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Cost of Invisalign in Massachusetts

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Invisalign has gained much popularity over the last decade as it is a suitable alternative to braces, mainly because it is invisible and easily removable. If you live in the state of Massachusetts and you are considering going for an Invisalign procedure, you will need to know everything about the cost in that state. Read on to find out all the info about Invisalign cost in Boston and its environs.

What is the Cost of Invisalign in Massachusetts?

The cost of Invisalign in Massachusetts is averagely about $3000 and $8000. This high average is due to the fact that Massachusetts is one of the 10 most expensive states in the US and Boston, the second most expensive city to live in the US after San Francisco. This fact explains why Invisalign Boston’s price is one of the highest compared to other cities.

However, the price can vary due to several factors that will determine the final cost, for example, the number of aligners, the Invisalign doctor you chose, and the case’s complexity. That is why the best to do is book an appointment with an Invisalign doctor in Boston to know the exact cost of your treatment since some dental clinics can set free consultations to inform you about their alignment plans. 

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Factors Affecting Invisalign Cost in Massachusetts

We have already mentioned several things affecting the price of Invisalign in Boston, MA, like the number of trays included on the plan or the treatment time. However, there are still more factors that can directly affect the procedure’s final cost. Before getting Invisalign, consider these three points:


The area you live in will partly determine how much you spend to get an Invisalign procedure. This is because there are different taxes and regulations, and guidelines for Invisalign doctors, which differ from state to state. Besides, the Invisalign price variation is there because the cost of living varies from location to location. For example, Massachusetts' home price is three times the national average, that's why the cost of Invisalign in this state is one of the most expensive.

For instance, if you find yourself in a highly urban city with a high cost of living like Boston or Worcester, you definitely should expect to pay more for your Invisalign treatment than someone living in an area that has a low cost of living like Athol or Bellingham.

Severity of the Case

Another factor determining the Invisalign alignment's cost is the extent of your teeth' misalignment. Different forms of misalignment can affect the teeth structure; these include overcrowding, a diastema, accidents, and the likes.

Misaligned teeth (maybe one with a gap tooth) will use less aligning trays and other resources than those with badly crooked teeth, such as overcrowding. Dental issues like overcrowding, crossbite will require more resources to achieve the best results.

The Invisalign Provider

This is another major factor that determines the cost of Invisalign. Each Invisalign Doctor fee may differ depending on the type of equipment, expertise, and qualifications.

Based on qualifications and experience, Invisalign doctors can be ranked as either Bronze or VIP; the higher the Invisalign doctor’s status, the higher the cost. However, it is better to go for a Doctor with a high rate because Invisalign treatment requires excellent experience and precision.

If moving it’s not a problem for you to save some money, you can check for VIP Invisalign doctors in the suburban areas of your city to pay less having a great dental professional as your provider. 

How To Make Invisalign MA Affordable?

For some people, the cost of getting an Invisalign treatment might be too overwhelming. However, there are few ways to reduce the cost or make the payment more comfortable to get through. These include:

Insurance Coverage

People try to get above the pressure of paying for Invisalign treatment by contacting their insurance to know what options they have regarding payment. However, not all health insurances cover teeth alignment procedures. For example, MassHealth doesn't cover Invisalign but insurance companies like Cigna, Aetna or Delta Dental can cover a portion of the cost.

Payment options

Most Invisalign allows for alternative payment means that involves payment through a third party, such as low or no interest-free loan companies.

You can ask your Invisalign doctor if such options exist within their organization. Some doctors offer affordable payment plans for consistent patients that involve an extended payment duration. Find out if you qualify for such a package from your doctor.

Look for affordable

Sometimes dental clinics offer discounts or more convenient payment plans (as we have mentioned) during a period of time, ask in your dental clinic if they make that type of offers.

One other thing you can do is ask your doctor to have an idea of the various types of alignment that you can use for your teeth and their corresponding price. 

Invisalign Alternatives in Massachusetts

Even though, as we have mentioned, there are some ways to make this alignment plan more affordable; if you still do not have the resources to see an Invisalign doctor, there are some notable brands of teeth aligners that provide high-quality straightening plans at the best price such as Smile Direct Club, Candid, or Newsmile.

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6 Best Teeth Aligners Brands
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Invisalign Orthodontists in Boston

Finding an Invisalign provider can sometimes be very difficult even though there are tools like the Invisalign’s “Find a Doctor” tool. That is why we have researched and compiled some dental clinics that we think are a good option you might want to check out if you are considering starting with Invisalign. These dental clinics are Dental Partners of Boston and Boston Dental, both reputable and affordable orthodontists that offer flexible payment options that will make the whole process convenient for you.

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