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Hismile has been one of the best manufacturers of dental hygiene products. It is an Australian-based brand that makes peroxide-free whitening products. With a plethora of positively reviewed products under its belt, one of the latest entrants to its line is no different.

The introduction of the Hismile v34 color corrector has revolutionized teeth whitening, assisting a multitude globally to maintain their pearly whites.

Here’s all you need to know about the product in our comprehensive Hismile v34 color corrector review.

What is Hismile v34 color corrector?

review hismile v34 color corrector review

Hismile uses a proprietary formula to brighten or whiten discolored teeth without causing any irritation. The PAP+ teeth whitening kit is one of their most popular products, including enamel-safe ingredients. Hismile reviews have also shown how their products provide almost immediate results.

While Hismile sells a whole range of teeth whitening products, one that stands out is the v34 color corrector. This unique serum helps to neutralize yellow undertones while brightening dull, white teeth.

According to the company, the v34 color corrector is best used after a teeth whitening session but can also be used independently, before or after treatment.

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How does the V34 color corrector work?

In layman’s terms, the Hismile v34 color corrector is like purple shampoo, but for your teeth (purple shampoo helps keep your hair from turning yellow and prevents dullness).

The v34 color corrector works by using the brand’s unique color-correcting technology. It counter-balances the different hues in your teeth by concealing stains and boosting their brightness.

It can also be used as a brightening booster in addition to your regular toothpaste for a brighter smile daily.

Here’s how it works:

Although there are many other remedies for yellow teeth, the v34 color corrector definitely stands out as the easiest and most effective methods available.

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Hismile Color corrector: Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros of Hismile v34 color corrector

Cons of Hismile v34 color corrector

How to use the v34 color corrector?

The v34 is best used as a post-whitening treatment, according to the company. Hismile recommends using it after a PAP+ whitening session.

However, it is still strong enough to remove yellow undertones on teeth, meaning you can use it every day or even before an event.

So, how exactly do you use the Hismile V34 Color Corrector? Here’s how:

Although Hismile products are safe for use with dental restorations, it should be noted that restorations cannot be color-corrected as your natural teeth would.

Comparing V34 color corrector with popular whitening products

There are many other teeth whitening products on the market. But how does the v34 color corrector compare with some of the best teeth whitening kits?

HiSmile v34 color corrector$35Quite effective in color correction. Best used after a teeth whitening treatment.Very easy. Just like brushing your teeth.3 - 7 days after shipping2 minutes
SuperSmile whitening$45Moderately effective.Very easy. Just like brushing your teeth.1 day6 minutes
GLO teeth whitening$199Very effectiveNeeds some getting used to.1 day16 minutes: 8-minute intervals
Colgate ®Optic White Advanced LED Whitening $145Very effectiveNeeds some getting used to.Same-day or after 1 day10 minutes
Smile Direct Club Whitening Kit$40Effective for moderately discolored teeth.Very easy. Just apply the gel on the teeth and place the kit.1 day5 minutes

How much does the V34 color corrector cost?

The Hismile V34 color corrector costs $35 for a 30 ml bottle. This is much less than the average cost of teeth whitening.

What do customers say about the V34 color corrector?

Although this is a fairly new product, there are numerous positive Hismile V34 color corrector review online. Both the users and dentists alike have approved the product to be quite effective in canceling out yellow undertones on teeth.

One of the biggest factors contributing to the overwhelmingly positive reception is the brand identity. Hismile has been known to produce products that are non-invasive and gentle on sensitive teeth.

Here are a few V34 color corrector customer reviews for your consideration:

V34 color corrector: Before and after

There aren’t very many V34 color corrector before and after images online, as the product is still relatively new to the market. However, some of its users have already posted their before and after pictures on several platforms, including their social media handles (like TikTok).

From the look of things, it appears like the V34 really does a good job concealing the yellow undertones on your teeth. Here are a few V34 color corrector before and after images:

using hismile v34 color corrector before and after
before and after using hismile v34 color corrector

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. The V34 color corrector is perfectly safe for use on any dental restorations as it is non-abrasive. However, you should note that the product only whitens natural teeth and does not change the tone of restorations, such as caps, veneers, implants, and bridges.

Yes. According to the list of ingredients for the Hismile V34 color corrector, as provided by the company, there are no animal products used in its making.

No. It is not recommended to brush your teeth immediately after using the V34 color corrector. On the flip side, it is advisable to brush your teeth before using the color corrector. This is because you shouldn’t rinse your mouth after using it.

You can use the color corrector as often as you’d like as it is not a bleaching agent. However, once a day is enough.

Yes, it does. Hismile uses the latest unique color-correcting technology in the V34. The V34 color corrector reviews also show that the consumers are generally happy with the product.

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