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Cost of Braces in Texas

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Braces have been around for many years, used to correct any jaw or teeth structure abnormalities. Their popularity has significantly increased over the two decades, mainly due to the reduction in stigma. Today, people aren’t as skeptical or afraid of putting on braces as was the situation over twenty years ago.

Most people understand the importance of braces.

However, the cost of braces is the one thing that keeps on changing as there is no standard pricing in place. This is mainly because there are a number of factors to consider before settling on a particular price tag.

This post takes you through all that you need to know regarding the cost of braces in Texas.

How much do braces cost in Texas?

According to a recent American Dental Association (ADA) survey, the national average cost of braces in the US is between $3,000 and $10,000. Although Texas has a wide range of demographics and cities, the pricing isn’t that high, as in other states. So, how much are braces in Texas?

The cost of braces in Texas ranges between $3,500 and $6,000.

The exact price tag that you would have to settle is directly proportional to various factors, such as:

How to make braces affordable in Texas

It is a no-brainer that paying thousands of dollars for orthodontic treatment may be way out of the financial reach for most people. Fortunately, there are various methods that you can follow to reduce the average cost of braces in Texas significantly.

Some of the ways to make braces more affordable include:

Review your insurance plan

Most insurance agencies cover braces and orthodontic treatment for children and adolescents. However, the majority of them do not have dental plans that cover braces for adults. This means you may have to consult with your dental insurer whether they can cover your treatment or have other programs that you can subscribe to.

Alternatively, you can scout for some of the best dental insurance for orthodontics. While this may appear pricey at first, it will be so worth it once you begin your braces treatment.

Government programs like Medicaid do not cover braces in Texas unless it is deemed a medical necessity.

Comprehensive medically necessary services are covered for Medicaid members in Texas for those with severe handicapping malocclusion or special medical issues like post-head trauma injury or cleft palate. These medical issues must also meet certain conditions, such as their involvement in the oral cavity.

So, how much do braces cost in texas with insurance?

Most insurance providers that cover braces will only pay at most half of the total cost, or approximately $1,500. This means that you will have to pay out-of-pocket for the balance.

Search for discounts

As much as they are providing life-changing services, dental clinics are still businesses. This means that for one business to claim more customers, they have to review their marketing tactics, including offering discounts.

You can scout for some of the best dental clinics offering braces in Texas. Look out for any offers or discounts that may have been displayed on their websites or social media pages. Alternatively, you can even contact them directly and find out if they can give you a special discount.

Inquire about financing

Suppose you couldn’t find any insurer to cover your braces and the clinics that you found do not have any discounts, you can inquire about financing options.

Most clinics have financing options that allow patients to break the total cost into smaller payable chunks. Typically, you won’t have to pay the whole treatment cost upfront, hence saving you from financial strains. You can find an orthodontist near you that you can discuss financing options and other avenues that they permit to help reduce your overall braces cost.

Top Texas braces providers

Here are the top-rated braces providers in Texas.

ProviderPrice rangeReputation/ customer reviewsZipcode
Mint Orthodontics Texas$3,500 - $5,5004.2 starsLocations all over the state
Texas Orthodontic Specialists$3,500 - $5,5005 stars5 locations in the state
Texas Orthodontics$3,500 - $5,5005 stars6 locations in the state

Comparing the best braces alternatives

While braces effectively correct malocclusion and other oral concerns, it would be right to note that not everyone would be comfortable having braces in their mouths. Here are a few braces alternatives that you can also get to improve your smile and overall oral health:


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Byte’s HyperByte technology helps speed up the straightening process, improving your bite or smile in only two to four months.

Now, they have a special offer with which you can get $100 OFF, the impressions kit for ONLY $29.95 and BrightBytePRO whitening kit for FREE.

#2: NewSmile
#2: NewSmile

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Known to be one of the most affordable yet effective clear aligner brands on the market, Newsmile assures you of getting your ideal smile back for only $1,295. It also provides for a shorter treatment period of between four and six months.

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Braces are generally expensive. However, from this post, we have highlighted how the cost of braces in Texas can go lower, helping you improve your smile without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, you can also check out our top braces alternatives which can still improve your smile. Did you also know that you can also learn how to straighten teeth without braces at home?

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