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5 Easy and Natural Teeth Whitening Techniques

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Natural teeth whitening has revolutionized the concept of achieving a Hollywood smile, making it accessible to everyone. By undergoing simple teeth alignment and whitening treatments, anyone can attain a perfect set of pearly whites. Essential to this process is seeking professional advice before embarking on any treatment, as selecting the right method tailored to your needs is crucial. With the proper guidance and informed choices, naturally white teeth can be effortlessly achieved in no time!

Reasons for Teeth Turning Yellow

Why are my teeth yellow? Or why are my teeth yellow when I brush them every day?

While many people believe that brushing their teeth regularly is enough to keep them sparkling white, the truth is that many factors can contribute to yellow teeth. 


Cigarettes are one of the main reasons why teeth turn yellow. The nicotine and tar in cigarettes can stain teeth, and smokers are likelier to have yellow teeth than nonsmokers. If you want to prevent yourself from having very yellow teeth, you should avoid smoking. You should also brush your teeth regularly, inform about how to naturally whiten teeth and see your dentist for regular cleanings.

Coffee or tea

One of the most common reasons for teeth to turn yellow is due to staining from coffee and tea. The pigments in these beverages can build up on the surface of the teeth, causing them to take on a yellowish hue. By understanding the causes of yellow teeth, you can take steps to prevent or reduce staining.

Poor diet

A poor diet can lead to a number of health problems, including yellow teeth. When you consume sugary or starchy foods, the bacteria in your mouth produce acids that attack tooth enamel. Over time, this can lead to tooth decay and discoloration.

Antibiotic usage

It is well known that antibiotics can have a negative impact on oral health. One of the ways in which this occurs is through the decoloration of teeth. Antibiotics can cause teeth to become weak and yellow and may also increase the risk of cavities and other oral health problems. 

Genetic factors

It’s no secret that genetics can play a role in determining our physical appearance. From the shape of our noses to the color of our skin, our genes have a lot of say in how we look. And that includes our teeth.

While many people assume that yellow teeth are simply the result of poor oral hygiene, the truth is that genetics can also play a part. So if you’re wondering why your teeth are yellow, it might be time to look closely at your family tree.

Enamel thinning

Enamel is the hard outer layer of your teeth that protects them from decay. Over time, enamel can wear down, making your teeth more susceptible to staining and yellowing. Enamel thinning can be caused by a number of factors, including acid erosion, tooth grinding, and poor dental hygiene.

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

If you still doubt how to naturally whiten teeth, there are a number of ways how to whiten teeth naturally. You can opt for natural products of everyday use or create homemade teeth whitening strips. Here are some examples:

Brushing after drinking or eating

Brushing your teeth immediately after eating or drinking is a simple and effective way to naturally whiten your teeth. This practice removes potential staining agents and prevents plaque buildup, safeguarding the enamel and contributing to overall oral health. By promptly addressing the residues left by food and beverages, you proactively minimize the risk of discoloration, supporting a naturally brighter and healthier smile.

Changing diet

Changing your diet can naturally whiten teeth by incorporating fibrous foods that stimulate saliva production and act as natural scrubbers (in other words, natural teeth whitening foods). These natural teeth whitening foods help neutralize acids and remove surface stains. Additionally, avoiding stain-causing items like coffee and red wine prevents new stains from forming, promoting overall dental health and a naturally brighter smile.

Trying oil pulling

Trying oil pulling is one of the best natural teeth whitening remedies. This ancient Ayurvedic practice involves swishing oil, typically coconut or sesame oil, around your mouth for several minutes. The oil acts as a natural cleanser, pulling out bacteria and debris, and its swishing action helps to remove plaque. By incorporating oil pulling into your oral care routine, you may experience a reduction in surface stains, leading to a brighter and naturally whiter smile over time.

Brushing using baking soda

Brushing with baking soda is another of the best natural ways to whiten teeth. Its mild abrasive properties help remove surface stains by polishing the enamel gently. Additionally, baking soda’s alkaline nature creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria. Incorporating it into your oral care routine in moderation can contribute to a naturally brighter and whiter smile over time. However, be cautious to avoid excessive use, as it may lead to enamel damage.

Trying activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is a natural way to cleanse your teeth and remove stains. Unlike other tooth whiteners that use harsh chemicals, activated charcoal is the best natural teeth whitening method, gentle and safe for everyday use. The main ingredient in activated charcoal, carbon, helps to absorb plaque and bacteria, leaving your teeth feeling clean and looking brighter. Additionally, the abrasive nature of activated charcoal can help to scrub away surface stains caused by coffee, tea, or smoking.

Which Whitening Methods Are just a Myth?

If you search online, you’ll come across numerous natural teeth whitening remedies that may appear easy, but in reality, they don’t deliver results. Here are some examples

Using fruit peels
Using fruit peels

You might have come across the question of how to whiten teeth with lemon or does banana peel whiten teeth. 

It is a myth that fruit peels can whiten your teeth. What fruit helps whiten teeth? The reality is that none of them. This method is not very safe. Fruit peels only contain a small amount of citric acid, which is not strong enough to make much of a difference. In addition, the peels can be very abrasive, which can actually damage your tooth enamel.

Using vinegar
Using vinegar

Another myth that has become very popular is about using vinegar. Thousands of people search on Google, “Does apple cider vinegar whiten teeth?” or “Does vinegar whiten teeth?”

Vinegar is acidic, so it can help to remove stains from your teeth. It is not only about how to naturally whiten teeth but also about not damaging your teeth and gums. However, it's essential to dilute the vinegar with water before applying it to your teeth, as undiluted vinegar can be too harsh and damage your enamel. Thus vinegar is not a very reliable method for achieving long-lasting results.

5 Best Natural Teeth Whitening Kits

There are a number of natural ways to whiten teeth but, sometimes you want a more straightforward way to do it, and to do that it’s better to opt for natural teeth whitening kits.

There are numerous whitening kits available on the market today (like the ones offered by SNOW Teeth Whitening) but the ones made with natural ingredients are a bit more difficult to find. That’s why we have listed here five of the best natural teeth whitening kit:

Primal Life teeth whitening
Primal Life teeth whitening

There is a big doubt how to naturally whiten teeth. Teeth whitening is a simple and effective way to improve your appearance, and this kit uses activated charcoal to whiten teeth naturally.  The best teeth whitening products should not be costly or arduous to use.

Simply wet your toothbrush, dip it in the activated charcoal, and brush your teeth as usual. There is no need to rinse, and you should see a noticeable difference after a few uses. The activated charcoal binds to the molecules that cause stains and is also safe for people with sensitive teeth.

The dirt oil pulling mouthwash
The dirt oil pulling mouthwash

Good oral hygiene starts with the things you put in your mouth. The dirt oil pulling mouthwashes are made with ingredients that are designed to clean teeth, heal gums and prevent cavities. Calcium, magnesium, and K2 combination help to change decolored teeth.

If you are looking for a natural way to whiten your teeth, the Dirt Oil Pulling Mouthwash may be a good option for you. To use, simply rinse your teeth with the mouthwash for as long as directed. Spit the mouthwash out and you're done!

You may rinse your teeth before or after brushing your teeth. With regular use, this mouthwash can help to brighten your smile and leave your teeth looking their best!

If you swallow the dirt oil pulling mouthwash, do not worry, it is not dangerous; just rinse your mouth with clean water to avoid bad taste.

Lumineux teeth whitening
Lumineux teeth whitening

You don't need to worry about harming your smile anymore. With the Whitening Without The Harm Kit, you can achieve a brighter tomorrow by using safe and effective products that won’t damage or irritate sensitive gums, in addition to being certified non-toxic for people's natural environment!

With regular use, Lumineux Teeth Whitening strips can help you achieve the bright, beautiful smile you have always wanted. Lumineux Teeth Whitening can be used from 1 to 2 times a week. The strips are easy to use and can be applied in just minutes.

Once in place, the strips will begin to work their magic, Whitening your teeth in as little as 30 minutes. After you have removed the strips, it is important to clean your teeth with whitening toothpaste. This will help to remove any residual strip material and further whiten your teeth.

And finally, take one more minute to rinse your teeth with the whitening mouthwash, and you are done.

Cali White Teeth Whitening
Cali White Teeth Whitening

Cali White Teeth Whitening products are FDA approved natural teeth care commodities. Teeth whitening strips, toothpastes or pens are all designed for the users’ commodity. 

Cali white teeth whitening pens are comfortable to take with you. Cali white teeth whitening toothpastes are one of the best toothpastes in the market containing natural, non-toxic and gluten-free ingredients.

These whitening products are safe for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

Dr. Brite GET BRITE™ Teeth Whitening Pen
Dr. Brite GET BRITE™ Teeth Whitening Pen

Dr. Brite's GET BRITE™ Teeth Whitening Pen is the perfect whitener for those who are looking for a comfortable and small whitening pen to take with them on the go. The innovative design of the pen allows you to target even the most difficult-to-reach areas of your teeth, ensuring that every nook and cranny is getting the Whitening power of the pen. 

Final Insights on Natural Teeth Whitening

In conclusion, embracing natural teeth whitening methods provides a viable and appealing alternative for those seeking a brighter smile without relying on chemical-laden products. Homemade alternatives, such as adjusting your diet, practicing post-consumption brushing, trying oil pulling, or using baking soda, offer effective and gentle approaches to naturally enhance the whiteness of your teeth. Moreover, the market now offers a range of natural whitening products, providing additional options for those looking to incorporate commercial solutions into their routine. By blending these tips and considering natural whitening products, you can achieve a radiant smile while prioritizing oral health and minimizing exposure to synthetic additives. Ultimately, the journey to a naturally whiter smile can be both accessible and environmentally conscious.


How to whiten teeth with braces?

There are a few ways to whiten teeth with braces – one is to use a whitening strip that covers the entire mouth or a toothpaste or gel designed for people who have braces. You can find these products at most pharmacies or grocery stores.

How to whiten teeth overnight?

While there are many store-bought options for whitening teeth, some people prefer to use natural methods. One way to whiten teeth is to brush with baking soda. Baking soda is a natural abrasive that can help to remove surface stains. 

If you’re looking for a quick fix, you can also try using hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent that can help to lighten teeth. To use this method, mix hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts and swish the mixture in your mouth for one minute. Spit it out, then brush your teeth as usual.

How can I whiten my teeth quickly?
  1. Use hydrogen peroxide, which is a natural bleaching agent 
  2. Try baking soda: Baking soda is another natural bleaching agent used to achieve whiter teeth. 
  3. Try whitening strips: Whitening strips are available over the counter and can effectively achieve brighter teeth. Simply follow the instructions on the package and use the strips as directed.
How fast does baking soda whiten teeth?

It depends on a few factors, including the severity of the stains and the type of toothpaste used. In general, however, baking soda effectively removes surface stains reasonably quickly. After a few uses, you will start noticing the results. For deeper stains, though, it may take longer to see results. 


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