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Do Whitening Strips Expire? What You Need to Know

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Do whitening strips expire? This is an important question that is often neglected. Whitening strips contain carbamide peroxide, or sometimes hydrogen peroxide, which whitens the teeth and restores them to a natural white color. These products are a simple and cheap alternative to other dental whitening procedures.

Have you ever come across expired whitening strips and wondered if you could still make use of them? Or you have an important event to attend and didn’t get teeth whitening strips because you thought you had some, only to discover that they are expired.

Are these expired dental products safe to use, and can whitening strips expire? These and more are discussed below.

Do Teeth Whitening Strips Expire?

Teeth whitening strips are dental products. Do white strips expire? Yes, they expire. These are consumables (not directly), with stamp dates indicating that they can only be used for a particular duration of time. Irrespective of the brand, teeth whitening strips expire, and this affects the effectiveness of the product.

Although this is one of the safest teeth whitening procedures, an expired set does not guarantee white and sparkling teeth. The active ingredients used to create the whitening effect become less potent beyond the expiration date. This is why a shelf life is indicated, so users can get an effective result within that time frame.

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When Do Whitening Strips Expire?

The expiration date of whitening strips depends on two main factors: the brand and the whitening ingredient used for manufacturing. There are several brands of teeth whitening strips on the market. Each is unique, with its own product design and ingredients. However, even the best teeth whitening strips have a validity period, which is why this information is always included.

Whitening strips are generally made up of active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide. The strips are then applied to the enamel and other layers of the teeth. The application removes stains from the teeth, giving them a whiter and sparklier look. However, with time, the hydrogen peroxide in the strips changes to just water and gel and becomes less effective.

So, whitening strips typically last between a year and a few months (12 to 15 months). Information on the product’s expiration is always indicated on the box of whitening strips.

Can You Use Expired Whitening Strips?

If you use expired whitening strips, you may not get your desired result. The whitening ingredients are active for some time, and when they pass that period, they become less effective.

So to answer the question, “Can I use expired whitening strips?” You can, but the result obtained may vary from person to person. The strips may remove light tooth discoloration such as juice or coffee stains, but they are ineffective for hard stains. So before using an expired whitening strip, you should take note that this product works best before its expiration date.

Are Expired Whitening Strips Safe?

Expired whitening strips are less effective as the active ingredient in them loses potency. Expired whitening strips are not completely safe either, as the risks of teeth whitening effect could worsen when an expired set is used.

These downsides include:

The strips also weaken and lose strength when expired, so they tend to break when applied to the teeth. Using such strips over a prolonged period is discouraged as they contain deteriorating ingredients that are harmful to your oral health.

Where's the Expiration Date on Whitening Strips?

Information about the expiration date can be found on the packaging or box. The expiration date seal is displayed on either side of the pack, so you have to inspect it to get this information. If you are unable to find it, you should contact or visit the manufacturer’s website.

There are also a few signs to watch out for, as they could indicate that it is time to get a new set of whitening strips. Signs such as:

Final Notes on Whitening Strips' Expiration

Whitening strips are safe, beneficial, and cost-effective for removing stains from teeth. To get the best result, using an unexpired set is the best option. This product, like many others, comes with an expiration date, which indicates how long the strips can be used.

Using an expired teeth whitening strip for an extended period of time should be avoided, as this could harm your enamel in the long run. So it is important to cross-check the expiration date of whitening strip products before purchase and use.


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