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HiSmile Review 2024: Does it Really Work?

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Based on HiSmile reviews found online, the brand emerges as a teeth-whitening powerhouse, leaving users grinning from ear to ear. Discover the secret behind their dazzling success as we delve into an in-depth review of HiSmile products by covering the following topics:

  • Overview of HiSmile as a brand
  • How does the PAP+ whitening kit work and how to use it
  • A comparison of other popular whitening kits
  • What customer says about HiSmile and its effectiveness
  • What other products offer HiSmile
  • Where to buy HiSmile products

What Is HiSmile?

HiSmile is a brand of whitening products founded by two Australians in 2014. The founders built the company from the ground up and quickly turned a profit by selling various teeth whitening products.

The HiSmile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit is the most popular offering of the brand and the main reason for its success. It is a do-it-yourself tooth whitening kit that you can use in the comfort of your own home. The HiSmile kit consists of six applications, and each application takes ten minutes. The company promises the teeth will be up to eight shades whiter after following the protocol.

However, the brand expanded its catalog with other products also meant to whiten your teeth, like toothpastes and mouthwashes formulated by the Hismile Research Centre and clinically proven to be effective, quick, and safe.

Does It Actually Work?

If you are wodering if ‘does hismile actually work?’, it must be said that the effectiveness of HiSmile’s teeth whitening products can vary among individuals, and results may vary. However, based on overall reviews and customer feedback, the brand has been known to deliver impressive teeth whitening results for many users. It is important to note that individual experiences may differ, and consulting with a dental professional is always recommended for personalized advice.

What Is Included in the Hismile Teeth Whitening System?

The HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit, as listed on their website, typically includes the following items:

  • 1 x VIO405 Device
  • 1 x VIO405 Travel Case
  • 6 x VIO405 Teeth Whitening Refills
  • 1 x PAP+ Primer
  • 1 x Charger Cable

HiSmile Features and Rating

Here are our overall Fismile PAP+ rating – all factors considered:

Rating Card
Rating Card
Whitening Kit

When you buy the whitening kit, the following is included: a LED device, a mouth Tray, 6 teeth whitening pods, and a shade guide, all the tools needed to start your treatment at home and check the results.

Regarding the formula of the product, Hismile Research Centre developed an exclusive formula that is peroxide-free, PAP, nHAp, and Potassium Citrate that causes no sensitivity or irritation.


It’s very easy to use as using it only involves 4 steps and compared with other similar products, you need fewer applications as with only 2 times of use you can see the results.


Based on the HiSmile reviews, all the brand's products provide great results. However, it will depend on your personal case, if your teeth’ shade is more yellow, it will be harder to get the results.


Compared with the average price of whitening kits and their efficacy, it’s an affordable option.

How Does HiSmile VIO405™ Teeth Whitening Kit™ Work?

As we have mentioned before, the VIO405™ Teeth Whitening Kit is a DIY whitening kit that consists of six applications called whitening pods and a LED light mouthguard meant to whiten your teeth when combined and used for 10 minutes.

But, does HiSmile work? Well, the product has always been a great success for the brand, but its team decided to improve the formula to get better results. After years of research and development, they created an expert-level formula used by customers worldwide and by dentists. This new formula consists of these three powerful ingredients:

hismile teeth whitening kit

The new formula of the teeth whitening gels works quicker and better than the previous one because the PAP+ is meant to oxidize tooth stains without releasing harmful molecules known as free radicals, which can harm the enamel and cause tooth sensitivity. In other words, when you whiten your teeth with the new PAP+ formula, there’s no erosion or damage to the enamel to get whiten teeth, and the outer layers of the tooth remain intact and protected. The PAP+ targets tooth stains internally and externally without compromising your dental health, causing no irritation or sensitivity and the LED helps accelerate the whitening process (that’s why you only need to wear the mouthguard for only 10 minutes).

The brand has been deeply involved in this formula, and that’s why it was also clinically trialed and tested by dentists to ensure that it worked perfectly and didn’t cause any adverse effects. Moreover, it’s vegan-friendly, peroxide-free with no SLS, alcohol, parabens, or PEG.

Save Up To 60%
Save Up To 60%
You can get up to 60% OFF by purchasing bundles for a limited time only by clicking the button on the right.

Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit Overview

The HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit offers convenient at-home teeth whitening without complicated processes or dental appointments. With a 10-minute daily use over six days, it delivers professional-level results efficiently. The kit includes all necessary components, making it hassle-free for busy individuals. It appeals to a wide audience, providing noticeable results with its simplicity and shorter wear time. HiSmile also offers complementary oral care products like whitening toothpaste and mouthwash to maintain teeth whiteness.

In summary, the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit is a user-friendly option for achieving a brighter smile at home. With its simplicity, short usage time, and suitability for various lifestyles, HiSmile is an attractive choice for effective teeth whitening.

How to Use the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

One of the first questions that come to mind before purchasing a product is if it’s going to be easy or difficult to so: how to use HiSmile?

We can tell that is very straightforward by taking a quick look at the Hismile instructions, but you will need to follow a series of simple steps. It is essential to follow all the steps exactly to achieve optimal results.

How Often Do You Use HiSmile?

The previous formula of the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit required using the kit every day for six days to achieve optimal results; however, with the new formula, you will be able to see the results in just one or two uses. After that, it is recommended to use the kit before an event or every few months to maintain overall whitening, but if you want to maintain the results, the brand recommends using the PAP+ Toothpaste or the PAP+ Mouthwash every day.

How Long HiSmile Lasts

HiSmile claims that results last up to two months, depending on the foods and beverages you consume.

There are several items you need to avoid in order to maintain your results. For example, coffee, tea, soda, dark juices, and red wine can stain teeth, so don’t drink any of these beverages. You should also avoid popsicles, tomato sauce, blueberries, and beets if you want to maintain the results. Also, smoking stains teeth, so put down the cigarettes, or else stains will quickly pop up on your teeth.

Avoiding these foods and drinks is the first step in maintaining a white smile, besides using the PAP+ mouthwash or PAP+ toothpaste daily to optimize the results.

One of the best methods to know if a product is good for you is to compare it with similar products. Take a look at this table where we have listed the best whitening kits on the market (like Snow or GLO Brilliant whitening) for you to compare:

Other HiSmile Products

The most known product of HiSmile is their renewed VIO405™ Teeth Whitening Kit™; however, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have more products available. In fact, they have some great products, all designed for whitening your teeth and protect your oral health. Let’s explore all the HiSmile oral care products!

ProductPricePeroxide-free?Treatment durationCustomer reviews
HiSmile VIO405™ Teeth Whitening Kit™$129Yes1-2 applications3.6 star rating based on 20.085 reviews
Colgate ComfortFit LED Teeth Whitening Kit$49No10-days treatment4.1 star rating based on 317 reviews
Snow Teeth Whitening$69No21 days (90 applications)5 star rating based on 3,950 reviews
GLO Teeth Whitening$199NoIncludes 5 vials for 5 days of application4.1 star rating based on 1,938 reviews
hismile Day and Night Toothpaste
hismile pap toothpaste
hismile pap mouthwash

In addition, they are going to add new products in October. This new line focuses on oral health more than on whitening your teeth, and it consists of three following products:

White background, a cylindrical HiSmile product in lilac with a white cover.
hismile NHPro Enamel Care
hismile HA5 Hyaluronic Serum

Moreover, if you want to purchase more than one product, the brand offers oral health packs (The Duo and The Collection) with which you can get the products at a more affordable price than buying them separately and with some freebies included!

Save Up To 60%
Save Up To 60%
You can get up to 60% OFF by purchasing bundles for a limited time only by clicking the button on the right.

Alternatives to Hismile Teeth Whitening in the US

In this section, we present alternative options to HiSmile Teeth Whitening in the US. Discover other reputable brands and products that offer effective solutions for achieving a brighter smile.

#1: SNOW
#1: SNOW

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit offers a compelling alternative to HiSmile for achieving a brighter smile. With advanced technology and user-friendly design, Snow provides professional-level teeth whitening at home.

#2: Colgate
#2: Colgate

Another great alternative to HiSmile is Colgate Teeth Whitening Kit, providing an effective solution for achieving a brighter smile. With its trusted brand reputation and reliable results, Colgate offers a user-friendly kit for at-home teeth whitening.

HiSmile Customer Reviews

Before purchasing a product like HiSmile, you want to know what to expect. Does the product really whiten teeth as much as the manufacturer claims? To confirm if it works or not, we recommend you to check HiSmile teeth whitening kit reviews before buying any product of this brand.

HiSmile promises to whiten your teeth in one use, that can sound impossible, but based on what we found online, it is true. In their HiSmile teeth whitening reviews, most people report that their teeth are lighter after using the product only once and also state that the teeth maintain that white shade if you keep applying the product. 

One customer shared their positive experience with HiSmile, stating,

I have tried a number of teeth whitening products and I have to say this is the best one by far. No sensitivity, and they actually work. You can’t go wrong with this brand. And most importantly, it is not over priced. They have reasonable prices for their products 🙂

This review highlights the customer’s satisfaction with the product’s effectiveness, lack of sensitivity, and affordability. It reflects the customer’s confidence in HiSmile as the superior choice among various teeth whitening options.

I am 66 years old and my teeth have become stained from drinking lots of tea and having dry mouth. I have asked my dentist about whitening my teeth but l am sure he thinks of my age and his reaction don't bother. I have been using Hismile for about a month. l can see a real different in my teeth. An older person will need to use longer to see the results. Feel l have the confidence to Smile and show my teeth.

Julie, a 66-year-old customer, shared her positive experience with HiSmile. However, she also highlighted she had to use the whitening kit longer than expected to start seeing results.

HiSmile Results: Before and After

In this section, we showcase the transformative power of HiSmile teeth whitening through real customer before and after photos. These visual representations offer a compelling glimpse into the actual results achieved by individuals who have used HiSmile products. From noticeable teeth whitening improvements to enhanced smiles, these images provide a tangible demonstration of the effectiveness of HiSmile’s whitening solutions.

Below, you can see some HiSmile before and after images to check real customers’ results.

How Much Are HiSmile Products?

As you have seen, there are a lot of products available on HiSmile’ website. In case you wonder how much are each one, here’s a table with the HiSmile cost of all the products:

VIO405™ Teeth Whitening Kit™$129
Day & Night Toothpaste$25
PAP+ Teeth Whitening Pods™$59
PAP+ Toothpaste™$10
The Duo$69
PAP+ Mouthwash™$45
The Collection$189

In case you are unable to pay for the full price of the product, it should be noted that HiSmile allows you to pay your purchase later in a couple of monthly payments thanks to Afterpay. You will receive the product right away and pay it later, splitting the price into 4 convenient installments. Besides, the shipping is free, and you have a 30 days return policy. 

Where Can I Buy HiSmile?

You can buy the HiSmile products on the company’s website and stay tuned and save with 15% OFF all sets. 

Save Up To 60%
Save Up To 60%
You can get up to 60% OFF by purchasing bundles for a limited time only by clicking the button on the right.

If you want to compare or just inform yourself about other brands, we recommend checking GOsmile teeth whitening pen review, as it is a great alternative to HiSmile products.


Can HiSmile damage your teeth?

No, Hismile can’t damage your teeth or gums. However, you shouldn’t use whitening if you suffer from a serious gum problem, or you have recently had an oral operation.

Are HiSmile products safe?

Hismile products are totally safe to use as they are clinically proven to not cause any damage to your gums, teeth or soft tissues in your mouth.

Can you use HiSmile with braces or invisible aligners?

It is not recommended to use whitening products during your alignment treatment. In one hand because your teeth are moving, and it can cause your teeth to have different tones of white when you finish your treatment as whitening is applied to the visible parts and during your alignment treatment your teeth are moving to the right position and there are parts that can’t be reached. On the other hand, some of the whitening ingredients can also damage your braces or aligners.

What happens if you leave HiSmile on too long?

If you leave HiSmile on too long, it can cause teeth sensitivity as the formula is meant to be used following the instructions.

How long does HiSmile teeth whitening last?

It will depend on the maintenance you do, but it’s meant to last between 2 weeks and 3 months. If you want to last as much as it can, it is recommended the daily use of the PAP+ Toothpaste or PAP+ Mouthwash.

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  1. Darien Bangeman

    This review is going to be for the HiSmile Teeth Whitening kit. This HiSmile teeth whitening kit has been talked about all over, whether it be the internet, mouth to mouth, the tv, and even billboards. It has been advertised on most social media platforms and multiple celebrities have posted about how they use this product. This product is a mouthguard that has a blue light and when you put the provided gel in the mouthguard and when the blue light gets turned on it is suppose to whiten your teeth. Advertised results showed extremely yellow teeth had been turned insanely white by the use of this product. Not only does the HiSmile business advertise how well their product works, they also made it so the process of the teeth whitening only takes minutes. Using celebrities, showing how white your teeth could be, and the process only taking minutes it was easy to get people to start buying this ridiculously priced product.
    Because of all the talk about this HiSmile product I myself bought one. This kit costs $60.00. The kit includes the mouthguard, LED light, and 3 syringes of gel. You are to use half a syringe of gel per application, therefore the kit provides 6 uses. The directions HiSmile provides in order to get the results shown is to use the product 6 days in a row. Therefore that $60.00 spent on this product will be gone by the sixth day. In order to keep up with your white teeth you have to continue to by more syringes of gel. For 3 more syringes of gel it costs $25.00. You are suppose to use the product once a week after the first 6 consecutive days. This becomes extremely pricey. For some people $60.00 and then $25.00 every 6 weeks is a ridiculous amount to pay for whiter teeth.
    In my opinion this product is worth every penny. I had decently white teeth, but I wanted them to be whiter. I was hearing all about this product so I bought it. After using the product my teeth became even more white. People other than myself noticed how much whiter my teeth had gotten. This product is pricey, but you can’t find a toothpaste that will whiten your teeth like this product does. Also paying for a dentist to whiten your teeth costs more money and takes a lot more time. Not only does it take more time and cost more, but you can’t do it in the comfort of your home. This product is worth every penny and the results exceeded my expectations.

  2. Janelle Caropreso

    I have used snow whitening kit& used HISmile. I like snow better easier to apply& more effective , snow takes 30 min but it is very worth it .

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