’t offer the same type of treatment as Invisalign because of the lack of dentist visits. That’s why these online teeth aligners brands don’t offer its products when your teeth are too crooked.

So, if your case isn’t too complicated, we think the best option is to try cheap clear aligners at home if you want to save money and have a great experience; because, even though these brands don’t have dental visits, they provide a safe and effective orthodontic option by working with orthodontists too.

So, if you still have doubts, we recommend you to visit a dentist near you for a dental checkup and to find out what Invisalign will cost you and what your other best treatment alternatives are.

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