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Teeth straightening with braces is the normal way to get your teeth aligned, but it’s not the only way. There are a lot of methods to get your teeth straightened, some of them will be more suitable for you than others, that’s why the first thing you need to do is inform yourself before choosing the best teeth straightening for you. That’s why we have prepared this article with some methods to align your teeth without braces, so you are better prepared before consulting your dentist.

Why misaligned teeth can be bad for oral health?

Straight teeth are more than just the mark of a beautiful smile; they also indicate a healthy smile because crooked teeth, on the other hand, can cause more trouble than you think.

Having crooked teeth can make you chew badly, have poor oral health and affect your gums and even your daily life. Some of the problems caused by poor tooth alignment include:

Teeth Straightening Options

You already know all about traditional metal braces. But many folks view brace are as the most unsightly way to straighten teeth. If you also feel that way, then you’re interested in trying some kind of dental straightening treatment that doesn’t involve wearing metal wires for two years or more.

Some popular alternatives to classic metal braces include ceramic and lingual braces. While effective, these methods can take just as long as regular braces.

So you probably also want to know about some potential DIY or at-home braces options that could save you time and money.

Let’s first talk about how to straighten your teeth at home.

1. Teeth Straightening At Home

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, clear aligners worn at home can be just as effective as traditional braces.

teeth straightening at home

All clear aligners work in a similar way: they put pressure on your teeth to gradually move them into proper positions. The aligners are clear trays that fit snugly to your teeth. Each tray is designed to be just a little too tight against your teeth. This tightness is what nudges your teeth into a new position, just like braces do. Once your teeth have shifted to fit the current tray set, the tray will feel looser. That your clue that it’s time to move onto the next set of trays which will push on your teeth a little more until they move to fit, and so on.

Right now, there are dozens of companies offering clear aligners that you can order from the comfort and privacy of your own home. They’ll send you a kit that you use to take impressions of your teeth. You’ll send these impressions in to their office and they’ll design a treatment plan and then send you your clear aligner trays per that teeth alignment treatment schedule.

However, if you are more “traditional” and you prefer to visit your dentist, there are other companies like ClearCorrect that require you to visit a studio or participating dentist to have your teeth digitally-scanned before planning your treatment. You’ll also have to check in with your dentist on occasion to see how your treatment is progressing.

As you have read, straightening your teeth with clear aligners is one of the best braces alternatives as it is very convenient, but there are some more reasons to choose it:



2. Teeth-Straightening Surgery

What about a teeth-straightening surgery? Is it better to get braces or surgery? Is there some operation where you can go to sleep and wake up with perfectly straight teeth? Let’s answer those questions.

Teeth-Straightening Surgery

Unfortunately, no. Rather, surgery in orthodontics is used in conjunction with regular braces to improve the outcome. Surgery may be necessary in extreme cases where simply straightening the teeth isn’t enough to create a comfortable and balanced bite. Sometimes, the real problem lies in the shape or length of the bone in the jaw. Orthognathic surgery can correct the bite discrepancy and make it easier to get braces later on. In some cases, surgery happens in-between phases of orthodontic treatment.



3. DIY Teeth Straightening: What You Need To Know

Should you try to save even more money and straighten your teeth on your own?

The Internet is filled with experiences where people claim that they straightened their own teeth using just some rubber bands. That’s not all—some people produce vlogs or video tutorials showing how others can also practice DIY teeth straightening. As you read or hear about these testimonials, you might wonder whether it’s worth a shot.

In reality, DIY braces are extremely dangerous. Those who have successfully straightened their teeth at home without any complications were plain lucky.

In order to safely move your teeth, you have to know exactly which teeth to move, how your teeth should move, what direction to move them in, where on those teeth you need to put pressure, and exactly how much pressure they need to move at a safe pace. There is no predictably safe way to straighten your teeth on your own without the input of a dental professional who’s trained to determine those factors.

Simply placing a rubber band around a couple of teeth to close up a gap won’t cut it. Actually, rubber bands can cut the ligaments around teeth and loosen them, making them fall out.

Trying to straighten your own teeth using things like rubber bands, glue, or paper clips puts you at risk of infection, injury, and even permanent damage to your teeth and gums. And it will take a lot more time and money to correct such problems after a botched do it yourself braces attempt.

So spare yourself the unnecessary pain, embarrassment, and health risk by staying far away from DIY teeth straightening!



Teeth Straightening Costs

Usually, one of the most important factors to make the final decision is the final cost of the teeth alignment treatment, then: how much does it cost to get your teeth straightened? 

The costs of professional teeth straightening vary quite a bit. Exactly how much you’ll pay depends mainly on the complexity of your individual case. Other factors affecting cost include geographic location, materials used, and the experience of your care provider. See the chart below where we compare the average costs of four popular teeth straightening methods:

What is the fastest teeth straightening method?

The surest method of getting straighter teeth is to go with classic metal braces. As these can take many months or even years to get results, however, you might want to go with something faster like clear aligners.

Clear aligners tend to work faster than braces because they focus on fixing minor cosmetic issues which can be done within a few months. Byte aligners is one of the best teeth alignment options that could get you results quickly since they also include a high-frequency acceleration device which makes teeth move faster and easier.

Just keep in mind that if you have a complex orthodontic case that requires surgery or some other intensive treatment, then you won’t be able to rush that.

What is the fastest teeth straightening method

There are dozens of different ways to straighten your teeth. They vary by technique, treatment time, and cost. Which method you choose depends on your unique situation. What works for one person isn’t guaranteed to work for another, but we always recommend trying clear aligners as we considered it one of the best teeth straightening options based on the effectiveness and cost. You can check, for example, Candid Co reviews to see the great results of this type of treatment.

If you aren’t bothered by the way traditional braces look and feel and aren’t in a hurry, then classic metal braces should work just fine for you.

If you need to drastically correct your entire bite, then you should talk with an orthodontist about the possibility of surgery before braces.

But if you want fast results without the look of bulky metal brackets, then treatment with cheap clear aligners is the way to go.


Most frequent questions and answers

Clear aligners like the ones offered by Byte because they offer the most convenient treatment plans and the best quality-price ratio.

It is that expensive because creating a high-quality and safe treatment plan needs not only the knowledge and experience of a dental professional, but it also needs to be customized and monitored by your dentists, taking a lot of time and resources.

Not, it is not. After your treatment you will have to wear your retainers at least at night so your teeth don’t relapse.

Clear aligners as they offered the whole treatment for as little as $1400 (on average).

Braces or orthognathic surgery if they are medically necessary, not an aesthetic treatment.


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