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Guardian Dental Insurance: Does it Cover Invisible Aligners?

Julia Willcox

Written by Julia Willcox

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Dental insurance is available as standalone plans and can also be found combined with general medical insurance. Many companies will provide their employees with dental coverage, but it can also be purchased as an individual plan. Dental insurance can help cover a variety of costs, including routine teeth cleanings, exams, and imaging. Beyond these more basic routine costs, dental coverage starts to vary a bit more from company to company. Not all dental insurance plans will cover things like implants, braces, or invisible aligners. Guardian dental insurance offers customers several levels of coverage, allowing individuals and companies searching for dental insurance to select the type of plan that is best suited to their needs.

Guardian dental insurance: Best dental insurance for inclusive coverage

Offering dental insurance plans with no deductible and no waiting time, Guardian dental insurance also provides at least some coverage on nearly every type of dental procedure. This is particularly significant when you take into account that many dental insurance plans will cover routine costs but will not be the best dental insurance for orthodontics.

Does Guardian provide orthodontic treatment coverage?

Yes, Guardian does provide orthodontic treatment coverage! If you’re looking for a dental insurance plan that covers routine care plus orthodontics, you’re in luck. Guardian dental orthodontic coverage can be found in its top-tier dental insurance plan.

Are invisible aligners and braces covered by Guardian dental insurance?

What does Guardian dental cover? With Guardian dental insurance, invisible aligners and braces are considered forms of orthodontic treatment rather than purely cosmetic procedures. Therefore, they are covered under its top-tier plan. Invisalign is one of the best-known names in the clear aligner industry, but is Invisalign covered by insurance? Yes! Does Guardian cover Invisalign? Also yes! While Invisalign is one of the biggest brand names for invisible aligners, Guardian’s insurance coverage extends to other forms of clear aligners as well. So does Guardian cover Byte? Yes, Guardian dental also covers invisible aligners companies like Byte and SmileDirectClub. With this being said, however, Guardian only covers orthodontic treatment for those who are 19 years old or younger and covers 50% of the cost up to the lifetime limit for the plan.

How much does Byte cost with Guardian?

As an example of what to expect for Guardian’s coverage of clear aligners, let’s answer the question of how much does Byte cost.

Guardian has formed a partnership with Byte that makes its products even more affordable. With Guardian dental insurance, Byte’s invisible aligners end up costing about $847.50 out of pocket. The sticker price for Byte’s invisible aligners is $1,895, so this deal ends up saving customers over $1,000. The Guardian exclusive discount is $200, and the amount that will be covered by the insurance is estimated to be about $847.50.

Choosing the best Guardian dental insurance plan for orthodontic coverage

Guardian offers four levels of insurance coverage to its customers:

Here is how to get Guardian dental insurance

To get started on finding the Guardian dental insurance plan that is right for you and then finalizing your purchase of the plan, start by filling out the “Find a plan” questions on the Guardian dental website. Once you come to a conclusion regarding which plan you would like to go for, you can get a free quote via the Guardian dental website as well.

guardian dental insurance find a plan

What if I’m not covered by Guardian? Invisible aligner payment options

Not all of Guardian’s dental insurance plans cover invisible aligners, and if you find yourself in a situation where your dental insurance does not cover the invisible aligners you would like, there are other alternatives to help you save money on the treatment. If you’re wondering how to get braces for free, you might have a bit of a more challenging time, but there are some options nonetheless.

Discount plans for invisible braces

One of the first things you can look for outside of insurance coverage is looking at multiple invisible aligner brands to see which of them might be offering their aligner plans for a discounted price at that time. For instance, SmileDirect Club will often offer a discounted price for its impression kits, saving money on the initial treatment step with invisible aligners. Candid is another company to check out to save a bit of money on a starter kit for some of the best teeth aligners.

What customers say about Guardian dental insurance

Overall, customers nationwide are reporting positive experiences with Guardian dental insurance and good Guardian dental insurance reviews. ConsumersAdvocate lists it was the projected best overall dental insurance company for 2022, and MarketWatch notes that the Better Business Bureau has given it an A+ rating.

guardian dental insurance consumers


Does Guardian insurance have a waiting period?

Thankfully, no! Guardian dental insurance does not have a waiting period, increasing its appeal to prospective customers.

How to contact Guardian dental insurance customer service?

Guardian’s dental insurance customer service representatives can be reached in a couple of different ways. One is by calling them at 1-888-482-7342. Another option is to contact through the secure channel that is offered on their website. 

Is there a Guardian dental insurance age limit?

There is not an overall Guardian dental insurance age limit, but some of what is covered by their plans may change depending on an individual’s age. For example, Guardian’s orthodontic coverage only applies to those who are 19 years old or younger.

Who accepts Guardian dental insurance near me?

Guardian is a relatively large insurance company, and the odds are that there will be providers near you that will accept their dental insurance plans. However, you should always make sure that the specific provider that you would like to see is within the network for your insurance plan. To find out nearby providers who accept Guardian dental insurance, type in your zip code and desired specialties into the “Find a Dentist Near Me” feature on the Guardian direct website. This search function will generate a list of nearby providers who can sure accept Guardian dental insurance.

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