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Instasmile Veneers: Are They Better Than Traditional Veneers?

Haleigh Pouliot

Written by Haleigh Pouliot

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Would you love to get some dental veneers but just can’t save enough to afford them?

You’re not alone. Almost everyone wants to have a more beautiful smile, but few folks have the money to spend on such luxury dental procedures.

Clip-on veneers are a much more reasonable alternative in these tough economic times. They’re affordable and don’t require a single visit to the dental office.

If you’re curious about these removable snap-in veneers, then one of the first companies you might want to check out is instasmile.

About instasmile

The Company

instasmile brand information

instasmile was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Simon Nixon. The main office is currently located in Manchester, England, and the company creates clip-on veneers for customers throughout the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other countries around the world. You can order the veneers online and have everything you need to be shipped right to your home.

The Veneers

instasmile the veneers

The instasmile veneers are a set of full-arch plastic veneers that fit right over your existing teeth. You pop them in and out like a teeth aligner or whitening tray. They primarily cover the fronts of the teeth that show when you smile.

These removable veneers can help you:

The insides of the veneers are mostly hollow with holes in the bottom towards the back for your molar teeth to poke through. When snapped right over your natural teeth, these veneers can make them look whiter and more even from the front—the veneers by instasmile range in thickness from 0.3 to 1.5 millimeters.

Once your custom clip-on veneer is finished, all you have to do is pop it in place anytime you feel like looking extra special.

instasmile offers a few variations of their clip-on veneers. The options break down like this:

The most advanced product in the instasmile’s collection, the instasmile Iconic veneers, are suitable for hiding various dental problems. The brand’s signature product, made with Optimum Fit Technology, enhances a natural look. Besides, it includes a 12-month warranty worth £100 and the Free Express Production worth £100 too!

Do you anticipate needing to wear your clip-on veneers on a semi-regular basis? The Classic set would be good to have on hand for those business meetings with clients or for public speaking events. The Classic veneers are slightly more durable than the Moment option and will let you eat some soft foods while wearing them.

The instasmile Dynamic Veneers are the best option if you want durable veneers. Designed with a more rigid structure but a comfortable fit, these veneers can conceal moderate to severe dental issues. They can cover up to six missing teeth per arch and significant gaps between teeth. Besides, they also include a six months warranty.

Top vs. Bottom Veneers

You’ll save money by purchasing a complete set of upper and lower veneers at one time. But you can choose to purchase just one or the other if you only need to correct a few upper or lower teeth.


You’ll have to choose the shade you want your veneers to be when you order them. Not all of these options are available for all instasmile veneer models, however. The instasmile Moment only comes in either the BL1 or A1 shades.

Teeth Straightening

When you order your instasmile veneers, you’ll have to specify whether or not you want them to make your teeth look straighter.

This is because instasmile can make your clip-on veneers in one of two ways:

  • The veneer teeth can all be made to be the same length as your longest tooth. This will result in a more even smile.
  • The veneer teeth can be made to follow the current length of your natural teeth strictly.

Once you’ve figured out how you want your smile to look, it’s time to place your order.

instasmile Veneers: The Process

Getting instasmile veneers is a straightforward process that you can do right from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s what you have to do.

Steps to get instasmile Clip-On Veneers

process to get instasmile
instasmile process step by step

instasmile Cost

Your instasmile price depends on which product you choose, how many arches you get, and whether or not you include the warranty.

instasmile Moment Price

One arch: $375
Both arches: $500

No warranty available.

instasmile Classic Price

One arch: $500 (now $300 as a special offer)
Both arches: $799 (now $479)

Warranty: additional $75

instasmile Platinum Price

One arch: $999 (now $599)
Both arches: $1499 (now $899)

Warranty: included.

The cost of getting instasmile veneers is a fraction of the cost of getting regular veneers and you can get them at an even cheaper price if you wait for sales holidays like instasmile Black Friday deals or occasional discounts the brand offers. Instasmile is considered one of the best snap on veneers brands and choosing it could help you feel more confident in your appearance without spending more than you can afford.

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instasmile Reviews: What the Customers Are Saying

instasmile clip-on veneers reviews shared online demonstrate that the product can be a polarizing one.

For the most part, a lot of people reported loving the results they got from instasmile. You can see some of the reviews for yourself that are posted on YouTube and Instagram.

There aren’t many middle-of-the-road reviews where people say that instasmile veneers are “just okay.” Either folks loved their new veneers, or they had a very bad experience. The negative complaints seemed to stem from a misunderstanding about what instasmile can do and miscommunication with the company.

TrustPilot has a solid collection of instasmile reviews. Most of them are positive, and the ones who loved instasmile say that the product is genuinely life-changing. Many are actually repeat customers who’ve been buying their veneers from instasmile for years.

Those who had bad experiences were often people who changed their minds soon after placing an order and then had trouble chasing down a refund. Others struggled to capture sufficient impressions that could be used to create their veneers. Very few people were disappointed with the finished product once they got it.

instasmile Before and After

The best part about instasmile veneers is that they deliver instantaneous results without altering your natural teeth. There are no injections, no drilling, no dental chairs, and no temporary veneers. You just snap the thin arch over your teeth and go and then pop them out when you don’t need it.

instasmile before and after
Instasmile Veneers: Are They Better Than Traditional Veneers? 1

instasmile Pros and Cons

Is instasmile worth a try? This table of pros and cons will help you find out.

  • Affordable veneer alternative if you need lots of expensive cosmetic dental treatment
  • Doesn’t require any dental drilling
  • Fixes your smile instantly
  • Can easily order from your home without a prescription from the dentist
  • Not a solution for teeth that are affected by gum disease, fracture, or decay
  • Can be difficult to take impressions on your own at home
  • It appears that the company’s refund policy is a bit vague for those who change their minds about their purchase
  • Like any other oral appliance, these veneer trays could increase your risk of decay if you don’t clean them often, especially after eating

Are the instasmile Reviews Right? Our Opinion

So far, we think that the instasmile veneers reviews are spot-on. It’s not unusual for such teledentistry companies to run into communication issues with their customers that leads to a handful of negative experiences. After all, there is a reason that dentistry is traditionally performed in-person by a trained professional.

But overall, instasmile offers a reliable product that does exactly what it claims to do: it instantly enhances your smile.

If you’d like to give instasmile a try, then we advise you to make an informed decision. Be aware that clip-on veneers aren’t right for everyone and that they have some limitations. instasmile veneers will not give you the same life-like results as regular dental veneers, and they can’t treat serious dental health problems, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

instasmile reviews
instasmile clip on veneers

Once you’re sure you’re ready to try instasmile, then decide on a budget that you can afford and commit to your plan to avoid buyer’s remorse and a potential refund-chasing nightmare. You should probably see your dentist first for a checkup to confirm that your teeth are healthy enough for clip-on veneers.

If you aren’t sure that you can take the risk on instasmile, then just save your money up and wait a little longer until you can afford to get permanent dental work done.

Have you tried instasmile veneers for yourself? What do you think?

Share your experience below!

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