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GLO Brilliant Review: Personal Teeth Whitening Device

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In this age of government-mandated lockdowns and self-quarantine, it’s almost impossible to visit a dentist for professional teeth whitening. But even if you’re stuck inside for weeks on end, you still deserve that glowing white smile.

If anything, bleaching your teeth during a home quarantine could help you come out of this looking the best you ever have.

Why not use this time to give your smile a GLO-up?

GLO is a teeth whitening system that aims to solve many of the problems you face with at-home teeth whitening kits. GLO offers a set of well-rounded teeth whitening collections that incorporate the latest tech for the most comprehensive user experience.

The system involves applying a whitening gel and a warming accelerator light to achieve brighter teeth. You can either purchase the GLO system online or request it through a local dentist who is a GLO partner.

GLO Science Products

GLO’s offerings break down into three main categories:

First and most importantly is the whitening gel by GLO.

GLO Science Teeth Whitening has a 6% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel formula available for at-home use. They offer a stronger type that’s only available in the offices of participating dentists. Both gels work with the LED light accelerators designed by GLO.

The no-drip gel won’t leak onto your gums or leak into your mouth. And just a drop will do; a little bit of this gel goes a long way.

GLO Brilliant Review: Personal Teeth Whitening Device 1
GLO Brilliant Review: Personal Teeth Whitening Device 3

What really makes the bleach special, however, is its packaging. This gel comes in specially-designed GLO Vials that contain just enough for a few applications each. GLO Vials have a set of tiny bristles at the opening which help dispense and spread the gel and they have air-tight replaceable caps which keep leftover gel fresh for future use. There’s no need to refrigerate the peroxide-based bleaching gel that comes in GLO Vials.

To use the gel, all you do is twist off the cap, tip the vial down, and squeeze out just enough gel to fill the bristle tip. The size of half of a pea should be enough. Spread the gel on just the fronts of your (clean) teeth. According to GLO, you can use the gel as-is, especially if you’re on the go. But it works best when used with the accelerator light as part of the complete teeth bleaching system.

Let’s now take a look at GLO’s two main teeth whitening systems.

GLO Science—Lit Collection

GLO Science—Lit Collection

GLO Lit is the newest of their current two collections. This particular kit includes:

The GLO Lit system works the same as their other collection: you apply the whitening gel to your teeth, insert the mouthpiece, and turn on the LED light. This light gently warms your teeth to help activate the gel for better results and less sensitivity. It’s connected to and powered by the rechargeable power pack that you wear on a lanyard or clipped to your clothes. The light stays on for 8 minutes at a time before automatically switching off. You can turn it right back on for another 8-minute session.

GLO recommends wearing the LED light for a total of three 8-minute sessions, once per day, for seven days a week to see a major difference. You can then continue to use the whitening system whenever you like to maintain your results.

Now here’s where GLO Lit is different from GLO Brilliant, the original collection.

GLO Lit can work alone or, ideally, along with the GLO Whitening App. This app connects with the LED light power pack via Bluetooth so you can turn the device off and on right from the app. Additionally, the app will let you:

GLO Lit collection cost: 149.00

GLO Brilliant Review: Personal Teeth Whitening Device 5

GLO Personal Teeth Whitening Device: Lit Collection

The GLO Lit device is unique because its power pack reaches full charge within an hour and it has a USB plug that can charge in any USB port. There’s no need for a charging cable. The power pack connects to an LED light mouthpiece that warms your teeth as they whiten. This technology is the same as that in the Brilliant Collection.

GLO Whitening Gel- Lit Collection

GLO Whitening Gel: Lit Collection

The GLO Vials used in the Lit system contain the same 6% hydrogen peroxide formula used in the other at-home products and you use them the same way. Simply squeeze out a tiny amount of product onto the bristles and then brush them carefully over the front of your teeth.

GLO Science—Brilliant Collection

GLO Brilliant Review: Personal Teeth Whitening Device 7

GLO Brilliant is the well-loved and original GLO teeth whitening collection.

This system includes:

As with the GLO Lit collection, you simply apply the whitening gel to your teeth, place the LED mouthpiece over them, and then turn on the GLO Control device which is basically a corded remote control. This device stays safely in place and leaves your hands free thanks to a lanyard that you wear around your neck.

You’ll wear the mouthpiece for eight minutes at a time, which is when the LED warming light automatically shuts off. You can click it right back on again for another session and do this once more to complete the recommended three sessions.

While GLO Brilliant doesn’t connect to the app, it will still deliver the same incredible results as the GLO Lit collection.

GLO Brilliant collection cost: 199.00

GLO Brilliant Whitening Device

GLO Brilliant Whitening Device

The LED light used in GLO Brilliant is based off of the same GLO Science teeth whitening used in the company’s other collection. It works by gently warming your teeth to reduce sensitivity and help the bleaching gel to penetrate faster.

You can charge the device with the universal cord and adapter that comes in the kit. The GLO Brilliant whitening device takes about four hours to reach a full charge.

And don’t worry—a safety feature won’t let you use your mouthpiece while it’s charging!

GLO Teeth Whitening Gel- Brilliant Collection

GLO Teeth Whitening Gel: Brilliant Collection

GLO Vials once again are the secret whitening ingredient in the system. You’ll apply a small amount of the 6% hydrogen peroxide solution to your teeth before using the GLO Brilliant LED light device.

Other GLO Whitening Products

In addition to the complete whitening collections, you can separately order the GLO vials of whitening gel. You can also purchase separately the GLO Lip Care, a specially-formulated lip protectant that keeps your lips moisturized and comfortable during your whitening sessions.

GLO doesn’t offer a toothbrush subscription, for example, but  it also has a line of oral health care items including toothbrushes and something they call the ECO Balance Oral Health Care Booster. This is like a conditioner for your teeth that you use along with your regular toothpaste. It contains agents to neutralize acid in your mouth, hydrogen peroxide for an extra whitening boost, and other minerals to reduce sensitivity and prevent decay.

GLO Teeth Whitening Reviews: What Do People Think About It?

People are saying that GLO really does work for treating yellow teeth. Many users comment that the LED warming light makes a big difference by preventing tooth sensitivity which is common in whitening products that don’t include a light.

Some GLO whitening reviews advised other users to make sure that their devices were well charged before each use. A few people were disappointed by what seemed to be a short battery life. Another concern is that it can be difficult to squeeze the last few remaining drops out of the GLO Vials, so it’s possible that you won’t get as many applications out of each tube as you might think.

GLO Science reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The kits produce uniform and intense results and you don’t usually get that with a product like whitening strips. Overall, GLO is a great alternative to professional in-office teeth whitening, an elective cosmetic treatment that might not be widely available, given the current COVID-19 situation.

GLO Science: Before and After

GLO delivers dramatic professional-looking results, but consistency is key. If you don’t keep up with regular whitening treatments, your teeth will keep on accumulating stain.

For the best results, GLO recommends doing at least three 8-minute sessions in a row once a day for at least seven days. This should make your teeth noticeably whiter.

GLO Science- Before
GLO Science- After

GLO Teeth Whitening: Does It Really Work?

Our consensus? Yes, GLO Teeth Whitening really works! It’s an excellent teeth whitening system that you can access both inside and outside of the dental office.

In fact, GLO is offering a limited-time special during the national emergency. You can get a discount on your at-home teeth whitening products by requesting a code from your local GLO dentist. The kit will be shipped straight to your home. This way, you get to save money, skip the trip to the office, and whiten your teeth right in the comfort of your own home.


Overall, GLO Whitening is a good alternative to DIY teeth whitening treatments if you are unable to see a dentist for professional teeth bleaching.

What’s more, when you purchase a whitening kit from GLO, you’ll know that your money is going to a good cause, a “GLO Good” cause, in fact. Through the GLO Good Foundation, the company donates 10% of their profits to providing free dental care to people in need.

It feels good to know that you can help others while improving your smile. So thanks to GLO, you can start “GLOing” on both the inside and the outside…even if you have to stay inside!

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