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Dental Facts and Statistics

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So you think you know your teeth?

Well, the facts about teeth and dental care in this infographic just might surprise you.

We’ve compiled the latest oral health statistics in the United States. We also share some interesting dentistry facts that should make you appreciate your teeth even more.

All of these statistics were collected from authoritative sources such as the CDC, the American Dental Association, and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, to name a few, besides several published studies. You can follow the links referenced in this infographic for more information on the subject.

We’ve organized these dental statistics and dental history facts into a visual chart to give you the most in-depth and concise information possible. These stats will help you understand the importance of dental care and thus lower your risk of dental disease.

Check out the infographic below to challenge yourself and grow your dental health awareness.

Oral Health Statistics

Dental Facts and Statistics Q

Facts About Oral Health in the United States

Dental Health Stats by Age and Gender

Dental Facts and Statistics by age and gender

Dental Statistics by State

Dental Facts and Statistics by state
  • The national score for the United States in 2015 was 7.9
  • Illinois has the best score at 8.6
  • Alaska has the lowest score at 7.2

Dental Diseases in the US Population

Dental Diseases Statistics
  • 13.5% of low-income earners
  • 12.2% of those living below the poverty line
  • 24.8% of those aged 75 and older
  • 15.3% of those who never graduated high school

Usage of Dental Supplies Statistics

Dental Health Products Facts and Statistics

Dentist Facts and Statistics

Facts About Dental Hygienists

Facts About Dentists

  • 4 years for a bachelor’s degree or some other undergraduate education
  • 4 years of study at an accredited dental school
  • 2-6 years of training and residency, if a dentist goes on to pursue certification in an area of dental specialty

Dental Facts About Access to Dental Health Professionals

Fun Dental Facts

Impress Your Friends with These Teeth Facts!

Dental Fun Facts for Kids

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