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The Best Dental Veneers in the US

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Dental veneers are thin shells that fit over the front of teeth to boost appearance. They are also used to protect teeth from damage and create a beautiful smile. The tooth-colored shells bond with your teeth and change their length, size, shape, and color.

Veneers are categorized as a cosmetic dental treatment as they are elective and only placed for aesthetic reasons. They are a great option for patients with tooth gaps, chips, cracks, or even stains.

With so many options to choose from, picking a specific brand of veneers may be a daunting task for first-time users. If you’re looking to improve your smile using veneers but don’t know where to start, this post is for you, here we will ranked the best dental veneers and also provide some tips to find the best place to get veneers in USA.

Factors to consider when choosing the best dental veneers

Now that you know the answer to the popular question, ‘what are veneers,’ you may need to also know a number of things before getting them.

Whereas your dentist will help you identify the ideal veneers for you, it would be prudent that you be in the know to be able to choose what’s best for you because even though they say they provide best veneers in the world, maybe those veneers might not suit you.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best veneers:

Tooth color

The best dental veneers in the US come with different shades that you can choose from. Ideally, the appropriate color for your veneers is determined using a standardized dental color chart. This chart is divided into four major categories: gray, reddish-gray, reddish-brown, and reddish-yellow.

These veneer shades are further sub-divided into eleven other tones that you can choose based on your preference. Whichever brand you opt for, you should be able to get one that allows you to get something that’s about two shades lighter than your natural teeth.

Tooth shape

It is a no-brainer that all your teeth are different. The best dental veneers are able to provide one with a vast catalog of shapes that can blend in well with your teeth, giving you a better smile.

Most cosmetic dentists refer to the Las Vegas Institute Smile Catalog, which is one of the most popular indexes for tooth shape reference. The library has up to 12 different styles of smiles which can be easy to choose from.


Dental veneers are long-lasting, but the timeframe is purely dependent on the type of veneers you choose. For instance, porcelain teeth veneers are known to be the most durable type. They have a life span of up to 25 years without the need for replacements, making them the best veneers in the US.

Composite veneers are equally effective in providing one with their required smile, but they last shorter periods. They are known to only serve one for approximately 4-8 years.

Face shape

Did you know that the shape of your face is crucial to determining the type of veneers you should have? There are four general categories that face shapes fall into. They include heart, oval, round, and square.

So, how do you determine the best veneers based on the shape of your face? Here are some basic rules to consider:


The veneers price is one of the key factors to consider before settling on a particular brand. However, it would be prudent to point out that being more expensive doesn’t generally imply a better smile. A cheaper option doesn’t also mean a bad product, that’s why some people prefer to go with snap on veneers instead of dental veneers. If you want to learn more about that type of veneer, read our Snap On Veneers Review where you will find everything about them.

The best dental veneer brands in the US

Now that you know how to choose the best dental veneers to help you improve your smile, now is the time to know which are the best teeth veneers. So, let’s take a look at some of the best dental veneer brands in the US:

best dental veneers ranked


The Best Dental Veneers in the US 1

Durathin veneers are a product from Vita corporation. They are considered one of the best veneers in the United States as they offer the slimmest designs available on the market. Durathin veneers are made from cerinate material, which significantly boosts their ability to match the look and feel of your natural smile.

What’s more, dentists may not have to remove any enamel from your natural teeth to place Durathin!

Durathin veneers cost

Durathin veneers cost $800 – $2,000 per tooth. 

  • At 0.3mm thickness, they are thinner than most traditional porcelain counterparts that are about 0.5mm thick.
  • Little to no enamel is removed during the prep session, providing relief to nervous patients.
  • The procedure is painless, and no numbing is required.
  • Durathin best works for patients whose teeth already have a nice shape and color. Due to their thinner design, they are not ideal for people who need to mask color or require significant changes to the shape of their teeth.


The Best Dental Veneers in the US 3

Designed and manufactured by Ivoclar Vivadent Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of veneers in the world, Emax is one of the best veneers in the US. They are made using lithium disilicate, which mimics porcelain material to the letter.

Due to their composition process, Emax is one of the most durable types of veneers, out-winning its competitors.

Emax veneers cost

The cost of Emax veneers starts from $1,750 per tooth and up. The price is, however, very worth it in the long run, as you’ll have them with you for a pretty long time.

  • This is one of the strongest, most durable known veneer brands in the market today.
  • Their translucent appearance makes them more similar to natural teeth than their opaque counterparts.
  • They are thin, meaning little to no removal of the enamel is required.
  • You can easily get Emax veneers in one sitting, provided your dentist has the appropriate CAD/ CAM device.
  • Emax veneers are quite bright in their appearance and may not be the ideal option for those with darker natural teeth.


da vinci dental laboratory dental veneers

The DaVinci brand of veneers is a product of DaVinci Dental Laboratory, a Califonia-based company. But, why are considered one of best veneers in the US? Because they are known to be one of the hardest veneers in the market, making it super-difficult for any staining agents to have an effect on them.

DaVinci veneers are made of feldspathic ceramic, basically stacked porcelain (which is a better version).

DaVinci veneers cost

DaVinci veneers are some of the least expensive brands in the market, ranging from $850 to $1,500.

  • Highly stain-resistant
  • They more affordable than most other veneer brands
  • One of the most readily available veneer brands in most dental clinics
  • Whereas they are quite durable, DaVinci veneers have a shorter lifespan than the other products on this list, of between 4 and 8 years.


The Best Dental Veneers in the US 5

Empress veneers are a special kind of dental veneers crafted from IPS Empress® Esthetic material. The lucite-reinforced glass-ceramic offers users a wide range of colors to choose from to ensure that you only get what blends best with your natural teeth.

These types of veneers are also produced by one of the best teeth veneers manufacturers in the world; Ivoclar Corporation.

According to the company, pressed ceramics are used in the manufacture of Empress veneers. Thereafter, this procedure creates leucite crystals that aid in providing high strength and boost their aesthetics. This makes Empress veneers stand out as one of the best veneer brands in the US with a natural look and appearance.

Empress veneers cost

The cost of Empress veneers is considerably low, and you can get them from $800 per tooth.

  • Empress veneers are made with special IPS Empress® Esthetic material, which makes them indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  • They are considerably affordable.
  • They are thin and may require little to no removal of the enamel.
  • Empress veneers are only ideal for those that don’t require much shaping of the enamel.
  • While they are hard, they are not immune to cracking if exposed to hard objects over time.


mac dental veneers

Mac veneers are a product from MicroDental laboratories in California. They are pretty popular among dentists as they are made of pressed ceramic porcelain, making them up to three times stronger than traditional veneers. That means less damage from wear and tear, a longer lifespan, and low maintenance.

Mac veneers cost

Mac veneers are generally more durable than most competitors. This makes its $1,500 starting price a huge bargain.

  • They are specially made to last longer than most competitors
  • Their manufacturing process makes them immune to staining
  • Low maintenance and repairs required
  • Mac veneers are more accurately colored, with up to 16 shades to choose from.
  • Mac veneers are a little bit thicker than the other veneer brands on this list. This means that more prep is required before their placement.

The best dental veneers in the US compared

To make your decision easier, we have created this comparison table with the main factors (cost, durability, etcetera) to consider before choosing the best veneers in USA.

BrandCostDurabilitySpecial traitOverall ratings
Durathin$800 - $2,0005 - 10 yearsUltra-thin4.5 stars
Emax$1,750+10 - 15 yearsDurability and stabilizing effects4.7 stars
DaVinci$850 - $1,5004 - 8 yearsHighly resistant to staining agents4.5 stars
Empress$800+15 - 20 yearsThe best veneers for natural teeth4.4 stars
Mac$1,500+15 - 20 yearsHighly durable and stain-resistant4.8 stars

As you can see in the table above, all the veneers included in our ranking are the best rated veneers on the market and the cost doesn’t vary much, but factors like their durability can make a difference. However, it must be noted that to get the best results (even though the veneers are top-notch) you must choose the best veneers dentists too.

Regarding the cost, as you can see in the table above, getting dental veneers can be very expensive, specially if you need to get your full mouth restore. However, if you are on a budget, there’s a more affordable alternative: snap-on veneers. We recommend you to check Removable Veneers USA, as it is the best brand on the market and, in that way, you can get good quality veneers at a better price. In fact, right know, there’s an exclusive TheTeethBlog offer to get them at even a lower price. 

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Where to get veneers in the US?

You can easily restore your smile by getting dental veneers in the US from most major dental clinics. However, you may have to inquire from your dentist if they offer one of the major brands presented in this post and also check if your usual dental clinic is the best place to get veneers in the US or the worst...

To help you narrow down your search, you can check out some of the best dental clinics in the US that offer orthodontics and veneer treatments. Choosing a top veneer dentist will ensure you get high-quality veneers appropriately installed. Because, even though you get top rated veneers, if they are not installed properly, you’ll have a lot of dental issues and, therefore, waste your money.

Don’t let minor dental flaws distract you or steal away your confidence. Get your Hollywood smile makeover today by trying out these dental veneers with one of the best dentist for veneers in your area.

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